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ALBANY, NY - The Schenectady-based food truck called the Wandering Dago — attacked for its (so-called) controversial monicker, beloved for its paninis, tater tots and milkshakes — has served up a second lawsuit against New York state.

The new suit, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Albany, claims that Wandering Dago co-owner Andrea Loguidice was fired by the Department of Environmental Conservation on trumped-up charges a month after a superior warned her against taking a more active role in the business, and reminded her that Gov.Andrew Cuomo had denounced its name.

In late August 2013, Loguidice and her partner Brendan Snooks filed suit against the Office of General Services and the New York Racing Association, claiming that the truck had been rejected by OGS’s summer lunch program on the Empire State Plaza and banished from the Saratoga Race Course on the first day of the 2013 meet due to state officials’ objections to its name. That lawsuit, which is in discovery, is moving forward.

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Lou Elovitz Food Truck Quote

“Why would a restaurant be entitled to keep a competitor away? Because they pay rent? That makes no sense. People have a right to buy food anywhere. We’re talking about food, sustenance – people must eat.” – Lou Elovitz

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Jacksonville food truck court
Image credit: Anthony Hashem

JACKSONVILLE, FL - The owner of Happy Grilled Cheese — the popular food truck turned brick-and-mortar store— has rolled out plans to open a food truck food court, bringing together a mixture of vendors that would offer a variety of cuisines.

The food court location, at 3814 Beach Blvd., is a former bar/restaurant and drive-through liquor store. It will feature indoor and outdoor seating, air conditioning, bathrooms and free Wi-Fi, said ownerAnthony Hashem.

A local artist will be designing the inside the building and restoring the old restaurant seating to give the place an old fashioned diner vibe.

“The location is really good. It’s about three minutes from San Marco and five minutes from downtown,” Hashem said. “It’s more centrally located than most restaurants.”

There will one or two attendants in the building, which will be open Monday through Friday from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.

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LAS VEGAS, NV - In FYI’s new series, “Late Nite Chef Fight,” elite Las Vegas based chefs leave behind their well-equipped kitchens and enter never-before-seen food trucks where they will try to outwit and out-cook their competition. Eight one-hour episodes will premiere on Saturday, November 22 at 9pm ET.

Based on the real after hour’s chef competition that takes place in Las Vegas, each episode of “Late Nite Chef Fight” has two leading Vegas-based chefs competing against each other in a food truck they have never stepped foot inside before. With a lively audience cheering them along, the chefs battle it out and go head-to-head after hours on the Las Vegas strip. Using a diverse and exotic range of unfamiliar ingredients left behind in the food trucks, the chefs will create three unique dishes in three fast paced rounds.

The winner of the first round chooses which of the two different food trucks they will work out of and winning the second round gives the chef a major advantage against their competitor. In the third and final round, the chefs must create a main course that coincides with the previous two challenges. The dishes are presented to two expert judges, with the winner taking home the ultimate Vegas bragging rights and a meal cooked by the loser.

Laila Ali, athlete and health and wellness expert, along with chef and restaurateur, Vic “Vegas” Moea, serve as hosts. Rotating guest judges are Spike Mendelsohn, Michael Chernow, Casey Lane and Chris Oh.

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NE food trucks

MASHPEE, MA - Food trucks have been popular in major cities for years, and are now becoming commonplace at events, festivals, and private functions in Mashpee and throughout Cape Cod.

To protect the public from foodborne illnesses, the Mashpee Board of Health will be considering the adoption of regulations for the licensing of mobile food vendors to be more consistent with the way brick-and-mortar restaurants are permitted.

Mashpee Health Agent Glen E. Harrington has prepared a draft of the regulations for the board to review at its November 6 meeting. Mr. Harrington said that he developed the list of 12 regulations based on experiences with mobile food vendors in Mashpee, as well as after consulting with other health agents in Barnstable County.

The proposed regulations require that operators have mechanical refrigeration for storage of potentially-hazardous foods, have hot and cold running water in three-bay and hand sinks if they are dealing with potentially hazardous foods, and written permission from the landowner where the mobile unit will operate—including confirmation from the Mashpee Zoning Board of Appeals office that mobile food vending is an allowable use in the property. The vendor must also provide the board with the source of drinking and cooking water, and specify on the application the location of sewage disposal for waste tanks.

The vendors must also have restroom facilities available within 200 feet of the mobile unit, and written permission if the restrooms are operated by another business.

