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Las Vegas Hotel Rooftop Renovation Includes Food Truck

As the mobile food industry expands, architects and developers are finding new ways to tap into the industry's popularity. This latest example comes from Las Vegas where the Plaza renovated their rooftop pool area that [...]

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Seattle Food Trucks Prosper During Downtown Power Outage

Food trucks in Seattle saw long lines when the downtown area saw a power outage. It was no surprise to hear this since their restaurant competition would be forced to shut their doors. For the [...]

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Flo’s Fabulous Food Truck Contest Offers 10K For Vendors

CHICAGO, IL - Progressive Commercial Auto launched its fourth annual “Flo’s Fabulous Food Truck Contest” at the National Restaurant Association Show on Monday. The contest is geared towards people hoping to start a food truck [...]

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North Carolina Food Truck Builder Scam Artist Arrested

It doesn't matter how strong the food truck industry grows, there will always be people who are only interested in getting the most money out of it no matter who they hurt. It's good that [...]

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Canadian Food Trailer Stolen Within Hours Of Delivery

This story is heartbreaking. A restaurant owner purchases a trailer with the plans to expand their brand to local festivals. Within hours of delivery and even before they had a chance to install their kitchen [...]

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Mumbai Holds Its First Food Truck Festival

Not only is the momentum of the mobile food industry building in the United States as you can see from this article, mobile street food is growing across the globe. The latest food truck spot? [...]

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