Vote For The 2013 Food Truck Rookie Of The Year

Vote For The 2013 Food Truck Rookie Of The Year

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It has been a long year, and many things have happened over the course of the last 12 months. In the mobile food industry we saw the same type of growth around the world as we have seen since it’s rebirth in 2008.

2013 Rookie of the Year

For the third year in a row, we are conducting a contest to find out who our readers feel is the food truck rookie of the year. Last year’s contest was won by the the Crazy Good Burgers out of Morristown, TN. This year we had numerous submissions from around the country, and today, we are opening the the voting to help us determine who will be the Mobile Cuisine 2013 Food Truck Rookie of the Year.

We would like to thank all of those who voted for their choice of rookie food truck of the year. Voting will remain open until Friday, 1/24/2014 at midnight Central time.

Once the poll is closed, the truck with the most votes will be declared our winner.

Good luck to the contestants…and let the voting begin!!!

THIS POLL HAS CLOSED. The results will be announced shortly.

NOTE: Because we have had some issues with our polling system and individuals not being able to submit votes, we will provide the form below or email us at: to allow you to submit your choice. We are only accepting 1 vote per ip address, so we will be monitoring the results and only count a single vote per submission from the polling system or through email.



  1. Hi – We are so excited to be in the top 10. Just a heads up our name is spelled Paradise Shave Ice there’s no “D” on the end of shave. Would it be too mich trouble to update it? We have a lot of Hawaiian fans and it is an insult to call it shaved ice.

    Paradise Shave Ice

  2. Paradise Shaved Ice – West Palm Beach, FL
    Is the best shaved ice I have EVER had. Also the MOST friendless people ever.
    I had the pleasure of enjoying a few of there shave ice at the 7th annual flags for a cure tournament..

      • ^clearly they meant *friendliest. Easy mistake.
        And I agree, Paradise Shaved Ice is incredibly friendly and their eggnog ice is AMAZE-BALLS!

        PAC Pastry’s truck is adorable and the woman who owns it is a hard working, kind person who is clearly passionate about what she does.

        And I of course have to say Saucy Stache is the bomb dot com, because that’s my truck! Lol!
        All of us are awesome! #teamskiplunchandtryeverything!
        Yay food!

  3. ive tried the scauced up food truck i couldnt believe my taste buds of how good and the quality the sauced up food truck has to offer defiantly getting my vote

  4. Wow… Drove by sauced up food truck a few weeks back for a quick bite and couldn’t believe how friendly the staff were and delicious the food was. This company deserves to be heard. Good luck sauced up!!


  6. Sauced Up Food Truck in Coral Springs, FL is by far the BEST food truck I have ever eaten at! From their Mac & cheese stuffed wings to their savory sliders, Sauced Up is a must try for any food truck fanatic. These guys know what they’re doing not only from a cooking stand point, but customer service stand point as well.

  7. Sauced Up all day! The stuffed wings are amazing and they keep adding new recipes and menu items. I have yet to try anything on the menu that wasn’t great. Cool looking truck too. Looks like that design must have taken forever!

  8. Out of the entire list on one have been invited to appear on the Cooking Channel….
    DOugh DOugh’s Donuts !!

    Enough Said…..

    • Actually, Paradise Shaved Ice was also.
      A lot of other trucks were too.
      DoDo just happens to be the only truck bragging about it.

  9. Vote Bacon Nation to #1. Best bacon burger i have ever had . Plan on trying every bacon item on the menu . You should too! Cast your votes before its too late.

  10. It’s so awesome to see such a big representation from Central and South Florida in the runnings! Best of luck to all the contestants.

  11. Dough Dough’s Donuts is by far, the BEST food truck out there! If you haven’t tried his loaded baked potato donuts, you don’t know what you’re missing. His hot vanilla glazed donuts are my next favorite.

  12. Paradise Shave Ice – West Palm Beach, FL IS THE BEST :-)
    I can’t figure out how to vote.
    I VOTE FOR **Paradise Shave Ice – West Palm Beach, FL**

  13. hands down, we are food truck paying customers. this is how myself and family relax. we owe it to “RED” dough dough donuts ha our vote. yes there are lot of other trucks that are good. but red puts the extra added touch with his cust, skills. we drove over 120 miles one way to stock his truck. all you food guys and gals keep it up please . we lov what ya do, thanks from this side of the truck.

  14. Been stalking Saucy ‘Stache since they started and often pick up a few extra bowls to-go for the rest of the week. Awesome, AWESOME food.

  15. Paradise Shave Ice is the best I’ve ever had-very tasty and delightful flavors-efficient,pleasant and friendly service. Richard

  16. What’s CookN Chef is the best food truck I have ever visited. The chef puts his all into every dish he prepares.

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