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BOSTON, MA – Boston’s food truck vendors are 10 weeks from opening for the season, but they already have some idea of where they’ll be hawking their wood-fire pizza, fish tacos, and other moveable feasts.

The city held its annual food truck lottery to assign sales locations on public ways Tuesday evening at Faneuil Hall. Some 22 locations around the city were made available for food trucks, with each location divided into different time slots — breakfast or lunch, for example.

Altogether, 351 time slots were raffled off during a long and tedious process. The available spaces did not include some of the popular food truck spots in the city — those on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, which the nonprofit Greenway Conservancy awards separately.

As in sports, a high draft pick can be a big win. A primo spot can mean getting to park within sniffing distance of thousands of hungry people. But with food purveyors planning to roll out 81 trucks this year — 23 more than last year — the odds of landing a top selection weren’t great. While the city has not capped the number of licenses it issues, it does limit the number of trucks that can sell in one place at any given time.

For example, at the Innovation and Design Center on Drydock Avenue in the Seaport District, there are just two lunchtime spots available each day. City Hall Plaza has three.

“If you’re in the first tier in the lottery, you can count on getting one good shift,” said Toirm Miller, the co-owner of Stoked Wood Fired Pizza. “After that it’s a crap shoot.”

Miller didn’t do too badly: Stoked snagged a lunchtime serving on Clarendon Street in the Back Bay.

It took three hours to divvy up the daily schedule for the 22 locations, as officials and truck owners labored through a low-tech selection process.

Returning vendors were split into two tiers, with those rated highest on inspections and compliance with city rules in the first lottery group and those with lower rankings put in a second round of drawing. New trucks comprised a third tier and were picked last.

Business names were printed on scraps of paper and drawn at random from a bowl; owners claimed a shift — a Wednesday lunch slot at the Boston Public Library, for example — by placing a sticky note on the schedule at one of 22 stations set up in the hall that corresponded to available locations. A worker from the city’s Office of Food Initiatives tracked the picks in a spreadsheet that was projected on a screen far too small for most people to see.

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Food Truck News

In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry we have compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Los Angeles, Milan, Boston and Brandon.

May 9

Roy Choi’s Favorite L.A. Food Trucks – LOS ANGELES, CA – The man who started the L.A. food truck craze shares his favorite spots to grab some delicious grub on wheels.Find the entire article <here>America Will Represent Itself With Food Trucks At The Next World’s Fair – MILAN, ITALY – The world’s fair, Expo Milano, is already gearing up for its 2015 season.

The theme of the upcoming fair, which is held every two to three years, is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” and the USA pavilion will focus on food trucks.

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May 10

Food truck obsession? It’s all in our heads – BOSTON, MA – THE OTHER day, while lost in the cadence of a lunchtime run, the rhythm of my familiar route was suddenly interrupted by a new object dotting the landscape — a food truck.

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May 11

Food truck industry in Tampa evolves – BRANDON, FL – The food truck business is more of a daily operation now than it was four summers ago, when the culinary street-food frenzy hit Tampa after first landing in Los Angeles; New York City; Portland, Ore.; and Austin, Texas.

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boston policeBOSTON, MA – The Boston late-night scene just continues to get better and better. First came news that the MBTA will be running trains until 3 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, and now word has come down that the Boston Police Department has approved of food trucks serving dinner until midnight.

According to a report from Emily Benjamin Finn, interim mobile food truck coordinator for the Boston Food Initiatives department, the BPD has approved a late-night pilot program, extending dinner service by one hour at certain locations around the city. Starting on April 1, food trucks parked at the Boston Public Library, Northeastern University at Opera Place, and BU East at Morse Auditorium will have the option of staying open until midnight on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

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changedotorgBOSTON, MA – While the subjects of the from a Boston area Twitter chat with Mayor Marty Walsh spanned a variety of subjects, culture and dining were two major talk points that Twitter users brought to the Mayor’s attention.

