tip of the day

As an owner of a gourmet mobile food business you want to impress your customers starting at the moment they walk up to your service window. Outside of your food truck design, the best way to do this is to provide a menu that is appealing. The problem some food truck vendors run into is that many they believe they can sit down and develop their menu from their ideas without putting a lot of thought into the process. Unfortunately this is not the case. There are many factors that you should consider as you plan your menu if you want it to be successful.

Unless you are developing your menu before you stock your truck’s kitchen, then what you have available will play a vital role in what foods you can offer. It is important that you consider the space you have in the truck’s kitchen, the work stations and the equipment you have available before you can sit down and determine which meals are possible. If you plan for more than you can accommodate in your truck, there’s a good chance you will end up with unhappy customers that are unlikely to return.

You also want to look at the market you are targeting. If your plan is to mimic a fine dining establishment that caters to those who spend more on their food, your menu will be vastly different from a menu that would be involved in providing that same style of food a  fast casual restaurant might offer. The same is true if you are specializing in a different type of cuisine. You want to make sure your menu is geared towards the audience you are trying to appeal to.

Once you have established these things you will want to explore and test the various dishes you are planning to serve. It is important that you establish from the beginning exactly how they will be prepared and how they will be served. If it varies from meal to meal, your customers will notice and likely be unhappy with the changes. So you should work with your staff to test out each recipe until everyone has it perfected.

Establishing the foods is only a part of the menu planning. Once you have decided what you will be serving, it is time to work on the other aspects. You will need to divide the sections up in a way that fits with your restaurant’s theme. This can be done in a variety of ways and therefore, you should find the one that suits your business best. You also want to write descriptions that match the style you are trying to portray in your business. If your menu is more casual, you want the descriptions to be the same. Take advantage of photos when you can and set the prices so that they are competitive yet profitable.