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Chapel Hill Food TruckCHAPEL HILL, NC – The Town Council approved several changes to its food truck ordinance on Monday, one of which lowers to regulatory fee for vendors from $600 to $200.

The council made the changes in response to complaints by food truck operators who complained the cost of doing business in Chapel Hill was too high.

Since the town updated the ordinance in January 2012, it has only issued two food truck ordinances – two permits were actually issued to a single vendor, Baguettaboutit – in large part because of the hefty $600 annual fee required to operate in Chapel Hill.

In an interview after the council’s vote, Tracy Livers, who operates Olde North State BBQ, said the new fees will make Chapel Hill more accessible to food truck operators.

“The fee was a choking point for us,” Livers said.

She said Olde North State BBQ will now apply to do business in Chapel Hill as soon as the process allows. The reduced fee will go on the books in July.

Fees to operate food trucks in other Triangle cities such as Durham and Raleigh were significantly lower than the fee Chapel Hill charged.

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CHAPEL HILL, NC – “We seem to have over-regulated.”

Those were the words of Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt, and the general consensus of the Chapel Hill Town Council on Monday, as the council reviewed the impact of new rules governing food trucks in town.


In January the council approved an ordinance designed to encourage food trucks to set up shop while at the same time protecting established restaurants. But since that time, only one vendor has paid the licensing and permitting fees to operate in Chapel Hill, and that, as council member Lee Storrow pointed out, has been a labor of love.

“The Baguetteaboutit truck, who is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the owners live in the town of Chapel Hill, really wanted to be able to provide their food and their service to their friends and their family who live in Chapel Hill,” said Storrow. “And they told me it didn’t really make economic sense to apply in Chapel Hill, but they did it because they wanted to bring their service to the community they live in.”

Brian Bottger, owner of the Durham-based Only Burger food truck and restaurant, told the council the high fees have kept him from expanding to Chapel Hill.

“The first thing that comes to mind as I try to do events in Chapel Hill is that the vendor fee is expensive. It is $600-plus dollars, and that is prohibitive, up front, as a cost,” said Bottger.

A vendor seeking to do bring a food truck to Chapel Hill must pay $600 to apply for a permit and the property owner for the lot where the truck will park must also get a zoning compliance permit, at a cost of $118. Once both are approved by town staff, the vendor pays an additional $25 for a business license.

There have been several successful celebrations in Chapel Hill in the past year that featured food trucks, but in each instance the trucks were granted special event permits valid only for the duration of the event.

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Tampa, Peoria, Sacramento, Houston, Portland and Chapel Hill.

June 15

‘Man vs. Food’ Star Brings Food Truck to South Tampa – Tampa, FL – Kentucky Honey Tea Sliders anyone? For those not yet in the know, Tampa Bay is being sought after as a premier food city.

Travel Channel food celebrity Adam Richman, best known for “Man vs. Food,” has teamed with Red Stag by Jim Beam to offer an unusual food truck tour that features a menu designed by Richman himself.

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3 Food Trucks Is 3 Too Many for Peoria – Peoria, IL – Looks like the fine folks of Peoria won’t be chowing down on kimchi tacos anytime soon. This week, the city council of the Illinois metropolis voted down a proposal to offer three (three!) permits to food truck operators. It’s not like the trucks were going to be allowed to run wily nilly around the city.

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June 16

New Facebook Feature Upsets Marketing Plans of Local Businesses – Sacramento, CA – A few months ago small business owners were pounding their keyboards, concerned about Facebook’s ‘timeline’ switch upsetting their marketing plans.

Now another new Facebook feature’s got some users perturbed right here in the Sacramento area.

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Get to know Houston food trucks – Houston, TX – It’s a school bus, it’s a delivery van, no, it’s a food truck. Taco trucks have long been a part of Houston food culture, but these days gourmet food mobiles are taking to the streets by the dozens. Between the gumbo, Mexican-Korean fusion and meat on a stick, it’s hard to know where to start. Just follow your belly’s lead.

