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DYK: Cotton Candy

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The internet is full of fabulous facts about everything from current events to the history basket weaving. Because of this, as we research for our daily content on food trucks, food carts and street food, we stumble upon some items of knowledge that we just did not know. We have decided when these fun facts pop up, that we would share them with our readers in our section titled “Did You Know?”

For today’s Did You Know fun food facts we will look at Cotton Candy.

cotton candy

The Facts: Originally called “Fairy Floss”, the process of making Cotton Candy was invented by four men: Thomas Patton, Josef Delarose Lascaux, John C. Wharton, and William Morrison in 1899.

  • In 1904, these two Nashville candy makers introduced their invention of how to make cotton candy to the St. Louis World’s Fair.  Due to fair goers’ curiosity, these inventors sold approximately 68,655 boxes of cotton candy for 25 cents a box for a total of $17,163.75.
  • December 7th is National Cotton Candy Day.
  • Sugar is the only ingredient in cotton candy.
  • Fairy Floss and Spun Sugar started being called Cotton Candy in the 1920′s. But many places around the world still call Cotton Candy by other names.

Interested in making cotton candy yourself? Try out this recipe for Vanilla Curry Cotton Candy.




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