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When government steps in to try to fix something that isn’t broken, they have a tendency of making things worse…in this case it looks like government wants to break the food trucks of Charlotte.

CHARLOTTE, NC - Charlotte food truck vendors are protesting proposed city regulations that they say would hurt their industry, which has grown increasingly popular in recent years.

One of the possible changes they’re most concerned about is a rule that would prevent food trucks from operating within 100 feet of a restaurant, nightclub or bar – which would make uptown operations a challenge. They also would face tougher restrictions in residential areas.

Some of the rules under consideration are designed to make it easier for the vendors, including new permitting requirements.

“I don’t think they’re intentionally trying to harm food trucks by any stretch of the imagination,” said David Stuck, who co-founded The Tin Kitchen, a food truck and catering company, in 2012. “But I do think they don’t understand what it is we do.”

There are more than 60 food trucks operating in Charlotte, offering everything from cupcakes to fajitas to grilled cheese, and employing hundreds. More than a dozen consistently gather for weekly Food Truck Friday in South End.

The owners say they got involved in a citizen advisory group hoping that their input would help the city understand what food truck operators need to thrive. But a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department draft proposal wasn’t what they expected.

Planning Manager Katrina Young, who’s been leading the citizen advisory meetings, says nothing in the proposed draft is permanent and that it’s meant to open a dialogue.

Many food trucks work with local craft breweries that don’t serve food, which is mutually beneficial. That wouldn’t be allowed under the proposal, but Young said that may need to be re-evaluated.

Also at risk would be bringing food trucks to events such as birthday parties and weddings in residential areas. A number of food trucks, including Stuck’s Tin Kitchen, get nearly half their business from such events.

Operators, fearing that proposed changes could permanently alter their business models, are responding with an online petition posted to the newly formed Charlotte Food Truck Association’s website – www. charlottefoodtrucks.org.

Find the entire article at charlotteobserver.com <here>


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Charlotte Food_truckCHARLOTTE, NC - Mobile food truck owners want Charlotte officials to lessen regulations on their business.

David Stuck opened the Tin Kitchen food truck when he moved to Charlotte from Portland, Ore.

“Food trucks like this really add to the vibrancy of a city and the rules do need to be loosened up so people can enjoy them during evening activities,” said customer Ellen Engelhardt.

Stuck said stiff city rules can sometimes make business stale.

Food trucks can’t park with 400 feet of another truck, restaurant or residence.

“If you’re parking right in front of their entrance that can cause problems with taking business from them,” said customer Edwin Thompson.

Mobile food vendors can only operate between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Find the entire article at wsoctv.com <here>

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You may have missed it, but the mobile food industry is growing faster than anyone would have guessed five years ago. It can be difficult to keep up with the new trucks and carts as they pop up throughout the world. Because of this, Mobile Cuisine assists our readers weekly by posting the names and information about these trucks, so if they happen to be in your area, you can begin to follow them, or at least keep any eye out for them on the roads and cart pods.

dough bros food truck

This week’s new entries are:

Boston, MA

The Chubby Chickpea

Twitter: @ChubbyFoodTruck

The Chubby Chickpea Mobile serves up hot, fresh Middle Eastern food every week day for lunch at various Boston locations.


Charlotte, NC

The Plated Palette

Twitter: @PlatedPalette

Queen City’s Newest Food Truck on the Block… The Chopping Block that is! Stay Tuned!


Chicago, IL

The Dumpling Truck

Twitter: @DumpTruckChi

Chicago’s first Dumpling Food Truck! Serving handmade steamed dumplings, baowiches, and rice bowls. Launching in Spring 2013! Keep Calm and Eat Dumplings

Denver, CO

Baba’s Falafel

Twitter: @BabasFalafel

Baba’s Falafel is a family owned and operated food trailer that roams the streets of Denver. Serving up the best falafel in denver! Vegan options!