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June 17

Food Truck Reality Show Shoots in Maine – Portland, ME – Food Trucks are currently illegal in the Portland, but the city made an exception this weekend for a Food Network reality show.

The Great Food Truck Race is shooting its season finale in Portland. This season, the show has chefs who are trying to break into the food truck business competing to win a food truck of their own. The top two teams rolled into town Saturday night, and Sunday they went head to head on Commercial Street to try to get the most customers. The show’s executive producer says Portland is one of three New England locations for the finale. Stopping in Boston was a given, but producers were surprised when they found out how much culinary culture Maine had to offer.

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CHTC Member Set To Petition For Food Truck Regulation Changes – Chapel Hill, NC – The Chapel Hill Town Council passed an ordinance allowing food trucks to do business within certain boundaries that took place March 1.

Since it took effect, no one has applied for a permit and the general consensus is that the fees and regulations are not worth it. Council member Lee Storrow says he is going to propose a change.

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from San Diego, Seattle, Chapel Hill, Dickinson and Saugerties.

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June 8

Food Trucks Forced Out of Downtown – San Diego, CA – Food trucks made a brief appearance in downtown San Diego last month, only to be told to leave two days after their arrival.

In an attempt to start a twice-a-week food truck gathering, four trucks planned to assemble twice a week during peak lunch hours in the nucleus of downtown: across from the Civic Center. The small group of trucks was able to park in an ACE parking lot on May 23 and 25 for a flat fee of $50 per truck.

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Food truck given the boot for selling non-Starbucks coffee – Seattle, WA – There’s a coffee war brewing at the Starbucks Center in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood.

A food truck vendor was kicked off the property Thursday because he was selling coffee that was not Starbucks.

Food trucks are now open for business at the Starbucks Center parking lot, selling items from spicy tacos to barbecue ribs.

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June 9

Chapel Hill’s new food truck rules attract no takers – Chapel Hill, NC – Six months after Chapel Hill let food trucks in, they still haven’t come.

The town has received zero permit applications from food truck owners since the Town Council created a new set of rules for them in late January.

Food truck vendors say the high fees and permitting costs are the main reason they’ve stayed away, but the town also has tight restrictions on where trucks can park, making it even harder to do business.

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Check Please!: Food trailers must meet same standards as restaurants – Dickinson, ND – On the surface, food trailers are restaurants on wheels with standards as strict as any sit-down eatery.

Kevin Pavlish, environmental health practitioner with the Southwestern District Health Unit, said food trailers undergo an extensive review, the same as restaurants looking to operate in the area.

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June 10

Village wants to limit food trucks – Saugerties, NY – In an effort to safeguard the approximately one dozen restaurants in town from food trucks setting up shop in village parking lots, the Saugerties Village Board is expected to approve a moratorium on the vehicles at its June 18 meeting.

Speaking at the board’s May 31 year-end business meeting, and again at Monday night’s workshop meeting, Mayor William Murphy said there have been a number of people asking to bring food trucks, the type that sell hot dogs, hamburgers and in one case, tacos, into the village.

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Chapel Hill Food Truck

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Food trucks can roll onto Franklin Street March 1 after the Chapel Hill Town Council unanimously passed new rules Monday to let them into town.

With the new ordinance, food trucks previously allowed only on special occasions can park in private parking lots in downtown Chapel Hill and surrounding commercial districts if they obtain required permits.

Restrictions are looser outside of the town center, but in downtown Chapel Hill only one truck can park in each lot. Trucks can’t open during the hours the business on their lot is open, unless it waives the rule.

Trucks can’t sell within 100 feet of a restaurant door without permission.

The town’s principal planner, Kendal Brown, presented changes Monday that have been made to the ordinance since Nov. 28. They included a new $600 annual fee for food truck operators and a program to educate vendors on regulations.

The town will also add a second-shift code enforcement officer because officials worried that the town’s sole officer can’t enforce food truck regulations single-handedly.

