Crowdfunding Project Set Up To Replace Stolen Hot Dog Carts

Crowdfunding Project Set Up To Replace Stolen Hot Dog Carts

Alabama Brick HouseMOBILE, AL – After two hot dog carts were stolen on Thursday, the owner of the business grabbed the attention of many Mobile citizens.

Nevada Robinson and Jeanine Carlton work at the carts, and are staples in downtown Mobile.

The loss of the beloved carts was heartbreaking.

Carlton suffered great hardship with a teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and drugs. After a conviction, she turned her life around.

Now a convicted felon, Carlton opened Alabama Brickhouse because her daughter loved hotdogs.

Her daughter is now a college student, thanks to that effort.

In response to Carlton’s story, dozens of people started asking how to help.

A GoFundMe was created to enable online donations. Those who wish to donate can visit this link to do so.

Names of those who donate will be written on her new cart, Carlton said.

As of today, the gofundme project has surpassed the initial request for $5,000. Let see how much we can help them raise!!!

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