tip of the day

No single food truck owner likes to have a shift, day or week that misses their performance expectations in sales or service. Yet, failing to meet yours or your customer expectations doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world. Follow these tips to turn your truck’s poor performance around:

  • Accept it and ask for help. Don’t be defensive. If the sales figures or customer reviews show you are underperforming, accept it and ask for help to get better.
  • Ask others to share insights about how you can improve. Understand the underlying cause. Do you or your staff members not have the right skills? Do you have employees that are uninterested in the work? Whatever it is, get to the bottom of what’s causing you to come up short.
  • Commit to change. Identify what it is that you organization needs to do differently and ask those around you to help keep you on track and accountable.