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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Hearts stopped when the Bacon Bacon Truck caught fire on November 21st. Owner Jim Angelus was a block away from his Cole Valley storefront (205-A Frederick St.) when an engine fire erupted. The truck was toast.

bacon bacon fire

The Facts:

  • No one was hurt
  • The fire totalled the truck
  • The truck was insured
  • It didn’t smell good and it wasn’t due to grease
  • They will get another truck

Since the truck can’t make its typical rounds, so income is sure to be lost. If you are interested in helping this vendor keep up his sales, drop into the Bacon Bacon commissary, which is open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday.

So in other words, during this holiday season, you can help others by eating bacon.


We would like to thank our readers for their time and effort in voting for Mobile Cuisine’s Mobile Food Vendor of the Week. With all the votes in and counted, your choice was the Bacon Bacon of San Francisco, CA.

FTotW Bacon Bacon

You may find their profile <here> if you missed it.


Mobile Cuisine Magazine profiles mobile food vendors from across the nation every week. At the end of the week we provide a poll that includes each of the vendors we have profiled, so that the readers can tell us who they feel is deserving of their Mobile Food Vendor of the Week.

Mobile Food Vendor of the Week

The polls are posted on Friday afternoons, and will run through the following Monday until noon (CST). At that point we will inform the winner and all of our readers, and present the trophy (Sorry folks, it’s only an image of the trophy).

Ok, with all of that said, we can start the polling. This week’s contestants are (click on them to find their profiles)…

Street-Za Pizza – Milwaukee, WI

Coolhaus – Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York

Bacon Bacon – San Francisco, CA

If you are an owner of a food vending business and would like to be profiled, please contact us at MFV@mobile-cuisine.com. We will setup a time in which we can talk or get some details from you for our profile.


The Bacon Bacon Truck is a roving food truck that can also be looked at as a temple of bacon delivering sandwiches and bouquets (a paper cone filled with perfectly fried strips) of bacon to the streets of San Francisco.


Jim Angelus apparently thought that bacon was lacking in the San Fran food-truck scene. So he came up with the idea of a Bacon Bacon food truck at a time when he was unemployed. “I was sick of the long hours of running someone else restaurant and quickly realizing that I wasn’t home to see my little girl grow up.”

He brings some of his 15+ yrs of restaurant experience to the front of the truck so customers aren’t ordering into a window two feet too high… but talking to a person that loves what they are doing. According to the website, the truck’s concept is to be “Where Bacon is not always the star– but plays an important role, co-star, character, actor or director.”

On March 1st of 2011, Angelus began his plunge into the mobile food industry and got the truck onto the streets on July 5th. Since then this mobile pork business has expanded to 9 employees.

When asked about his business and its future, Angelus has stated, “Everyday I’m amazed by the response we get. Whether it’s in person, via social media, the press or a foodie blog. I know we are putting out a great product and I want to share what we are offering with more of you. I want to be able to cater more parties, expand service hours, and do more large events outside San Francisco”.

You can order from the regularly changing menu of a half-dozen sandwiches and fries. Their Triple B Taco has received mention from foxnews.com, and why wouldn’t it? This taco combines pork butt, pork belly, bacon, Momma Lil’s peppers, and goat cheese.

And even if you’re just looking for dessert, the Bacon Bacon truck offers chocolate-covered bacon strip.

Bacon Bacon opened up a brick and mortar in Cole Valley where they slang to-go items and use as a commissary kitchen for the food truck. The shop is open for casual breakfast and will have lunch hours available in the near future.

The Bacon Bacon food truck can be found in San Francisco and its surrounding neighborhoods throughout the week.

Updates are posted on http://www.baconbaconsf.com/Twitter, and Facebook.

Our recommendation:

The Bacon Grilled Cheese with bacon jam. Need we say more?

What their fans have said:

After me and the boyfran-man were diddling around SF’s City Hall, we decided to indulge in a little fattery and there’s no better form than in the BACON BACON truck! I like to imagine just standing within a 5 foot perimeter of the food truck would already be greeting my arteries with a little hello. Bonnie X. – San Diego, CA

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