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LAS VEGAS, NV – Hipster-hunting food truck drivers won’t have to tiptoe around Las Vegas restaurants, at least for now.


The Las Vegas City Council couldn’t agree on a proposal some said would have protected restaurants from unfair competition from food trucks by establishing a buffer zone around the restaurants.

The council on Wednesday failed to pass proposals for buffer zones of 150 feet and 300 feet and decided to table the issue.

“What it turned out to be, you know, I guess you could consider it a waste of time,” Fuku Burger food truck owner Colin Fukunaga said of the debate that lasted more than an hour and ended up changing nothing.

The council’s votes were the culmination of a debate that has been raging for months in City Hall, online and in the streets of Las Vegas.

On one side are restaurants contending that food trucks are swooping in and poaching business. On the other are those who say that the trucks are a welcome addition to the food scene and that businesses, mobile or otherwise, should accept a competitive environment.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman sought to broker a truce by convening a series of meetings aimed at creating rules both sides could agree on, including the formation of a buffer zone that would keep trucks from getting too close to restaurants.

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football field

LAS VEGAS, NV – Members of the Las Vegas City Council’s Recommending Committee backed an ordinance to create a 300-foot buffer zone (the length of a football field) between restaurants and food trucks.

Restaurant owners had wanted an 800 foot separation, but it was rejected by the recommending committee. Councilman Stavros Anthony introduced the 300-foot buffer, which was approved by a 2-to-1 vote.

The vote followed more than an hour of debate at the recommending committee where restaurant owners made impassioned pleas for an 800- or 1,000-foot buffer zone they said would protect their businesses.

Bar + Bistro restaurant owner Wes Isbutt, who also uses the surname Myles, said not only should the distance between food trucks and restaurants be greater, but the buffer zone should apply to special events too, meaning trucks shouldn’t be able to park directly outside an event organized by someone else.

“When the food trucks are allowed to, and I am sorry for using this term, to pillage on or to leech on other events that are going on, it is an unfair playing field,” Isbutt said.

The committee will make the recommendation to the full city council at the meeting set for August 15. The council could approve, amend or deny the recommendation.


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