Hertfordshire, England

The Toast Office

Twitter: @toastofficeltd

New and exciting mobile catering for all events. Tasty toasties, whatever filling you desire Thetoastofficeltd@gmail.com

Phoenix, AZ

Hao Bao

Twitter: @HaoBaoUSA

Phoenix’s First Chinese Food Truck


Port Orchard, WA

Papa’s Place Food Truck

Twitter: @papasfoodtruck

Maila Boca Finatinas Chamoru~~ Continuing traditions away from home


Pottstown, PA

Sunflower Truck Stop

Twitter: @SunflowerTruck

Mobile cafe & roadside oasis. The Sunflower Truck Stop is a beacon for hungry travelers operated by culinary chameleons & fresh food rock stars


Saskatoon, Canada

Saskatoon Food Truck

Twitter: @mothertrucker47

Purveyors of fat ass food with attitude!

Sydney, Austrailia

You Pizza

Twitter: @YouPizza

If you require the best & most experienced Mobile wood fired pizza caterer in the business than give as a call. 0424171682


West Palm Beach, FL

Dough Bros

Twitter: @Dough_Bros

Family owned and operated, Dough Bros is a mobile food truck serving up the most delicious, gourmet pretzels in South Florida!

If you are aware of any new rolling bistros, please let us know so that we can add them to our weekly listing of new food trucks as they hit the streets near you. Email us at MFV@mobile-cuisine.com


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You may have missed it, but the mobile food industry is growing faster than anyone would have guessed two years ago. It can be difficult to keep up with the new trucks and carts as they pop up throughout the country. Because of this, Mobile Cuisine assists our readers weekly by posting the names and information about these trucks, so if they happen to be in your area, you can begin to follow them, or at least keep any eye out for them on the roads and cart pods.

Il Forno Vagabondo

This week’s new entries are:

Alberta, Canada

Il Forno Vagabondo

Twitter: @FornoVagabondo

Scratch made Neapolitan pizza in a wood-fired oven coming your way in a FOOD TRUCK.

Charlotte, NC

American Way Grill

Twitter: @americanwayfood

The american food truck that serves your delicious chicken and waffles.


Columbus, OH

Schmidt’s Food Truck

Twitter: @SausageTruck

Taking 126 years of authentic German hospitality (@schmidtscbus) and serving it up on the road. Honk if you love real German food!


Miami, FL

Rebel Grill Inc.

Twitter: @RebelGrillInc

Rebel Grill is here to make its mark! We hope to bring out a Rebel in everyone we serve!


New Brunswick, NJ

Souper Van

Twitter: @SouperVan

Alleviating hunger one bowl at a time. So many of our items are or can be made Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Halal…you name it!


Orange County, CA

Gobbles and Oinks

Twitter: @GobblesandOinks

In the process of building a food truck business, specializing in turkey and pork yummies.


Philadelphia, PA

Joe Spuds

Twitter: @JoeSpuds1

Gourmet Burger and Fry Food Truck. Joe is coming to a town near you!!!!!

Portage, MI

Coffee Rescue

Twitter: @CoffeeRescue1

Locally roasted and perfectly brewed with pure filtered reverse osmosis water. Absolutely the best coffee ever. And yes, its brewed in a converted ambulance.


San Antonio, TX

Gourmet On The Fly

Twitter: @GourmetOnTheFly

Toronto, Canada


Twitter: @mmmBAPto

A delicious, modern take on classic Korean comfort food.

Washington DC

Ducky’s Grub

Twitter: @DuckysGrub

A food truck fleet serving the Northern Virginia/D.C area. Serving people great food with great service.



If you are aware of any new rolling bistros, please let us know so that we can add them to our weekly listing of new food trucks as they hit the streets near you. Email us at MFV@mobile-cuisine.com



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You may have missed it, but the mobile food industry is growing faster than anyone would have guessed two years ago. It can be difficult to keep up with the new trucks and carts as they pop up throughout the country. Because of this, Mobile Cuisine assists our readers weekly by posting the names and information about these trucks, so if they happen to be in your area, you can begin to follow them, or at least keep any eye out for them on the roads and cart pods.

