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“Cooking is a subject you can never know enough about. There is always something new to discover.” – Bobby Flay

Malcolm Mitchell

Food Network Star is getting a whole new look. Now in its eighth season (premieres Sun., May 13, 8 p.m. CT on Food Network), they’re mixing things up, splitting the 15 cheftestants into three teams, which will be led by the network’s top personalities: Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and Alton Brown.

One of Bobby Flay’s team Malcolm Mitchell is a professional chef who just so happens to run a food truck business as well. Mitchell, 41 (Washington, D.C.), received a degree in culinary arts after spending four years in the Navy. Malcolm began cooking alongside his mother and credits her for teaching him how to create great meals on a budget. After his time in the military, he realized that he could turn his passion for cooking and entertaining into a career; he is now a personal chef and caterer for sports teams, politicians and entertainers. Malcolm describes himself as “a classically trained chef with an urban touch.”

Mitchell is the on-board chef who partnered up with Spike Mendelsohn and Sixth & I Synagogue to bring traditional kosher fare to the streets of DC.

So if you are a fan of food trucks and a fan of Food Network, turn into the show an support Chef Mitchell.

M. Mitchell The Chef

Twitter: @Chef_M_Mitchell
Celebrity Chef Extraordinaire!!! Bringing Sensuality to your Sense of Taste!

Sixth & Rye

Twitter: @SixthandRye
DC’s First Kosher Deli on Wheels. 

Bobby Flay Melt Food Truck
(Photo/Adam Ace Wolpinsky)

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay was in Stamford, CT last month for filming of a new Food Network program.

Passers-by on Bedford Street got a surprise visit from a celebrity chef — and a bellyful of gourmet grilled cheese — when Flay rolled into Stamford on the city’s new MELT Mobile food truck during filming of a new Food Network program Wednesday.

Patrons began lining up at the truck at around 6 p.m. as Flay, along with a bevy of MELT Mobile employees, served up such items as the Insanewich, Svelt Melt and Cheesecake Melt.

Flay manned the food truck as part of a new program that “follows food entrepreneurs through the arduous task of opening a food service business,” according to a press release.

Melt Mobile

Twitter: @Melt_Mobile

We are a gourmet grilled cheese truck specializing in creative, comforting sandwiches.

Stamford CT · http://www.meltmobilect.com

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