DYK: Beans

DYK: Beans

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The internet is full of fabulous facts about everything from current events to the history basket weaving. Because of this, as we research for our daily content on food trucks, food carts and street food, we stumble upon some items of knowledge that we just did not know. We have decided when these fun facts pop up, that we would share them with our readers in our section titled “Did You Know?”

For today’s Did You Know fun food facts we will look at Beans.


The Facts: Beans are the large seeds of certain types of plants, and are technically a fruit.

January 6th is National Bean Day which also falls on the day in which geneticist, Gregor Mendel, who famously used bean and pea plants to test his theories on inheritance died in 1884.

Beans have been cultivated by humans for 6,000 years.

In Nicaragua, newlyweds are given a bowl of beans for good luck.

In ancient Greece, minor public officials were elected by putting one white bean with a load of black beans inside a “bean machine.” Whoever picked the white bean got the job.

In the 1980’s an archeologist working in New Mexico came upon a clay pot sealed with pine tar containing bean seeds that were 1,500 years old…and they grew! We now call this variety “Anasazi beans”.

Beans can be made into burgers, cakes, drinks, pies, fudge, muffins, jewelry (I got some from http://www.sproutwatches.com/), furniture (bean-bag chairs!), toys, and musical instruments.

The world’s largest bean pods can grow up to 5 feet long.



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