One participant in particular had one focus in mind when it came to vital growth of the city’s restaurant and dining lifelines: Food trucks, one of 2013’s biggest trends. Steven Leibowitz (a friend of Mobile Cuisine) tweeted several times to Mayor Walsh about increasing the number of spots open to food truck vendors in the city:

Not long after, Leibowitz tweeted a link to a Change.org petition, which had already garnered 100 signatures at the time of his Tweet, that pushed for more locations in Boston for food trucks.

The petition now has 104 supporters, with signers sending Mayor Walsh the following message:

Increase food truck spots in the City of Boston 
Food trucks have provided residents and people working in Boston options to creative, innovative menus. Prices are competitive with most of the alternative lunch options available, and the quality is often higher. We have seen events where food trucks draw people to the city. Many food trucks have expanded from their original business and added more trucks and/or establish brick and mortar restaurants. These entrepreneurs are job creators. Food trucks also contribute to success in other areas of food entrepreneurism, using local commissaries and purchasing goods from local farms and vendors. Therefore we ask that the city expand locations for food trucks to operate, especially in multi truck clusters. There are a number of areas that are not served at all in the present program including, Downtown Crossing and the Fenway. Opportunities should be made available in areas where there is night life, after Garden events, and other venues around the city. A broader program will be an even more effective job creator.

While more and more food trucks take to the streets to serve quick, on the go and innovative meals to the city, it’s true that the allotted space they have in which to sell is limited. Currently, every food truck must submit their business to the Live Lottery, which will determine the food truck’s home and schedule for the new season, with some locations considered ‘prime’ (high trafficked) and others ‘non-prime.’

As Leibowitz states in the petition description, he sees a void in certain areas like Downtown Crossing and Fenway, as well as other areas around the TD Garden and where there is a high density of night life.

If you would like to see more available locations for food trucks to set up shop in Boston, or are in the mobile vending business yourself, sign the petition here.

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food truck festivals of new england logoBOSTON, MA – Food Truck Festivals of New England has announced their 2014 festival schedule and fourth year of bringing the food trucks to the fans! Each festival will host 20+ food trucks this spring and fall, June through October, throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Stops include favorites back by popular demand and new locations guaranteed to please New England food-lovers from Portsmouth, NH to Somerville, MA, where the season kicks off Saturday, June 7th with the Somerville Food Truck Festival at Assembly Row.

Trucks from all over the New England region, including many newcomers, will be serving up a variety of fan favorites, including local seafood, BBQ, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, cupcakes, whoopee pies, , bacon treats, and so much more. In addition to the 20+ trucks, each festival will also feature some children’s activities, live performances, sampling tents, and foodie fun guaranteed for the whole family. Many of the festivals will also feature craft beer gardens and other added attractions which will be announced in the coming weeks as the dates get closer.

Admission tickets will be available for purchase online – expect announcements of ticket sales soon. For more information please visit: www.foodtruckfestivalsofne.com. Participating trucks will be announced closer to each festival. All festivals will take place on Saturday and run from 11 AM – 4 PM, with the exception of the New Hampshire Food Truck Festival, which is on a Sunday. 

The 2014 Planned Schedule Includes:

Saturday, June 7th – The Somerville Food Truck Festival
at Assembly Row, Somerville, MA

Saturday, June 21st – The 3rd Annual Worcester Food Truck Festival
at Elm Park, Worcester, MA

Saturday, September 6th – The 2nd Annual Cape Cod Food Truck Festival
at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds, Falmouth, MA

Saturday, September 20th – The Framingham Food Truck & Cultural Festival
at Bowditch Field, Framingham, MA

*a part of MetroFest

Sunday, October 5th – The New Hampshire Food Truck Festival
at Redhook Brewery, Portsmouth, NH

Saturday, October 25th – The 3rd Annual Newport Food Truck Festival
at the Newport Yachting Center, Newport, RI

For the very latest news please follow @foodtruckfestofne on twitter and “like” them on facebook.com/foodtruckfestivalsofne. 

For public information please call 617-782-7117

In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Atlanta, San Diego, Boston and Belmont Shore.

