tip of the day

Next to actually cooking the food you serve from your food truck, tasting as you cook is arguably the most important part of cooking. Seriously, cooking without tasting would be like painting a picture without looking at it. Some chefs shepherd dishes from a mere scattering of raw and unrelated ingredients to plated works of art that, when tasted, suffer from unbalanced flavors, lack of seasoning, or, worse, no taste at all. Yes, we all eat with our eyes long before the food ever hits our taste buds, and we’re all about presenting beautiful plates, but aesthetics aside, the point is to eat the food. So make it taste good.

And how will you know it tastes good without tasting it?

Tasting and seasoning your food as you go should fast become a regular part of your routine while cooking, regardless of what your recipe says. We’re not giving you carte blanche to double dip with your tasting spoon or fork or to dump loads of salt and pepper into everything, but tasting is a critical part of preparing food. If you season and taste as you go, the food from your food truck will taste better.