Gourmet Goombahs

This week’s new entries are:

Baltimore, MD

Ariana Kabob Grill

Twitter: @ArianaGrill

Baltimore food truck selling the freshest and tastiest Halal Kabobs, Kabuli Palau rice, Gyro, Chicken, Fish and much more to Catonsville, Md

Charlotte, NC

Gourmet Goombahs

Twitter: @GGoombahs

Italian American Mobile Gourmet Kitchen


Chicago, IL

ChiTown Bomber

Twitter: @ChiTown_Bomber

Urban food truck assault vehicle!

Cincinnati, OH

Purple Cheetah Cafe

Twitter: @PurpleCatTruck

PCC a new food truck hitting the streets of Cincinnati with an eclectic menu that will take your taste buds for a walk on the wild side, welcome to the jungle.


Columbus, OH

Empanada Joe’s

Twitter: @EmpanadaJoes

The Empanada Joe’s trailer is coming soon. We will bring you simple but delicious Colombian home cooking; made from scratch and with the freshest ingredients.

Denver, CO

Capt’n Crabby

Twitter: @captncrabby

NOW OPEN!!! We specialize in crab sandwiches. its all blue crab with a mix of jumbo lump, super lump and lump.


The Wandering Cow

Twitter: @Wandering_Cow

The Wandering Cow is a self-serve frozen yogurt & waffle truck, based out of the Boulder/Denver area.


Fredericton, Canada

Fired Pizza Co.

Twitter: @firedpizzacart

Grilled and Smoked Pizza vendor set to open early sept 2012. All fresh, Locally sourced ingredients.


Kansas City, KS

The Funnel Cake Truck KC

Twitter: @funnelcaketruck

Bringing the state fair treats to the streets. Funnel Cake, Fried snickers, Twinkies, Oreos, Corndogs. Everything is dipped in a Family secret batter.

Miami, FL

Soup’D Up

Twitter: @Soup_dup


Springfield, MO

Aviary On The Fly

Twitter: @AviaryOnTheFly



If you are aware of any new rolling bistros, please let us know so that we can add them to our weekly listing of new food trucks as they hit the streets near you. Email us at MFV@mobile-cuisine.com


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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Boston, Sacramento, Columbus, Charlotte and Peach Tree City.

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August 17

Free lunch in the Financial District? Not at these food trucks – BOSTON, MA - In an op-ed penned for the Boston Business Journal and published today, Phantom Gourmet host Dave Andelman writes that food trucks shouldn’t be allowed within 1,000 feet of a Boston restaurant, because the meals-on-wheels are taking bread out of the mouths of honest restaurateurs.

“The trucks sell food for significantly less than the restaurants,” he writes. “The restaurants can’t just ‘step up their game.’ It’s impossible for them to meet the prices of their mobile competitors given the cost structure of the two types of businesses.”

Find the entire article <here>

Food trucks and restaurants – can’t we all just get along? – SACRAMENTO, CA - There must have been a thousand people at Garcia Bend Park in Sacramento’s Pocket neighborhood on Wednesday night for the SactoMoFo Food Festival.

Ten food trucks, offering everything from fish tacos to gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to Southern-style barbecue to Belgian waffles, lined the parking lot. Eager and hungry customers, among them Sacramento City Councilman Darrell Fong and City Manager John Shirey, were there. Yours truly was also in attendance (strictly on a fact-finding tour, of course), and we all waited in long lines to sample the offerings.

Find the entire article <here>

August 18

Nonprofit opens kitchen for use by food carts – COLUMBUS, OH - It’s not much to look at: a plain, concrete-block building behind a chain-link fence at the edge of an industrial park.

But behind the brown garage door, the dreams of more than a dozen entrepreneurs are mixed, baked, blended and packed every day onto one of the growing fleet of food carts and trucks that head out onto the streets of Columbus.

The Food Fort Columbus’ commercial kitchen, at 1655 Old Leonard Ave. on the Near East Side, is just the latest addition to the business incubation work of the nonprofit Economic and Community Development Institute, also known as ECDI.

