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tip of the dayToday’s tip directs you to look back at 2013 to help you in 2014. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it, right? So take a step back and look at where you’re food truck business has been successful and what didn’t work.

List these items from last year:

  • What menu items that did and didn’t sell to your expectations?
  • What events did you attend with and without success?
  • What marketing promotions helped and which failed?
  • What were your busy and slow sales days?
  • What parts of the city did and didn’t produce enough foot traffic for your concept?

Once you have created this list try to determine why and how you can either add to the success and correct the problems you had. By determining the pluses and correcting the mistakes of the past, your food truck business can grow in 2014.

Yep, it’s that time of the year again; it’s time for the Mobile Cuisine staff to look back and pick out your favorite posts from last year. As you will be able to tell very quickly, our readers are consistently looking for ways to improve their mobile food business. This is why we create these articles…FOR YOU!!!

2014 Clock

Your top 10 most read Mobile Cuisine articles (written in 2013) in order of most read:

Writing a Food Truck Business Plan
Differences Between Insuring Food Trailers and Food Trucks
Business Tips for the First Time Food Truck Owner
Key Performance Indicators and Your Food Truck’s Success
6 Reasons to Start a Food Truck Before Opening a Restaurant
What to Ask Yourself Before Naming Your Food Truck
Solving Common Food Truck Cash Flow Problems
What Your Food Truck Employees Are Thinking But Would Never Say
Steps to Start a Food Truck Business
3 Apps to Help Write Your Food Truck Marketing Plan

and not to forget our contest winners of 2013:

2013 Rookie Food Truck of the Year – TBD
2013 Dessert Food Truck of the Year – Custom Confections
2013 Best Food Truck Graphic Design – Renny’s Oki Doki
2013 Vegetarian/Vegan Food Truck of the Year – The Cinnamon Snail
2013 Punniest Food Truck Name – Wienerbago
2013 Food Truck Blog of the Year – Nashville Food Truck Junkie

Was there a favorite of your own that we missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

Food trucks have been popping up all around the country (for that matter all across the world). Since our inception in 2010, we have tried to keep an eye on the trucks surfacing on the streets and to our surprise, there has not been much of a slowdown of trucks or cities around the country that have spawned new trucks (we have seen an average of at least a half dozen new trucks every week).

2013 Rookie of the Year

For the third year in a row, we are we want to ask our readers to share their favorites with us. We are asking you to submit your choice for the 2013 Food Truck Rookie of the Year. You may submit your choice via the the form below or email us at: contest@mobile-cuisine.com

Your Name (required)

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We will collect your submissions through Friday, January 10th, and the following week we will present a poll of the top ten trucks or carts submitted, so that you may help us choose the Rookie of the Year. You may submit as many trucks or carts from your area as you like, but they must be submitted separately to be included. There are no requirements to the location (hint hint to Canadian and overseas food truck owners), type or style of food this mobile vendor sells, so feel free to submit a new savory food vendor, dessert truck or even a mobile hot dog vendor.

The only stipulation is that they opened for business before November 31st of 2013.

2013 Dessert Truck of the Year

Earlier this month we began polling our readers to help us determine their favorite dessert food truck. Our final poll had 10 dessert trucks to select from:

  • 3 Girls Cupcakes – Kansas City, MO
  • Big Gay Ice Cream – NYC
  • A Cupcake Social – Minneapolis, MN
  • Custom Confections – Houston, TX
  • Flirty Cupcakes – Chicago, IL
  • Goodies Frozen Custards & Treats – Washington DC
  • Homemade – South Florida
  • Kickass Cupcakes – Boston, MA
  • Saweet Cupcakes – San Antonio, TX
  • The Sweet Hearth – Buffalo, NY

Voting was very busy for the first week but slowed down a bit during the second week of voting but we still had a lot of folks visit the site to vote for their favorite. After counting the 3,500+ votes, Mobile Cuisine is proud to announce the 2013 Dessert Food Truck of the Year winner. With nearly 43 percent of the overall vote Custom Confections of Houston, TX has claimed the title.

We would like to congratulate the crew from Custom Confections and thank our readers for helping us with this poll.

You can follow Custom Confections on Twitter: @CustomDesserts

The votes from our initial polling for our 2013 favorite dessert food truck are in. Let your friends and family know that the final voting has begun. We had great turnout for so many trucks across the country, it was difficult to narrow the field down to just ten…but we did.

Dessert Food Truck of the Year 2013

Here are your top 10 for 2013:

This Poll is Closed!!!

These polls will wrap up on Friday, December the 20th. The truck with the most votes from this poll will be declared our winner.

So spread the word, and help your favorite lay claim to the title.

ST. LOUIS, MO – Although the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox are showing some of their best stuff on the mound for the World Series, food trucks from both cities are in a heated series, too.


Seventeen St. Louis food truck vendors and 13 Boston food truck vendors are competing in the Food Truck Throwdown.

Food trucks from each city are serving up World Series-inspired dishes and the public can vote on their favorites—or in some cases, their favorite city’s truck.

From the “Holliday Caramel Apple” from Holy Crepe! To the “Yadi Brau” at My Big Fat Greek Truck, these dishes showcase what St. Louis has to offer.

