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While Akron food trucks will now be able to legally operate in downtown Akron, the ordinance giving them this ability also gives food trucks the ability to pay $1,750 a year to park on city streets.

AKRON, OH – Food trucks are now permitted on public property in Akron.

Akron City Council approved legislation Monday that allows food trucks, but makes operators pay a hefty fee to operate on public property downtown. Food truck operators must pay a $225 annual application fee and another $1,750 annually to set up on two streets in the city’s biomedical corridor. Some council members and community leaders thought the higher fee was warranted to protect the brick and mortar restaurants, especially in downtown.

“I am proud of the investment we have made in downtown,” said Councilman Jeff Fusco, who chaired a special committee that spent nearly a year studying the food truck issue. “It’s our responsibility to protect and not give away our downtown.”

The amount of the fee for operating in the biomedical corridor, which includes the three hospitals, downtown and the University of Akron, has been criticized by food truck operators and the Institute for Justice, an Arlington, Va., law firm that helped food truck owners form the Greater Akron Food Truck Coalition.

Steve Sabo, who owns Orange Truk and heads the coalition, said the coalition may challenge the ordinance because of not only the high downtown fee, but also other restrictions. The ordinance forbids trucks from being within 50 feet from a residence, 200 feet from a brick and mortar restaurant, 750 feet from a park and 1,000 feet from a school.

“I don’t see any recourse but to bring in legal counsel,” said Sabo, who lives in Norton and was among the local food truck owners who were pushing for Akron to allow the trucks greater access.

Akron has barred food trucks from operating on public property unless part of a city-sanctioned event. They are permitted on private property with proper zoning.

The higher fee applies to food truck owners who want an assigned parking spot on Locust Street, which is near Akron General Medical Center and Akron Children’s Hospital, or Park Street, which is north of UA near Grace Park. Food trucks will still be permitted at city-sponsored events.

The legislation will become effective after it is signed by Mayor Don Plusquellic, who supports it. That means food trucks could begin operating on public property in Akron this summer.

Sabo, however, doesn’t predict many food truck owners will be interested because of all of the restrictions. He said the $225 fee is reasonable, but the distance requirements are overly restrictive.

“When you put that all in the equation, show me where I can park,” he said. “I expect no one to even do it.”

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high fees ahead

Here we have another politician who thinks that food trucks need to pay their “fair share”. Of course food trucks will stop doing business in Akron if the proposed fee is instituted…but then again, Jeff Fusco knows this.

AKRON, OH – Food truck operators here do not like much of what will be on Akron City Council’s menu Monday night.

Council is considering new proposed regulations and fees on food trucks.

Steve Sabo is head of the Akron Food Truck Coalition. He predicts no truck operators will pay a proposed $1,975 fee to do business in or near downtown.

He calls that “an exorbitant”: amount of money.

Councilman Jeff Fusco is co-sponsoring the legislation. He says the supersized fee is fair and Akron is trying to develop rules that best fit it.

Akron has barred food trucks’ parking on public property unless it’s part of a city-approved event.

The proposal suggests a $225 fee to do business outside of downtown.

Parts of the supersized fee would be split with Summit County, Akron schools, Summit Metro Parks and the city/county library system.

Fusco claims a cross-section of community leaders, truck owners and regular restaurant owners had input developing the package.

Rules also limit truck parking near homes, restaurants, schools and parks.

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North Coast Toast oberlin food truckOBERLIN, OH – Oberlin College student Casey Silverstein said he never expected the challenges he has faced to get his food truck business, North Coast Toast, up and running.

Silverstein, along with business partners Jeremy Reimnitz and Evan Zierk, envisioned a gourmet grilled-cheese food-truck business during a Creativity and Leadership class at Oberlin College. The entrepreneurship class is designed to get students to “build skills, knowledge and experience they need to launch their ideas,” according to the Oberlin College website.

Silverstein said he received a Creativity and Leadership grant, and the group also took to the fundraising website Kickstarter for donations. With 130 backers, North Coast Toast exceeded its goal and raised $9,759.

“The community should have a late-night food option. … I think we’re providing something that’s extremely cheap. We source all of our food options locally,” he said.

North Coast Toast has been open only a few times — once at a private event, during a TGIF event on campus and during the business’ launch party — Silverstein said. But Silverstein was ordered to cease operations until he received a conditional-use permit from the city to operate on Oberlin College property.

Silverstein, who said he plans to meet with the city’s planning department, said he hopes to begin operations again because students want another food option on campus.

City Director of Planning and Development Gary Boyle said he still is waiting for North Coast Toast to submit a permit application.