Late to the party

Chapel Hill has grappled with a food trucks proposal since September 2010, when local business owner Lex Alexander petitioned the Town Council in support of food trucks.

The council asked the town’s planning department to research the impact of food trucks, and town staff presented an ordinance draft in summer 2011.

Since then, several amendments have been made to the proposal, most of which have relaxed potential food truck regulations.

Mark McCurry, Chapel Hill’s mayoral aide, said the debate has gone on for so long because the council wants to protect downtown businesses. He said the restaurant community is divided on the food truck issue, but those opposed have been very vocal.

Find the entire article by Ana Rocha of The Daily Tar Heel <here>

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Food trucks differ from brick-and-mortar restaurants in many ways, from target clientele to their lack of permanent address.

But there is one standard food industry leaders say the two should be held equally accountable to: sanitation.

Chapel Hill Food Truck

As the Chapel Hill Town Council holds a public hearing on possible changes to the town’s food trucks ordinance tonight, some restaurant owners are challenging the measure not just because it could bring new competition, but also because they say the food vendors might be unsanitary.

Rob Moll, an owner of R&R Grill on Franklin Street, said he doesn’t think food trucks are equipped to safely prepare food.

Moll said his restaurant takes extra safety precautions when preparing food that he thinks food trucks don’t.

“We have fresh running water, and our utensils are washed with high temperature dishwashers,” he said. “They’re in a truck; where are they supposed to have space for that?”

Tom Konsler, environmental health director for the Orange County Health Department, said food trucks are required to follow the same rules as traditional restaurants when handling food.

Regulations governing food temperature, where food comes from, garbage disposal and the handling of equipment and utensils apply to both restaurants and food trucks, he said.

But Konsler said while traditional restaurants are required to post a letter grade of their sanitation score, food trucks sanitation are graded on a pass/fail scale.

If Chapel Hill’s ordinance passes as drafted, it would require food trucks to have health department approval for the restaurant that supplies the truck, and make plumbing and electrical connections in accordance with state code.

Isabel Guzman, owner of Captain Poncho’s Tacos food truck in Carrboro, said she thinks food truck vendors keep a clean and safe environment.

She said she has had experience running a traditional restaurant and thinks the sanitation standards of her truck are at the same level as restaurants.

“Now that I’m the owner of a food truck, it’s all the same rules,” she said.

Council member Penny Rich said she acknowledges that food trucks’ sanitation is a concern for some, but she thinks the complaint is incorrect.

Rich said she supports passing the ordinance and allowing food trucks downtown, which council has discussed for almost a year.

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In Mobile Cuisine Magazine’s quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Napa Valley, Chapel Hill, Bozeman, New York, and Calgary.

Nov 11

Food trucks held to impossible standards (Editorial) – Napa Valley, CA – After reading the Saturday, Nov. 5 article, “Council wants tougher food truck regulations,” I was astonished at how disconnected the Napa City Council and some of its cohorts are from the issues that most Napans are concerned with.

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Town may get food trucks – Chapel Hill, NC – Some Churton Street restaurant managers think allowing food trucks in Hillsborough might be good for business.

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Nov 12

Mobile food – Bozeman, MT – A whole new foodie culture surrounds these mobile, and often surprisingly gourmet restaurants, with full kitchens packed in to small internal spaces.

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Culinary artistry on urban wheels – New York, NY – Some of New York’s fanciest food trucks come from a nondescript one-story factory crownedwith razor wire, teeming with 15 workers arrayed on an assembly line.

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Nov 13

Could it work here? – Calgary, Canada – With Calgary’s food truck pilot program into its fourth month, the questions arises whether the California model would work here. Could school boards partner with food trucks to rent parking lot space at night?

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In Mobile Cuisine Magazine’s quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Orange Country, Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, Fort Worth and Chapel Hill.

