As the country climbs out of its long recession, more and more entrepreneurs are opening the doors for their new businesses. Always looking to maximize their profiles and profits, businesses use advertising through print and other forms of media as their avenue to inform prospective customers that they are opening.

Advertising in the local newspapers, or on a local television station can run hundreds if not thousands of dollars per campaign depending on the size of their market. In an attempt to match the spread of the internet, some companies have even started conducting Google ADWords or Facebook Ad campaigns to try and reach as many people as possible. Unfortunately, these companies are finding that just as the old forms of advertising can hit a fledgling businesses bottom line, so can these new forms of advertising on the Internet and in some cases with a smaller ROI.

With advanced social media techniques on the rise in addition to the ever growing mobile food industry, there may be a new form of advertising that is starting to avail itself to new business owners, and the only cost involved is that of their time. Whether you own a new clothing shop, art gallery or even a new auto dealer, there is no reason for you to pass up this up type of opportunity. The key to this new advertising strategy is having enough room for the trucks to park and open without interfering with your customer’s ability to find parking. As long as you own enough parking or have enough legal street parking near your new place of business, creating a food truck event as means to advertise your business may soon be the most cost effective way to advertise the opening of a business.

Mobile Food Trucks are opening up in almost every major metropolitan area in the country, and with this trend come hundreds to upwards of tens of thousands of loyal social media (Twitter) followers in your area. To inform their followers where they will be parked throughout the day, these mobile food businesses spend much of their time tweeting and posting their where-abouts across the internet. Why not let these tweets or posts include your businesses parking lot? If given enough time, a group of food trucks can virally spread the word to their followers who will intern assist in getting the word out about the event. In the matter of a week or two, your opening event could be seen by nearly all of the people in your area who have a Twitter or Facebook account without you spending a cent.

Finding these trucks can be as simple as conducting a search engine search in your area for local food trucks and then contacting them via their websites or Twitter about your proposal. As most of these trucks serve only during lunch and dinner, you can have them assemble in your lot to entice their followers to visit your new shop at these times.

In addition to their mere presence in your lot, another way to bring a larger crowd into your store would be to hand out coupons (deals determined by you and the truck owners) so that if something is purchased from you, the customer would receive a discount from the items they purchase from the trucks. Reversing this route would be for each of the trucks on your lot to hand out coupons for a savings on a purchase from your business. Either way, it is a win-win for everyone. The trucks will invite new customers, the customers will be introduced to your new business as well as have the chance to sample one or more of the food trucks at your event, and most of all, you will have a whole group of people walking through your place of business who may not have noticed your store until a much later date.

Although the primary focus of this article is centered around new businesses, even existing businesses could uses this new form of advertising to help inform existing and prospective customers about a new clothing line, or even a branding change.

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