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Piaggio Gourmet on Wheels Switches from Square to EMS+

ORANGE COUNTY, CA - It was an early morning on the West Coast when I first spoke with Chef Piaggio.  The fog hanging over the [...]

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New MC Content: Gourmet Glossary

Every wonder what Asafoetida, Entrecôte or Puy Lentils were? Well, Mobile Cuisine wants to help you out. Beginning this afternoon, we have released our Gourmet Glossary for your use to [...]

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Gourmet Glossary: A

  A Blanc: A French term meaning "in white" and identifying foods, usually meats, that aren't browned during cooking. Acetic Acid: The acid in vinegar that comes [...]

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Gourmet Glossary: B

Bain-Marie: A shallow hot water bath into which another container is placed to cook. Used to distribute heat evenly and prevent scorching. Also used to keep [...]

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Gourmet Glossary: C

Caerphilly: A mild, crumbly, moist, and slightly sour cows’ milk cheese. Calvados: A spirit made from distilled cider, in France. Canapés: Small savory appetizers served with drinks. Cape [...]

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Gourmet Glossary: D

Dandelion: Wild and cultivated leaves used in salads. Dariole: A small cylindrical mold. Date: The stoned fruit of the palm tree. Daube: A method of braising meat, vegetables or [...]

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Gourmet Glossary: E

Eau de Framboise: Raspberry brandy. Eggplant: American name for aubergine. Eggwash: Beaten egg and milk, used to glaze pastry or bread. Emulsify: To combine fats with vinegar or citric [...]

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Gourmet Glossary: F

Fava Beans: Fresh or dried broad beans. Fennel: There are two main uses for this aromatic plant as vegetable and as a herb. Fenugreek: Aromatic seeds used as [...]

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Gourmet Glossary: G

Galangal: A member of the ginger family, used in a similar manner. Gammon: Cured whole leg of pork, served hot. Garam Masala: A mixture of spices used in [...]

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Gourmet Glossary: H

Haddock: White sea fish, with flaky flesh, also available smoked. Haggis: A traditional Scottish dish of a sheep’s stomach stuffed with oatmeal, offal, suet and seasonings. Hake: White [...]

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