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Make It Easy For Your Customers To Do Business With You

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From time to time a food truck owner needs to step back and look at their business from the outside.   Try to visit your truck or cart as a customer, not as the owner.  Ask some of your best or frequent customers what they would want included at your food truck in order to make it even better. Ask some of your employees too.  They have great ideas.

no-hasslesTo make it easier for your guests to get to and order from your mobile food business try to make it totally hassle-free.

Look at these items:

  1. Your hours and location of operation: do you Tweet this out regularly while stopped?
  2. The methods of payment you accept: cash or credit or both?
  3. Quality and consistency of your food.
  4. Turn around time for food once it has been ordered.
  5. How your employees treat your customers.
  6. How easy it is for your customers to find items and specials on your menu?
  7. How easy it is for your customers to stand in line while waiting to be served?
  8. How easy it is for your customers to get service once they walk up to the service window?
  9. How easy it is for your customers to receive a refund on food that did not satisfy them?

Making it easy and convenient for your food truck customers to do business with you is so important.  The easier you can make it, the better your ability to make more money and keep existing customer loyalty. It can be just that easy.

If you have any additional items that other owners could look at, let us know and we will update this list.



  1. Our policy is: If a customer does not like something we ask them to tell us why, then we gladly give them their money make. By asking why, we learn valuable insight, and the customer is made to feel that they are helping us improve. Most customers will not except a refund unless they truly did not like what they received. (poor food quality)as a result, I have only given 2 refunds in the last 2 years.Both times, the customer wouldn’t have been happy no matter what we did.

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