The food-truck operation has prompted the city to re-examine its regulations as the popularity of food-truck ventures grows across the state.

Food trucks are embraced in Cleveland, but the city of Akron has banned vendors from selling items out of vehicles on public property.

Akron City Council is re-examining the laws on its books regarding food trucks, but city restaurants are opposed to allowing the food trucks to operate outside of special events, contending that the low-overhead food trucks will take their business and could cost the city jobs and tax income.

Boyle said North Coast Toast could apply for a conditional-use permit to operate on private property, but the city doesn’t have any rules or regulations for food trucks operating on public property. Boyle said that although North Coast Toast had operated solely on private property, city officials are taking a look at their laws.

The city does not allow food trucks on public street rights-of-way, with the exception of special city events.

Find the entire article by Chelsea Miller at northcoastnow.com <here>

legalize-street-food-logoAKRON, OH – Cleveland is embracing its food trucks with open arms (and hungry bellies), but it’s a different story in Akron, where a 30-year-old law prohibits vendors from selling items out of vehicles on public property.

That could soon change.

Akron’s city council and the Greater Akron Food Truck Coalition — a group of food truck operators led by Orange Truk owner Jeffrey Winer — are trying to work together to find a solution.

“We’re re hoping to make everyone happy,” said Jeff Fusco, chair of the council’s committee charged with re-evaluating the vendor law.

Fusco said the decision-making process is going slowly and methodically. Committee members are researching other cities to explore different approaches.

To help whet local appetites, the coalition has been organizing food truck events in nearby communities. The next event will be 4-8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28, outside Sushi On The Roll in Medina (985 Boardman Alley), with 10-15 trucks participating.

The Institute for Justice, an Arlington, Va.-based civil liberties law firm, has thrown its support behind the trucks by sending a letter to Akron City Council last month that encouraged it to eliminate the city’s restrictions on food trucks.

“We’re putting pressure on Akron,” Winer said.

Fusco said the decision will be made in a couple of months.

FInd the original article by Rose Vardell at cleveland.com <here>

akron ohio logoAKRON, OH – Akron City Councilman Jeff Fusco (D-at large) will chair a committee tasked with researching the topic of food truck vendors in the city of Akron.

The Akron City Council is looking into joining other cities like Canton and Cleveland that have allowed food trucks to sell prepared meals on city streets.

The topic has headlined several recent Akron City Council meetings as representatives from the local food truck industry have spoken to urge Council to consider changing city law to allow the operation of food trucks in Akron. Currently, it is against the law in Akron to sell goods from a vehicle, with the exception of ice cream trucks.

Representatives from Downtown Akron Partnership and the city’s brick-and-mortar restaurants have pushed back, fearing that locally owned restaurants would suffer a decline in business if food trucks were permitted to operate in the city.

Fusco announced at the July 8 Council meeting that the following individuals will serve on the committee: Councilwoman Margo Sommerville (D-Ward 3), owner of Sommerville Funeral Home; Veronica Sims, an Akron Public Schools Board of Education member; Suzie Graham, of Downtown Akron Partnership; Guido D’Orio, of NEOSHRED, and a member of the North Akron Board of Trade; and John Buntin, of Kenmore Komics, and a member of the Kenmore Board of Trade. In addition, Fusco said, representatives from both the food truck and brick-and-mortar restaurant industries will be consulted as experts.

Fusco said the committee is gearing up for a thorough and lengthy exploration of the matter.

“We look forward to moving forward with this,” Fusco said. “It’s going to take a lot of time. We want to make sure we’re very thorough … so we can make informed decisions.”

downtown akron partnershipAKRON, OH – Officials in Akron aren’t exactly eating up the food-truck craze.

The president of the city council in Akron said Monday that a committee will look into food trucks and what effect they’ve had on established restaurants in other cities where they are popular.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports local food-truck operators and their supporters have been lobbying council through social media and other means to permit them in the city.

But the Downtown Akron Partnership has raised concerns about food trucks competing with downtown restaurants.

Food truck operators, who showed up at the council meeting for the third straight week, said they’re pleased the city is at least considering their request.

Other cities around the country are also dealing with the proliferation of food trucks.

Food trucks have become a popular staple for those in downtown Cleveland. During the summer, food trucks are celebrated with Walnut Wednesdays.

You may have missed it, but the mobile food industry is growing faster than anyone would have guessed two years ago. It can be difficult to keep up with the new trucks and carts as they pop up throughout the country. Because of this, Mobile Cuisine assists our readers weekly by posting the names and information about these trucks, so if they happen to be in your area, you can begin to follow them, or at least keep any eye out for them on the roads and cart pods.


This week’s new entries are:

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