Nobody Happy With Kamloops Food Truck Rules

KAMLOOPS, CANADA – Kamloops’ food trucks will be able to return to Gaglardi Square for another summer.

But, as city council passed a series of bylaw […]

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Toronto Food Truck Rules Stymie Industry Growth

TORONTO, CANADA – Summer is the season for food trucks, but many vendors say despite the new regulations it’s still a challenge doing business in […]

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Vancouver Food Cart Links Urban Farms With Local Restaurants

VANCOUVER, CANADA – Vancouver may be replete with food trucks offering every delicacy conceivable on our bustling city streets, but one new venture hopes to […]

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Healthy Calgary Food Trucks Under The Microscope

Calgary’s mobile food fleet has shown that food trucks are no longer deserving of the title “roach coaches”.
CALGARY, ALBERTA – Calgary’s expanding food truck flotilla […]

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Ottawa Food Trucks Start Capital Street Food Association

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Some of Ottawa’s food trucks are returning to the streets for the summer but some owners and operators of the trucks have […]

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Kitchener Fee Would Price Food Trucks Out Of Town

KITCHNER, ONTARIO – The controversy over new rules for food truck operators in Kitchener is heating up as a city committee considers them next week.

While […]

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Council Vote Allows More Toronto Food Trucks

TORONTO, CANADA – More food trucks will likely soon be on Toronto’s streets following a council vote Thursday night.

In a 34-3 decision, councillors voted in […]

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Toronto Food Truck Debate Continues Today

TORONTO, CANADA – Council has yet to swallow any changes to the city’s street food rules.

Despite spending several hours debating the licensing committee’s proposal to slice […]

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Toronto Food Trucks Get Support From Mayor Rob Ford

TORONTO, CANADA – Supporters of Toronto’s food truck movement have a new — if unexpected — ally at city hall: Mayor Rob Ford.

The mayor was asked […]

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Toronto Restaurants Given Near Veto Power Over Food Trucks

TORONTO, CANADA – Toronto food truck owners are unhappy with the long-awaited liberalization proposal unveiled by city bureaucrats on Monday, saying it gives an unfair […]

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