Jon Favreau Chef Quote

“Chefs are the most impatient perfectionists I’ve ever met and people love them for it. That’s what leads to perfection and pride.” – Jon Favreau

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Salon Writer Takes Swing At Food Truck Industry

Just like the first three yours we covered the growth of the food truck industry; some major website wonders aloud if the industry has topped [...]

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Choi Gives Favreau’s “Chef” Food Truck Street Cred

LOS ANGELES, CA - Most successful filmmakers don't go back to school in the midst of their careers. But at 47, Jon Favreau decided that [...]

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Favreau Trades In Iron Man For Food Truck In New Movie

Reuters - Actor, director and screenwriter Jon Favreau traded the high-flying super hero antics of his "Iron Man" movies for a quieter new film about [...]

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Jon Favreau’s Food Truck Movie Photos Released

LOS ANGELES, CA - Jon Favreau tweeted out some behind the scene footage of his upcoming movie Chef which is about a chef who opens up his [...]

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Food Trucks Chefs Have New Chances to Enter Hell’s Kitchen

FOX’s hit unscripted series HELL’S KITCHEN is back again as Chef Gordon Ramsay looks for the BEST of the BEST to work beside him in the hottest [...]

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Robert Downey Jr Trades in Iron Man Suit for a Food Truck

Robert Downey Jr.'s future in the Marvel Universe may be in doubt, but that's not stopping him from starting work on a new project. And [...]

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Food Truck Chefs and Their Mobile Kitchen Ink

As if the sacrifice from working too many hours per day in a bustling food truck full of sharp objects and fire wasn't [...]

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What Are Your Food Truck Uniforms Saying

Have you ever had an employee show up for work in a dirty, wrinkled or smelly uniform? Any veteran of in the food service industry [...]

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