Arugula: A Superfood For Bones On Food Trucks

As our readers know our Monday featured articles are set aside for the promotion of the Meatless Monday food program. In today’s article we will [...]

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Incorporating Tofu Into Your Food Truck Menu

Today we focus our attention on one of the best protein sources you can find on many food trucks or carts around the country, including those [...]

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Food Truck Owners, It’s Movember – The Month Formally Known as November

Movember It’s Movember, time to grow a mo or a support a bro as “a gentleman is, after all, still a man no matter how [...]

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Finding Protein On A Food Truck Without Ordering Meat

Mobile Cuisine Magazine is proud to provide our readers with another article designed to inform them about a multifaceted program that is spreading throughout the [...]

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Food Trucks And Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This month you’ll be seeing pink pretty much everywhere you turn. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and along with sporting the signature color [...]

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Petition to create a National Mobile Food Vendor Day

This article is much more than just another article on the mobile food industry; it’s the start of a petition. Mobile Cuisine Magazine wants to [...]

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Veganizing Your Menu For Meatless Monday

If you are a mobile food vendor who is wondering if veganizing your menu of existing food truck recipes is possible, the answer is clearly [...]

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Vegan Food Truck Coming to the Streets of Providence with Your Help

For the last two years Miss Vegan, founded by Meghan, has brought delicious vegan food to people at local farmers markets and on ETSY where the [...]

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7 Ways to Green Your Food Truck Dining Experience

The first official Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. More than 40 years later, we continue to try and educate ourselves about the [...]

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Food Truck Profile: The Cinnamon Snail

For our first Meatless Monday back online after a long layoff, we will provide a food truck profile of one of the nation's most know [...]

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