Find the entire article <here>

Some food truckers say DNC is too pricey to participate – CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Visitors in town for the Democratic National Convention may not get a taste of more than a few Charlotte favorites.

Several food truckers said they are skipping CarolinaFest and the Convention because it’s too pricey to park.

“It would cost me $12,000. I would have to sell 6,000 ice cream cones just to break even,” said David Trauner, owner of Sticks & Cones. “I am hearing a lot of outside, national vendors are coming to town for it.”

Find the entire article <here>

August 19

PTC gets hip to food trucks – PEACHTREE CITY, GA - Peachtree City staff will begin researching rules that will allow for the creation of a food truck parking lot.

The city council gave unanimous approval to a staff request to begin drafting such rules to allow food trucks, which are currently banned by the city’s outdoor display ordinance.

Jimmy Daniel, owner of the Grazing Here food truck seen at the Peachtree City Farmer’s Market, said the idea is to create a place for local residents to enjoy food trucks on an occasional basis, but not seven days a week.

Find the entire article <here>


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Charlotte, NC - It’s become cool to eat from a truck in Charlotte.

More than 30 mobile kitchens serving gourmet fare have sprung up here recently and they’ve been welcomed warmly by city and neighborhood leaders – unlike the chilly reception Charlotte’s original food trucks faced. 

Charlotte foodtrucks

Photo/Julie Rose

These new mobile chefs in Charlotte talk like battle-scarred road warriors with stories of setting up in empty lots, hoping people would come.

David Trauner remembers a night last February. “There was four of us – decided to come and see if it was gonna work out.”

Trauner sells ice cream and crepes from his truck called “Sticks and Cones.”

“I looked at my wife and it was probably 30 degrees and I said, ‘What are we doing here?’” recalls Trauner. “One week after another we just waited it out and now tonight we’ll probably have 600, 700 people here tonight easily.”

Food trucks painted in funky colors and powered by generators are a fixture in Charlotte’s hip South End neighborhood on Friday nights. They’re at special events Uptown and parked outside bars and office parks all over the region. The trend has gained impressive traction in just a matter of months.

Truck owners like Trawner who’ve been at it longer than a year feel like pioneers.

Except they’ve got nothing on Manuel Gaucin.

For seven years he’s grilled authentic Mexican tacos in his mobile taqueria here in Charlotte.

As recently as 2008, more than 70 taco trucks like Gaucin’s operated along major thoroughfares such as Central Avenue, North Tryon and South Boulevard. Today, their numbers are down by at least half – largely because of strict new rules the city passed in 2008.

To be clear, we’re not talking about health codes. Those are consistent and strictly enforced. What changed was the ordinance about where trucks can do business. They have to be 400 feet from residential areas and from other food trucks. They can’t stay in one location longer than 90 days. They need a $135 permit from the city for every spot they set up shop. And they have to close by 9 p.m.

Find the entire article by Julie Rose at wfae.org <here>


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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from NYC, Artesia, Charlotte, Boisie, Austin and Edmonton.

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July 20

10 Things Food Trucks Won’t Say – New York, NY - We reveal what’s not on the menu at mobile eateries.

Find the entire article <here>

Artesia Amends Ordinance on Food Trucks – Artesia, CA - A new ordinance (No. 12-784)  “regulating the sale of food, food products, ice cream, goods or merchandise from motor vehicles, and amending the Artesia municipal code” might be adopted in the near future following its introduction, discussions and public hearings.

The ordinance proposes a $500 permit fee for ice cream trucks, along with finger printing and a background check. The draft ordinance proposes to allow mobile food vending trucks in certain limited areas of the City and not in commercial zones.

Find the entire article <here>

July 21

Food Trucks Face New Scrutiny – CHARLOTTE, N.C. - David Stuck fired up the grill inside The Tin Kitchen. It was another day of work for the Executive Chef who fled corporate America for the confines of his gourmet food truck just seven months ago. “There are some benefits and some challenges. Each week is different,” he said.

