For most people who have ever been taught to cook, whether it was from a family member or in culinary school, you learned early on that you need to taste your food as you are preparing it, and before you plan to serve the dish to a customer, you need to sit down and eat the entire meal yourself.

Why is this such an important tip for food truck owners and their staff members?

  • First, it acts as quality control during and after the dish’s production.
  • Second, it allows you and your employees to speak in detail to how the product was created and the ingredients used in its creation.
  • Third, how do you tell your customers that you don’t eat your own menu items?

Unfortunately, this is a common problem in the food service industry as a whole. When a chef doesn’t taste the food during preparation and/or a serving staff that has never eaten the food you risk serving a poorly seasoned, or even poorly tasting food item. It’s simple enough to avoid this problem by consistently tasting your food products while you are preparing them. Take this simple step to help protect your food truck brand.