Oct 28

Corporate food trucks invade streets – ORANGE COUNTY, CA – The food truck craze is taking a controversial detour from its indie roots, as a rash of corporate-run restaurant trucks invades the streets of Southern California.

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Mobile dining in the Motor City: From indie fad to new industry? – DETROIT, MI – Much like a first kiss or trip to Europe, you just never forget your first food truck meal.

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Oct 29

Be KIND: Help Feed Senior Citizens This Thanksgiving – LOS ANGELES, CA – The KIND Food Truck will roll into L.A. in support of KIND Tuesday, making a special stop in downtown to offer its treats during the special day of kindness.

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Quaker Celebrates National Oatmeal Day With First-Ever Quaker Oats Mobile – CHICAGO, IL – Celebrity Fitness Trainer Bob Harper Hits The Road Bringing A Super Grain Breakfast To Chicagoans

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Oct 30

Mobile entrepreneurs get jump-start from business school – FORT WORTH, TX – Starting a business can be tough under any conditions, but especially now, in our less-than-stable economy.

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Chapel Hill questions whether to let food trucks roll in – CHAPEL HILL, NC – The food truck debate continues in Chapel Hill as town government attempts to find a happy medium with community requests and issues involved in regulation.

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In Mobile Cuisine Magazine’s quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend.

Oct 14

Distribution boon for farmers – THE first waves of the food truck movement sweeping the United States are lapping at Australian cities, promising new ways of presenting food and new sales avenues for farmers.

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Ice cream food trucks are on a roll: Forget the kitschy kids music, these rides are gourmet – HOUSTON, TX – Whether you prefer a Drumstick or the Bomb Pop Flag Pop, everyone has an ice cream truck fave, as familiar as the tinny, repetitive tune that lets you know it’s on its way. But two new ice cream stands are on the move in Houston and they’re shaking up expectations.

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Oct 15

Council to weigh food-truck rules – CHAPEL HILL, NC – Food trucks will be up for debate when the Town Council holds a public hearing during its 7 p.m. Monday meeting in Town Hall.

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Putting Burger Theory into practice – ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – WHEN a couple of young blokes studying theoretical sociology in Adelaide decided to start a burger joint, they didn’t dream that within six months they would be wondering how to manage the business’s growth.

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Oct 16

More parking enforcement to come – HOBOKEN, NJ – City working on related agreement with food truck owners

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In Mobile Cuisine Magazine’s quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend.

Sept 9

Online Food Truck Ordinance Petition Gathers Signatures – CHICAGO, IL – Food truck enthusiasts find themselves in good company these days. If you count yourself among them, check out this petition to allow food trucks to cook on-board, after you finish that empanada.

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‘Kirby Mass Attack’ Rolls Out Snack Attack Food Trucks – I don’t think anyone would deny that Kirby is one of the most adorable protagonists in video gaming–but is he a good role model? Is devouring your friends and enemies to gain their powers for yourself a good way to go through life? Probably not. Therefore, I encourage you to take Kirby’s example with a grain of salt–or better yet, a delicious frozen treat!

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Sept 10

Food Truck Friday Event in Peril Again – ALTADENA, CA – Friday’s food truck event was the last one that the organizers have a valid permit for. To continue the event, the organizers will need to reapply with some tough new hurdles to meet.

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School Cafeteria’s Fruits and Vegetables Vie With Food Trucks’ Sweet and Salty Treats – On Tuesday afternoon, Edgar Cardenas, 16, stood on the curb outside Novato High School buying his lunch from a food truck that was peddling ice cream, candy, soft drinks and chips.

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Sept 11

Town should ease space regulations on food trucks – CHAPEL HILL, NC – Chapel Hill prides itself in having a homey, college-town atmosphere, deriving its energy from the University and the vibrancy of small shops, bars and restaurants.

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A food truck primer – ASHVILLE, NC – On August 23, City Council met to discuss a proposed ordinance that, if passed, would allow mobile food vending in Asheville’s central business district under certain regulations.

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