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsNovember 15

Food trucks find a home in the suburbs – ATLANTA, GA – The food truck fad appears to have found a comfortable home in the Atlanta suburbs.

Communities around metro Atlanta have reported that thousands of people have taken part in food truck events during the summer and fall in order to check out the trucks’ unique fare and socialize with neighbors.

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City cooks up rules for food trucks – SAN DIEGO, CA – City rules for food trucks on private property began to take shape at an Oct. 23 hearing of the City Council’s Land Use & Housing Committee.

City staff have proposed regulating the food trucks’ proximity to restaurants, limiting their hours of operation and a creating a permit system for both property owners and food truck operators.

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November 16

New England street food – BOSTON, MA – Taking inspiration from street food cuisine offered around the world, New England chefs are going mobile. They are hitting the streets, creating modern, delicious snacks and meals to go.

“For diners, it offers a quick way to eat well,” says Mike Martini, former chef and co-owner of Newport Gourmet Food Tours. “For chefs, there’s no high overhead, no front-of-the-house hassles, and no more filtered feedback on their food. The customer is eating it right there in front of them.”

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November 17

Roe. To Use Food Truck While Project Wraps Up – Belmont Shore, CA – Work to build out Roe. (sic) Restaurant & Fish Market in Belmont Shore has been ongoing for more than a year now, but the owners of the establishment said they know they will have at least one more setback, requiring a temporary food truck, before the project is complete in early January.

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economist food truckAnother new use for food truck marketing has been found. This time by international news weekly The Economist is known for its thought-provoking campaigns.

According to Adage, the news magazine’s past efforts out of its U.S. agency BBDO New York included pie charts on pizza boxes to get Philadelphia college students interested in the magazine, or fitness machine-themed graphics illustrating the difficulty of hot button news issues. Now, BBDO is pushing out a new campaign with the help of a food truck and piping hot potatoes.

The truck is visiting locations in Boston and Philadelphia to pass out free steaming spuds, a reference to the “hot potato” controversies covered by the magazine. To make sure passers-by get the joke, the baked taters come with labels citing issues like same-sex marriage, gun control or North Korea. Economist reps are on hand at the giveaways to discuss the topics with the food truck patrons.

The campaign also features outdoor posters that turn the pages of the Economist into binoculars, a Rubik’s Cube, a globe and a pinata, while bar coasters that put a twist on familiar drinking slogans offer brain-stimulating suggestions like “Don’t think alone” and “Be the designated thinker.”

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ST. LOUIS, MO – Although the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox are showing some of their best stuff on the mound for the World Series, food trucks from both cities are in a heated series, too.


Seventeen St. Louis food truck vendors and 13 Boston food truck vendors are competing in the Food Truck Throwdown.

Food trucks from each city are serving up World Series-inspired dishes and the public can vote on their favorites—or in some cases, their favorite city’s truck.

From the “Holliday Caramel Apple” from Holy Crepe! To the “Yadi Brau” at My Big Fat Greek Truck, these dishes showcase what St. Louis has to offer.

Food Truck Throwdown, which is a website that hosts a number of food rivalries, including past smackdowns between Boston and New York City. According to its Facebook page, the throwdown offices are located in Boston.

In the latest update, St. Louis leads Boston in the throwdown, 1,287 to 783 with Sarah’s Cake Stop’s “Rally Cap” Snack Cakes comfortably in the top spot.

To vote or see all of the creations that the Food Truck Throwdown has to offer, check out the Food Truck Throwdown website.

Find the original article at ksdk.com <here>

In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Boston, Montreal and Kennebunk.

August 2

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsHow One Association Is Leading a Food Truck Revolution – LOS ANGELES, CA – The mobile food industry hasn’t necessarily been welcomed with open arms in many U.S. cities. Food truck operators in places like Washington, DC, and San Francisco are often fighting complicated regulations and zoning requirements that would limit the areas where they could legally operate.

The SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association wants to change that and is working city-by-city to help local food truck operators establish associations and work toward beneficial regulations in their area.