In addition, only mobile units that are fully enclosed will be allowed to prepare potentially hazardous food on site at events.

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belgium food truck

ANTWERP, BELGIUM – One sells a cheeseburger whose patty is 100 percent cheese, another sells meatballs the size of baseballs and a third tempts palates with insects on a skewer.

Belgium takes its food seriously — and adventurously — so when the American-style food trucks rolled in, there was little doubt the result would be a bit different.

“Our crickets on a stick are our best seller,” said Bart Smit, co-owner of the food truck Microbar. “They aren’t really crickets, they’re grasshoppers, but it sounds better to say cricket on a stick.”

At a recent food truck festival in the port city of Antwerp, young entrepreneurs cooked up a multi-ethnic storm. The wafting aroma of everything from Indonesian satays to BBQ pork and stone-oven pizza drifted into the city center, drawing throngs of foodies to the Antwerp quayside.

A brick-and-mortar locale was once the only place most aspiring restaurateurs could start a business. Losses were great when it didn’t work. Recently, food trucks have radically changed the equation: With a working vehicle and a small amount of capital, it’s possible to operate a one-person eatery.

The trucks themselves come in all shapes and sizes. Thomas Serros, originally from San Francisco, has a specially outfitted bicycle he pedals to outdoor markets to sell his homemade tacos.

“I came to Belgium and worked for a bank, then I realized I couldn’t speak all the languages they required,” Serros said. “So, I had to think of something else to do.”

One constant that runs through nearly every food truck in Belgium is the quest for locally sourced, organic ingredients.

“It’s important to start with a good product,” says Gilles Leenknegt of meatball vendor Balls & Glory. “We source all of our pork from the family business, so we follow it from there and directly to the customer.”

Their enormous pork meatballs have liquid centers in a variety of flavors. One has peas and mint, another three cheeses, a third truffle mushrooms. Demand was so great during the Antwerp festival that the meatballs ran out, but customers were patient enough to wait in line for the next batch.

Normally insects are not something you want to find in a food truck. But the bugs sold by Microbar are different, the owners say — and by the look of the lines, customers agree.

“These are special grasshoppers,” says Smit. “They’re raised for human consumption and farmed locally.”

Grasshopper isn’t the only critter on the menu; there are also mealworm pancakes and eggrolls.

Martine Vander Poel makes frequent runs to Belgium from the Netherlands in her food truck called Just Say Cheese. Out of a small trailer, decorated to look like a barn, she serves a meatless cheeseburger that is coated in tempura batter, deep-fried and topped with spinach, spring onions and balsamic vinegar.

“I really just do it for the fun,” she said. “You don’t get rich here.”

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HOUSTON, TX - Pi Pizza Truck owner Anthony Calleo could scarcely believe what he was reading. Stuck in traffic on Monday night, he pulled out his phone to glance at Facebook. When he saw a Thrillist headline that made him angry: “Prepare Your Munchies for Papa John’s Fritos Chili Pizza.”

“I had to read it twice. I was like, ‘What?! What?!? Motherfucker.'”

Since 2011, every Pi menu has featured the pie topped with chili-cheese Fritos over housemade Grizzly barbecue sauce and a lot of cheese.

The article explains that pizza mega chain Papa John’s has a new item called the “Frito Chili Pizza” that “features a base of chili sauce, along with ground beef, Roma tomatoes, cheddar, mozzarella, onions, and a generous helping of Fritos on top.” Author Adam Lapetina ends with the following tag: “Adam Lapetina is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and can’t believe he didn’t think to put chips on top of pizza before.”

While Lapetina may not be much of a creative force when it comes to pizza toppings, any Houston pizza fan knows that Calleo did think of that exact thing. The signature item on his popular food truck is the 420 slice. Since 2011, every Pi menu has featured the pie topped with chili-cheese Fritos over housemade Grizzly barbecue sauce and a lot of cheese.

Calleo admits that he regularly reads menus to find inspiration for pizzas and knows that he can’t trademark a recipe. Still, seeing a national chain serving one of his signature items and getting credit for it as though it’s an original idea upsets him.

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food truck fire

WICHITA, KS - One of Wichita’s food trucks was destroyed in a fire yesterday.

The truck that housed Park n pork BBQ, which Jennifer and Brad Vieux opened in April, caught fire on Sunday morning as Jennifer was driving to the Food Trucks at the Fountain meetup at the WaterWalk.

