Ok, so the title may get food truck owners thinking that this article is going to explain why your website needs to be replaced with a Facebook business page. Well, not so fast.


Even though a study from Lab42 last year indicated that 50% of people prefer a business’s Facebook Page rather than its Web Site you almost certainly still need both.

What is the most interesting part of this survey and the other findings is that half of the respondents do indeed prefer going to a Business Facebook Page than to a company Web Site. It’s just another reason why that every food truck business needs to get in the game with social media.

Some other findings from the study are interesting but may not be that accurate. Examples include the following:

1. People expect some promotions and discounts in return for liking a brand. We think this is more of a survey biased response than the real motivation. Sure – everybody likes a deal but this is not a n absolute. Depending on how the question was asked this would likely be a natural first response. Important – sure. Critical – no.

2. The vast majority (over 80%) “Like” a business page to communicate with the business. This one makes sense. People know that good businesses listen to customers and act on the two-way communication that social media enables.

3. The #1 reason to “Unlike” a business page is due to frequent posting. So this conflicts, somewhat, with #1 because a lot of businesses post specials and deals but if that is all you do you could be hurting yourself. Especially if you post deals too frequently.

So what’s the best approach for food truck owners?

Think of social media as a conversation with your customers. Listen, ask good questions and provide some value. Not just a discount or promotion on one of your menu items but tips and advice or even feature a customer or two. And don’t talk too much either. Keep the posts at a reasonable level  – outside of posting your next parking location.

Finally remember the key point – 50% of customers or more are looking for you on Facebook  and that is a big deal! So make sure you are in the game.