But now, the titan of tacos is facing another test.

Find the entire article <here>

P. Ditty’s Wrap Wagon Does Not Employ Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs – BOISE, ID – A new Boise food truck with a weird name is slinging lunchtime fair downtown. P. Ditty’s Wrap Wagon, however, does not employ Sean “Puff Daddy/P. Diddy” Combs. Nor do they play rap music.

“My mom said if anybody comes up and asks if P. Diddy can rap for us, she’ll come out and do it,” said the owner’s daughter, Miranda Ditty-Brown.

Find the entire article <here>

July 22

A Little Competition Goes a Long Way for the Local Economy – Austin, TX - Few things are more popular in Austin than food trucks and local pride and on Saturday the Department of Agriculture’s Go Texan program hosted a food truck competition at the South 1st Food Court in Austin.

The event was partly to promote the Go Texan Restaurant Round-up.

Find the entire article <here>

Food on wheels gaining traction in Edmonton- EDMONTON, ALBERTA - Some are out daily, others a few times a week.

Whether downtown, on Whyte Avenue or elsewhere, food trucks are gaining traction in Edmonton – and some would say it’s about time.

“If we were to compare cities, we’re fairly slow,” said Susan Chin, owner of Molly’s Eats. “But Edmonton as a whole is a pretty loyal bunch.

Find the entire article <here>


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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Dallas, Santa Ana, Charlotte, Durham, Atlanta and Martinez.

July 13

New food truck park off I-35E in Dallas opens mid-August – DALLAS, TX - A new food truck park in Dallas is opening in the business district near Mockingbird Lane and I-35E. Called Ambassador Row Food Truck Park, the trucks will serve from a grassy area in front of a building owned by U.S. Food Trucks.

Inside U.S. Food Truck’s building is a commissary for on-the-roll chefs. So it made sense to set up a lunch and dinner spot right outside, said Michael Rangel, president of U.S. Food Trucks. The park will have four to six food trucks at a time and will serve lunch Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and dinner on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The facility will open the third week in August.

Find the entire article <here>

California’s Food Truck Shakedown – Santa Ana, CA - We would all laugh at a man who, sinking in millions of dollars in house payments, car loans, and credit card bills, decided to fix his problem by looking for spare quarters lurking behind the cushions of his sofas.

Likewise, we should shake our heads at the way the state of California—with a budget deficit approaching $16 billion and hundreds of billions of dollars in unfunded pension and retiree medical benefits—is stepping up tax collection to help plug a hole caused by its chronic overspending.

On Tuesday, I met in Santa Ana with about 12 owners of catering trucks—those mobile restaurants that sell mostly Mexican food—and they told a disturbing tale of how the state’s Orwellian-named tax agency, the Board of Equalization, is targeting and mistreating them. The people assembled in the room blamed state tax authorities more than the economy for their tough times.

Find the entire article <here>

July 14

Food Trucks Get Hungry For The DNC – CHARLOTTE, NC – Large crowds will converge on Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention. Many will need a quick dining option between events; local food trucks are prepping their menus and heating up their grills, hoping for a piece of the action.

Brian Seeley has been running the Herban Legend food truck and sizzling up his menu for the last year, “Arabic shwarma…it’s a chicken pita with tzatziki sauce and tabouleh.”

The Herban Legend has attracted a following that can’t get enough of its tasty options. Reed Carlson is one of his usual customers. He says the food is affordable and delicious, “You get a great meal, it’s fresh, it’s juicy and that’s all you want with a burger.”

Find the entire article <here>

Future of food trucks in question – DURHAM, NC - Where else can you find sausage, dumplings, ice cream, and pizza all in one place?

Saturday in Durham at the Food Truck Mashup.

The mashup is a gathering of several local food trucks all parked in one centralized location for patrons to come and enjoy a sampling of everything.