Food Truck Throwdown, which is a website that hosts a number of food rivalries, including past smackdowns between Boston and New York City. According to its Facebook page, the throwdown offices are located in Boston.

In the latest update, St. Louis leads Boston in the throwdown, 1,287 to 783 with Sarah’s Cake Stop’s “Rally Cap” Snack Cakes comfortably in the top spot.

To vote or see all of the creations that the Food Truck Throwdown has to offer, check out the Food Truck Throwdown website.

Find the original article at ksdk.com <here>

Mobile Cuisine is an online trade magazine that covers the mobile food industry; we cover the industry as a whole and have strayed away from covering one specific region of the country.

With that said, there are numerous blogs across the country that cover specific cities and regions where food trucks operate. From New York to Miami and Toronto to Dallas there are bloggers that cover the gamut of mobile food businesses. This poll has been set up to find out which local mobile food blog is the favorite in North America.

Last year, our winner was Alex Levine’s Food Truck Freak out of Chicago. Can she retain her title or will another blogger be able to take the title from her?

Favorite Food Truck Blog 2012

To find out, we have listed the Top 17 local food truck blogs. Your job is to vote for your favorite.

This poll will run through Friday, November 8th (11:59 PM Central Time). Once the votes have been tabulated, the winner will be announced. The winner will be able to claim the title of Favorite Local Mobile Food Truck Blog as well as have the chance to be part of a feature story here at Mobile Cuisine that delves into the individuals who run these blogs and why they write what they do.

So help us spread the word for your favorites.

List of local mobile food blogs as well as links to their sites:

Atlanta Street Food Coalition – Atlanta, GA

Austin Food Carts – Austin, TX

DFW Food Truck Foodie – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Food Carts Portland – Portland, OR

Food Trailers Austin – Austin, TX

Food Truck Fiesta – Washington DC

Food Truck Freak – Chicago, IL

Hub Food Trucks – Boston, MA

Looking for Food Trucks – Los Angeles/Orange County, CA

Miami Food Trucks – Miami, FL

Nashville Food Truck Junkie – Nashville, TN

New York Street Food – New York, NY

San Diego Food Trucks – San Diego, CA

Seattle Food Truck – Seattle, WA

Street Food Columbus – Columbus, OH

Street Grindz – Hawaii

Toronto Food Trucks – Toronto, Canada

The Poll is Closed!!!

We apologize to those bloggers we may have missed. There are many mobile food blogs that didn’t meet our criteria for this contest as many bloggers cover other topics than mobile food, have not posted in the last month, or have their blog solely set up as a Facebook page.

To open our October coverage we at MCM are happy to announce the results of our Punniest Food Truck Name Poll. This contest allowed our readers to submit their choices for food trucks that showed creativity in explaining their food truck businesses with a humorous twist.

wienerbago food trailer

The Top 10 that made the final poll:

  • Baked & Loaded – St. Louis, MO
  • C’est Cheese Food Truck – Cincinnati, OH
  • The Eatsie Boys – Houston, TX
  • Franks Anatra – Rochester, MI
  • God Save The Cuisine – San Diego, CA
  • Grillenium Falcon – Fayetteville, AR
  • How Pickle Got Out Of The Jam – Seattle, WA
  • I Don’t Give a Fork – Newark, DE
  • Kommie Pig – Baltimore, MD
  • Wienerbago– Adelaide, Australia

Without further ado, we would like to announce, that the winner of the MCM 2013 Punniest Food Truck Name Poll; The Wienerbago food truck from Adelaide, Australia. With nearly 40% of the votes received, this vendor was our clear winner.

You can find them on Facebook <here> or follow them on Twitter.

Keep an eye out on for a featured article on this vendor and how they came up with the concept of their mobile food business.

While Summer may be over and Fall taking its place there are still some opportunities for fun food, cool drinks and a few State Fairs taking place. While the state fair is a quintessential part of many Americans’ summers, some states host their fairs during the fall and one which takes place in February.

minnesota state fair

Here is your guide to the remaining 2013 and 2014 state fairs.

  • Arizona State Fair: October 11-November 3
  • Arkansas State Fair: October 11-20
  • Florida State Fair: February 6-17, 2014
  • Georgia State Fair: October 25-November 3
  • Louisiana State Fair: October 24-November 10
  • Mississippi State Fair: October 2-13
  • North Carolina State Fair: October 17-27
  • South Carolina State Fair: October 9-20
  • Texas State Fair: September 27-October 20
  • Virginia State Fair: September 27-October 6

If you have anything you’d like to add about these last 2013 state fairs, please comment below or let us know on Twitter: @MobileCuisine.

tip of the dayWith the 2013 ROAM Conference taking place in Portland this weekend we thought this would be a timely tip of the day.

When it comes to networking, quality has always mattered more than quantity of individuals you network with. But how do you meet the right people? One way is to ask for introductions. Reach out to the influential people in your network and ask them to put you in touch with others. Be specific about the introductions you want and why you want them.

Explain what you are trying to achieve and the kind of contacts that would help you get there. Are you seeking your next job opportunity? Are you looking for ways to promote yourself? If you’re uncomfortable with being bold, remember that people enjoy helping others and you can always return the favor with some introductions of your own.

And if it helps…feel free to walk right up to me while at ROAM. I don’t bite, and love to share information on the mobile food industry. I’d love to meet you.

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