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curbside cuisine robert irvine

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine poses with the owners of Curbside Cuisine (Mary Brittain Cheatham and Matthew Somsy) after the Curbside crew won the Skirt Steak Two Ways contest at a recent Palm Beach food festival.

Lemongrass-Asian flank steak tacos with cilantro-lime slaw and an heirloom tomato salad with Argentine steak and beer-battered shallots. Cheatham and Somsy sliced the flank steak to order and used heirloom tomatoes that came into season last week, Cheatham said.

“Their meat was perfectly cooked and the sauce? Delicious,” Irvine said.



Rob Dyrdek

When MTV’s reality show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” needed a food truck for the show, La Raza Foods helped them out.
Along with the truck itself, La Raza Foods fully stocked the truck with the appropriate items that were needed by Rob Dyrdek and Christopher “Big Black” Boykin.

The truck was wrapped in the design uniquely chosen by “Big Black”. Rob’s best friend and sidekick, he chose to have his truck named “Big Black’s Dump Truck”. There is no doubt this truck added a lot of attention, laughter and a good time to the people who experienced the food trucks presence.



Red Stag by Jim Beam is teaming up with Adam Richman, food explorer and star of the Travel Channel show Man v Food, on a Track the Red Stag Food Truck Tour this summer.

Richman has created menu items inspired by the Honey Tea, Spiced, and Black Cherry Red Stag flavors, like Kentucky honey tea sliders, which are white-meat turkey sliders basted with Red Stag Honey Tea butter.

Other unexpected dishes include candied bacon and whipped sweet potato with ricotta cheese, candied bacon, and Red Stag Honey Tea butter paired with a sweet and fresh lemon, orange, and cinnamon cocktail.

Red Stag Honey Tea, Spiced, and Black Cherry are crafted with 4-year-old Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey as a base and infused with natural flavors. All three expressions are 80-proof bourbons.

Other treats prepared by Richman include crispy dates with Red Stag Spiced, prosciutto, and blue cheese mix, paired with a Red Stag Spiced cocktail featuring balsamic vinegar and a lemon twist, and a bread pudding made with Red Stag Spiced complemented with a cream, coffee, and Red Stag Spiced cocktail with an extra pinch of cinnamon.

Jim Beam

Twitter: @jimbeamofficial

All choices lead you somewhere. Bold Choices take you where you’re supposed to be. So, now that you’re here, let’s talk Bourbon. Tweet Boldly and Drink Smart®



joe jonas food truck

Joe Jonas is ready to take orders during the Eton Academy Fundraiser at the Silverlake Recreation Center on Saturday afternoon (May 19) in Silverlake, Calif. He manned a Canter’s Deli food truck to raise funding for the school.

Canter’s Food Truck

Twitter: @CantersTruck

The best thing to happen to the sandwich since sliced bread…

wherever sandwich lovers are



Pierce Brosnan

Actor Pierce Brosnan takes some time to grab some tasty British style food from L.A.’s newest food truck.

Cod Save The Queen

Twitter: @CodSaveTheQueen
Cod Save The Queen is a food truck serving up the best fish and chips this west of the queen mother!


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One of these celebrity chefs (no it wasn’t the Swedish Chef) recently tweeted a link to this image as a sneak peak to a future Simpson’s episode. Can you name all of the celebrity chefs/food personalities?

Give it a try by listing your guess in the comment section below.

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