It’s mid-May and the trees are turning green. Some parts of the country are finally seeing the end of Winter. Food truck owners know what this means…your food truck is entering into the busy season.

Great News… right? Are you prepared to do everything that needs to be done?

This is the time of year where food truck vendors strike while the iron is hot. The competition will be tough; everybody is competing for the consumer’s disposable dollar as well as their loyalty. Your competition is not just the food truck parked down the street, but it’s also the restaurants, and the convenience and grocery stores in your town too. Today’s consumer has only so much money to spend on food and everybody wants it.

Your schedule is about to become swamped with festivals and catering events in addition to your daily stops, but you need to remember not to neglect your marketing to remain competitive. Time management is a must to make sure you meet all of your commitments as well as keep up on marketing your mobile food business.

Here are some of the things to keep on your to-do list:

  • Maintain or create an email marketing program.
  • Aggressively promote your food truck on social media.
  • Train your staff to be your marketing ambassadors by providing a great guest experience.
  • Make sure your loyalty program is running at full speed.
  • Prepare a program for marketing gift cards (who doesn’t love to receive a gift of food for a birthday or special occasion).
  • Have a profitable Spring seasonal menu to increase sales.

We understand that there is a lot to do with little time to do everything, but continuous marketing (not just during the slow times of the year is a key to maintaining your food trucks growth.