Insurance for a food truck? This category covers one of the major topics food truck owners face, this isn’t the same type of insurance you have on your personal vehicle, it’s the insurance that covers your business, your food truck, and your employees.

Why You Shouldn’t Get Auto Quotes DIRECT From Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance is definitely a viable option for food truck or catering truck auto insurance. Progressive is an insurance company that you can access "directly" [...]

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Food Truck Insurance: Additionally Insured Certificates

A topic and (hidden) cost that most new food trucks are unfamiliar with before purchasing an insurance policy. I often get calls from new food [...]

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Food Truck Insurance: What to Know When Hiring a Driver

It's time to look at hiring a there anything I should know before I do so? Often a food truck operation starts with an owner [...]

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How to Recover from an Employee Injury or Key Person Death in a Food Truck Operation

Last week, Mobile Cuisine Magazine covered the death of New Jersey food truck owner Jose Goncalves. This was tragic news for the food truck industry. Being in the [...]

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