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A.C. food truck wins national contest – ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Mustache Mobile – the food truck run by Mike Hauke of Atlantic City’s Tony Boloney’s – wowed a panel of judges on “LIVE’s Truckin’ Amazing Cook-Off” today on LIVE with Kelly and Michael. He won $20,000 and bragging rights.

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August 3

Boston schools launch meals on wheels to reach students – BOSTON, MA – Borrowing a page from the popular commercial food trucks, the Boston School Department is taking its summer food program on the road to bring meals to students.

For the first time Friday, the School Department sent a truck stocked with about 600 lunches to three locations across the city.

The food truck, which does not charge for meals, is the latest addition to the summer program that provides breakfasts and lunches to more than 11,000 young people each day at more than 120 community centers and schools.

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If the city wants food trucks to fail, it should just add some more questionable rules – MONTREAL, CANADA – The good news is we Montrealers finally have street food trucks this summer, after decades when chip wagons were outlawed, like bullfighting arenas.

The bad news is the trucks are run by a city hall-driven bureaucracy with so many rules we’ll be lucky if many survive two summers.

The other night I had a great street taco at the mountain, across from my house — but when I returned for a second one at 10:01 p.m., they couldn’t sell it. City rules demand all trucks close at 10 p.m. sharp, like a camp curfew.

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August 4

Proposed food truck regs go too far – KENNEBUNK, ME  – An ordinance to place restrictions on mobile food vendors in Kennebunk is clearly aimed at the valid goal of protecting the existing businesses in the town, but we agree with some of its detractors that its provisions are overreaching.

A public hearing is slated for Aug. 15 on the proposed mobile food vending ordinance, and it’s sure to be spirited, as even some selectmen have said they do not support all of the ordinance’s provisions.

As proposed, the ordinance would deny a mobile food vendor license to any person who has been incarcerated for a year or more within the past five years; and prohibit operation within 100 feet of a restaurant or other establishment that sells similar products, with the definition being that 40 percent of their products are similar.

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Off the Wire Food Truck NewsIn our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Atlanta, San Francisco, Boston, Fort Collins and Cranston.

July 19

New charity food truck serves dual purpose – ATLANTA, GA  – 

City of Refuge, a homeless shelter, recently began operating a food truck that not only helps finance its services but also helps homeless people break the cycle of poverty.

Folks working inside the truck aren’t just preparing quality foods. Some are shelter residents who are learning culinary skills to start over.

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Restaurants fighting food trucks with food trucks – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The booming food truck business in San Francisco is now facing new competition as brick-and-mortar restaurants are bringing their food downtown in hopes of getting a piece of the lunchtime action.

Ever since food trucks exploded onto the scene a few years ago, there’s definitely been some tension with brick-and-mortar restaurants. Now, restaurants have decided to hit the road. They don’t look that different than typical food trucks and they can now be found bringing San Francisco’s restaurant scene to the 9 to 5 crowd.

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July 20

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Fort Collins getting taste for growing food truck options – FORT COLLINS, CO – A year after the city loosened the rules to welcome food trucks to Fort Collins, mobile food vendors say residents and tourists have proven hungry for their offerings.

But they say Fort Collins still has a long way to go before creating the kind of food truck culture enjoyed by Longmont, Boulder and Denver. And they say the city and its regulations could be doing more to encourage the scene. The trucks and carts offer everything from waffles and poutine — gravy-covered fries with cheese curds — to smoked meats, Hawaiian sandwiches and American-style tacos.

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July 21

As food trucks gain traction in R.I., Cranston may change new rules that protect restaurants – CRANSTON, RI – On a sultry summer night, Tara Devany gobbles a spicy fish taco from Shuckin Truck, a seafood truck that sells fresh oysters from Salt Pond.

The setting — the town beach parking lot — isn’t elegant. But the food is terrific, says Devany, who visits the lot each week to sample thin-crust pizza, lobster rolls and barbecue burritos sold by a half-dozen food trucks.

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