Find the entire article <here>

July 15

Atlanta Street Food Festival successful, with a few kinks – ATLANTA, GA - Yesterday was the first Atlanta Street Food Festival. And while most visitors seemed to really enjoy the event at Piedmont Park, Midtown Atlanta, like most first things, it had a few issues.

The festival, hosted by Enchanted Events of Atlanta, brought together some of the best, new food trucks in the ATL. Despite forecasts of scattered thunderstorms, the rain mostly held off. Temperatures were in the low 90’s. While that’s toasty, it is better than the 100F+ temperatures of just a couple weeks ago. Lots of food trucks to choose from, plus specialty tents, vendors and live music.

Find the entire article <here>

Food Truck Trend Reaches All – MARTINEZ, CA - Free fresh fruits and vegetables will soon be distributed from a mobile “food truck,” rotating among three Martinez locations. Up to six times a month, any resident who needs help keeping nutritious food on the table can pull up to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano’s new mobile community produce program and take their fill.

Instead of hawking pricey asian fusion tacos or gourmet cupcakes, Food Bank employees staffing the food truck will be handing out fruits and vegetables such as celery, carrots, onions, oranges, melons and potatoes from bins lining the inside of a converted beverage delivery truck.

Find the entire article <here>


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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Charlotte, Port Jervis, Baltimore, Bozeman, Montreal and Houston.

June 22

How to tell if a food truck has been inspected by officials – CHARLOTTE, NC. – Now that summer is here, more and more people are out at events and tempted to grab a bite to eat from a local food truck.

At a food truck rally in Charlotte’s South End a woman named Ashley was pondering a choice from a line of seven trucks.

Find the entire article <here>

Common Council debates future of Port mobile vendors – Port Jervis, NY - As Port Jervis business owners struggle in a weak economy, Common Council members on the Code Committee have wrestled with how to regulate pushcarts and food trucks on public property — and come to no decision.

So last week, they held a special workshop meeting attended by both mobile vendors and owners of brick-and-mortar businesses.

Find the entire article <here>

June 23

In battle of food trucks, Baltimore bests D.C. – Baltimore, MD - On Friday night, it was the 29-year-old right-hander Jason Hammel pitching Baltimore on to victory over Washington to open a weekend series.

Leading Baltimore over D.C. on a scorching Saturday afternoon was a three-year old food truck named the Gypsy Queen.

Find the entire article <here>

Food truck owners face potential increase in laws and fees – Bozeman, MT – Street Food vendors may see some additional laws and fees tacked onto their businesses after Monday night’s Bozeman City Commission meeting.

Some of the issues sure to come up are where these food trucks are allowed to park, how far away they need to be from restaurants and schools, noise levels, outdoor seating, and hours of operation.

Find the entire article <here>

June 24

Street food laws might finally be changing in Montreal – Montreal, Canada - The opposition municipal party Vision Montreal proposed on June 18 a motion at city council to legalize street food all year long, and last week city councilor Richard Deschamps opened a public consultation on the subject. Since then Facebook pages and bloggers’ comments are everywhere; the debate is open.

Valérie Impala co-owns Lucky’s Truck which, like all the other food trucks in Quebec, is under the jurisdiction of the Ministère de l’Agriculture, Pêcheries et Alimentation du Québec. The MAPAQ has begun issuing sanitary certificates and last week food trucks around the city became eligible to receive accreditation.

Find the entire article <here>

Food truck chefs get the Grand Prize – Houston, TX - Food and alcohol: They’ve gone together since the ancient men left their caves, squinted up at the sunlight and grabbed a few nuts and berries to wash down the fermented Jaegermeister that was in their goatskin bota bag. (This is a completely accurate picture of ancient times. I’m a history major, you can trust me.)

Since then we’ve come a long way, from beer nuts to bar menus to bars working with food trucks to sell their wares to the hungry drunk people.

Now Grand Prize Bar, which was one of the first in Houston to engage with food trucks and their chefs, is taking this partnership to the next level by inviting a rotating crew of chefs out of their trucks and into the GPB kitchen.

Find the entire article <here>


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