Chicago Hot Dog Cart | Food Truck Throw Back Thursday

For today’s Food Truck Throw Back Thursday we found this photo of this street vendor selling Hot Dogs on Maxwell Street in Chicago. Do you have any old [...]

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Chicago Pushcart Ordinance Introduced: Vote Could Be Delayed

It's wonderful to see an ordinance formally introduced. But with election not taking place for 9 months, you can bet pushcart vendors won't see any [...]

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Mobile Cuisine Goes To The NRA Show

It’s May which means the National Restaurant Association Show is in Chicago!  This is the place where you can find anything and everything you need, [...]

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Chicago’s Next Mobile Food Discussion: Food Carts

Rahm Emanuel continues to push the idea that food trucks in Chicago are thriving under his leadership, too bad the Mayor's "Yes Men" have him [...]

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Chicago Food Trucks Get Five More Parking Locations

Big talk continues to come out of the Mayor's office about helping food trucks, yet food truck registrations are down nearly 50% since last year. [...]

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Chicago Doner Truck To Debut At Dark Lord Day

CHICAGO, IL - Attention late-night drinkers: the “DonerMen” are coming. Indie rockers Shawn Podgurski and Phil Naumann from the band Sybris have embarked on a [...]

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Chicago Food Truck Ordinance Works As Planned

CHICAGO, IL - Chicago's regulations of food trucks have achieved their desired effect: protecting restaurants by crushing food trucks. The Schnitzel King reports on Facebook: "Happy Monday [...]

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Chicago’s Street Food Superheros: Street Vendors For Justice

CHICAGO, IL - Following in the footsteps of their food truck brethren, Chicago's street cart vendors are pushing for legalization of their trade. Currently, vendors [...]

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Chicago Law To Banish Food Trucks To Lower Wacker

CHICAGO, IL - Food truck operators are crying foul over proposed regulations that would significantly restrict where and when their mobile businesses could operate in [...]

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Chicago Food Truck Fest AT US Cellular Scheduled For June

CHICAGO, IL - Depending on how you look at Chicago’s food truck scene it’s either thriving or in a holding pattern. The buzz that began [...]

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