tip of the dayWhether it’s a snow storm that hit your area, your truck has broken down or your generator has created a power outage on the truck, disruptions to your mobile food business service can be devastating. Responding effectively can often be the difference between an interruption and a disaster. Next time you are faced with a crisis, try these suggestions:

  • Figure out what happened. Too many times, people leap into action without assessing the situation first. Find out exactly what is going wrong and what’s causing it.
  • Act promptly. Don’t wait for all of the data to come in. Once you have a firm grasp on the situation, begin taking action. Don’t act frazzled — that only worries people. Act with deliberateness and speed.
  • Adapt. Don’t stick to a single strategy. Circumstances will change and new information will come to light. Be prepared to alter your course of action if necessary.