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For today’s Did You Know we will look at Gingersnap fun facts.

The Facts: A ginger snap is a globally popular cookie based snack food, flavored with ginger.

  • Gingersnaps were first baked commercially in 1862.
  • In the UK, the Isle of Man, Australia, and New Zealand and most of the former British Empire, they are often called ginger nuts.
  • July 1st is National Gingersnap Day.
  • Ginger can be used to treat motion sickness.
  • Dried ginger is great for health benefits, but fresh ginger “root” is the most potent.  As long as fresh ginger is not fully peeled, it can last for up to 3 weeks in the fridge.
  • Ginger is a natural decongestant and antihistamine.
  • Gingersnaps are often eaten as snacks on their own, or used to top desserts such as ice cream, gelato or mousse.
  • The first published recipe for gingersnaps was in 1805 by Mrs. H.L. Webster.

Gingersnap Fun Facts We Missed

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Reference: Wikipedia: Fun Facts about Gingersnaps.