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grub truck tulsa

TULSA, OK – An ordinance amendment aimed at increasing the distance food trucks would have to operate from restaurants is being reconsidered, a city councilor said Wednesday.

Councilor Blake Ewing said the proposed increase, from 150 feet to 300 feet, was a recommendation from city staff that came under criticism from some food truck owners.

The ordinance in question gives authorities the ability to issue tickets or warnings to any mobile food vendor that parks within a certain distance of a bricks-and-mortar restaurant. It is aimed at protecting restaurant owners who have additional overhead, including property taxes, from low-overhead mobile vendors.

Ewing, who owns three downtown restaurants, said food truck owners criticized the proposed change as a conflict of interest for him. Ewing, who represents the downtown district, sponsored the amendment.

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coors field denver

DENVER, CO – Independent push-cart food vendors who have been operating in Lower Downtown around Coors Field for years have been abruptly ordered by the city to relocate.

The city told several vendors in mailed letters that it was a mistake that they were ever allowed to operate that close to the ballpark.

The vendors say they are being unfairly targeted either for financial-competition reasons or because their removal is considered the “quick fix” to cut traffic and alcohol-related violence in the area.

The bottom line is there will be far fewer vendor food options for fans walking to Coors Field this season.

“I put a lot of time into building this location,” said Adam Kulikowski, who had been operating a food cart near 19th and Wazee streets.

Kulikowski said he and about 10 other vendors who operated in the area surrounding Coors Field were ordered by the city to relocate outside the ballpark vicinity — or their permits would be revoked.

The city and county of Denver told 7News there was a “mistake” made in the original permit process and the vendors should have never been allowed to operate right around the stadium, which opened in 1995.

9News reported that city officials said the carts should never have been allowed within the area bordered by 20th Street, Market Street, Park Avenue West and Wynkoop Street.

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palm desert caPALM DESERT, CA — The City Council is poised to adopt the area’s first city ordinance regulating food trucks outside of special events Thursday, and a buffer between the trucks and existing restaurants has drawn criticism from the leader of a food vending group.

The proposed ordinance contains a 750-foot buffer between food trucks and any established restaurant or bar unless the truck is part of a certified farmer’s market, and park concession stands were added to the requirement at the law’s first reading before the council Feb. 27.

At that meeting Mayor Van Tanner, who coached youth sports for years, pointed out concession sales are a major fundraiser for many leagues.

Talking about the possibility of food trucks parking at Palm Desert Civic Center Park, Tanner said, “They would be competing with Palm Desert Youth Sports for money, and that’s something very special, and the same thing would be happening at Hovley Park,” Tanner said.

Community Development Director Lauri Alyaian told the council the 750-foot radius eliminates large portions of El Paseo and Highway 111 from being served by the trucks on a daily basis: It cuts a large swath around our existing businesses,” she said.

Matt Geller, CEO of the SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association, said such buffers are usually thrown out when challenged, citing a 1979 state appellate court case, and said citizens generally don’t stand for such limits if the city tries to impose them.

“They basically say, ‘How dare you? How dare you tell me where I can eat?’ ” Geller said Wednesday morning, adding that he planned to contact Palm Desert officials later in the day.

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LAS VEGAS, NV – Food trucks prowling Las Vegas city streets will need to stay at least 150 feet from restaurants under an ordinance approved Wednesday by the City Council.


The council voted 5-1, with Councilman Steve Ross against, in favor of the ordinance, which has been the subject of debate for more than a year.

It appeared all but dead in September when the council tabled it after members couldn’t agree on an appropriate distance.

But Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian called it back to the agenda as a way to prevent open-air food vendors from putting out unsightly tents, tarps, cords and pipes.

“I knew I needed to move somehow in a direction to take care of that,” Tarkanian said.

Regulations for the open-air vendors, which operate in parking lots out of trailers, were added to the proposed ordinance for food trucks.

Restaurants have pushed for a distance buffer, saying food trucks are poaching business. Food truck owners have pushed back, saying they should be free to compete for customers.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman had proposed a 150-foot buffer, but in March, the Planning Commission proposed a 1,320-foot zone. It was altered again to 300 feet by the recommending committee before the council failed to pass it Sept. 5.

During the meeting Wednesday, advocates for both sides of the issue pressed the council to support their positions.

Tom Dennis, owner of the Redneck Kitchen food truck, said that most food truck owners self-police for appropriate behavior and that too many regulations could become burdensome.

“We want to have some class when we are doing this; the 150 feet or more, that is just keeping us out of some areas,” Dennis said. “Please keep in mind that a great distance really hurts us.”

But Wes Isbutt and Debra Heiser, owners of the Bar and Bistro restaurant and advocates for food truck regulations, said they resent trucks that park nearby when he holds events aimed at attracting customers.

“We spend all of this money to do marketing and bring all these people down to our bistro,” Heiser said. “People literally have to pass his truck to come to our restaurant.”

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