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tip of the dayWhen you set out to create a food truck business it’s not enough to think you want to serve, let’s say, Pinoy (Filipino) cuisine. That’s a menu, not a concept.

You want to identify your brand. Consider everything from your your truck’s wrap, price point, the vibe your truck emanates, style of your service (serve from inside the truck or have your server work outside the truck), and even the uniforms your staff will wear. Think about it like baking powder – you don’t see it or taste it, but if it’s not there the cake isn’t going rise.

To develop your concept, first seek out your target market, and establish what will best serve the local demographic. Are you in an area where there are lots of families, or is there a large singles population where lots of people are dating, what is the average income?

All these questions will impact whether you seeking parking locations in the downtown business district or if you will be better off targeting family focused festivals or catering. And don’t forget to make sure that every aspect of your brand is in alignment, a food truck can struggle because there’s a disconnect between the menu and the location they park. If there are contradictions between you menu’s price point, and the truck’s concept and the neighborhood that you locate in, it can mean troubles for your mobile food business.

tip of the day

Before you start actively marketing your food truck on Twitter, you should take some time to find the conversations that are taking place about your brand. These effective and easy-to-use tools can help you find out what people are tweeting about your food truck and thus your brand:

  • TwitterSearch: This is the official Twitter search page. Enter your brand name to search for conversations.
  • TweetBeep: This service sends you e-mail alerts whenever a twitterer mentions your keyword, brand, or URL.
  • Social Mention: Receive free daily e-mail alerts of mentions of your brand, company, CEO, or marketing campaign, or on a developing news story or a competitor.
  • BackTweets: With this service, find out how many people are tweeting a given URL, which you can use to track your business’s URL.

If you are aware of other twitter tracking sites, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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