She was on McLean near Exploration Place when she started to smell something strange.

“I looked back and there were flames,” she said. “I jumped out thinking I would be a hero and get a fire extinguisher. Then I realized, ‘I have propane tanks on this thing. I’ve got to get out of here.’”

A passer-by called 911 as Jennifer stood and watched the truck go up in flames, realizing how close she had been to not getting out. The spot where she was sitting is now ashes.

Fire officials say that the fire started in the engine and spread.

The Vieuxs are insured and plan to reopen, she said, but it will likely be a long process.

On Monday, she was emotional as she talked about the fire.

“We worked so hard and dreamed of this for so many years,” she said. “It’s just so hard to see this happen.”

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food truck mapping

CDN Solutions Group, a leading web app development company located in Central India, will soon come up with a new Food Truck search and ordering Application, “Food Truck App”. The app is being developed keeping in mind the problems faced by the food truck food lovers as well as food truck owners. The app will initially be compatible with ipad and android tablets and will be free to download from itunes and Google play.

“The idea popped up in my mind after analyzing the hurdles and complications faced by food truck owners and their customers. Many a times it happens that due to large queue, many customers return without placing order or due to occupancies they are not able to physicaly present there for placing order. Also the Food trucks regular customers are not able to access truck’s current location. So, many such problems will be overcome by this app”, says Mr. Chetan Naik, CTO CDN Solutions Group.

The app has three portions, first is for food truck owners, the other one is for customers and the last one is for App owners. The app will be absolutely free to use, whether you are a food truck owner or customer. The customer will have to login with his Facebook account and then he can search all the registered food trucks and also find the nearby trucks by GPS tracking feature. He can order his favorite food and make payment as well with his PayPal account. He will thereby receive a confirmation message from the food truck owner, with order id and delivery time. Customer can then go and receive his dish, and has no need to stand in a queue and wait for his order. With the food truck app the food ordering is just plain easy. It’s time saving for every food truck customer.

On the other hand the food truck owners can promptly receive money and orders with the app. Their are many more features for Food truck owners like create profile, upload photos, setting up menu and set their locations. If he is planning to increase the held time at the present location, he can update that too. CDN will disclose other features at the time of launch. The Food truck app is completely a revenue sharing app. If a food truck owner gets an order with the app, then he will have to share a certain percentage of order amount with the Food truck App owner.

“Before started working on this app, we conducted a small survey with Food Truck owners about their views, and we got good responses. Based on the responses our developers are working day and night to make this app the best. The UI is almost complete and we have also disclosed few screens on social media. We are thrilled to launch this because it’s the first app which is solely dedicated to the food truck business. Hope that users will like it “, added Mr. Chetan Naik.

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2014 favorite food truck blog

Today we are happy to follow up a recent article in which we asked our readers to submit their choice for their favorite local food truck blog. We had nearly 1,000 individual submissions so it took us a little time to tabulate the results.

Now that the submissions have been counted we have our top 10.

The nominees for the 2014 Local Food Truck Blog Of the Year are:

Behind The Food Carts – San Francisco, CA

Food Carts Portland – Portland, OR

Food Trailers Austin – Austin, TX

Food Truck 50 – Chicago, IL

Hub Food Trucks – Boston, MA

Looking for Food Trucks – Los Angeles/Orange County, CA

Nashville Food Truck Junkie - Nashville, TN

New York Street Food – New York, NY

San Diego Food Trucks – San Diego, CA

The Wandering Sheppard – Raleigh, NC

If you are a food truck blogger that feels you should have been included, we apologize. The blogs selected for this poll were determined by our readers, and by the number of votes they received in the first phase of the contest.

2014 Food Truck Blog of the Year Contest

View Results

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This poll will stay open for 2 weeks to make sure everyone gets a chance to vote for in the poll and the truck operators will have a chance to let their fans know to come help them collect votes. The poll will close on November 7th at 11:59 PM CT. The results will be announced on the following Monday.

If you run into issues with submitting a vote in the poll, you can submit via email us at contest(at)mobile-cuisine(dot)com), however we will be making sure that only 1 vote is counted per person.

The winner of this contest will be featured on Mobile Cuisine in a feature article, to help share more about who they are and why they take the time to share their thoughts on their local food trucks.

Tell your friends and family to help spread the word.

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