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Starbucks food truck

NEW YORK, NY — Here’s something that will make returning to school less painful for some college students: Starbucks is launching food trucks.

The lucky students at Arizona State University, James Madison University in Virginia and Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina won’t have to hit up the school cafeteria for a cup of coffee or snack any longer. The mobile Starbucks truck could be parked right along their route to that 8 a.m. class.

The trucks will offer a menu of food and drinks nearly identical to that found in Starbucks stores and will move to various locations on the campuses, the company said in a news release.

The three selected universities already have Starbucks locations on campus, but the trucks are expected to have more flexible hours and in some cases will stay open later than a dining hall.

The four-wheel service is only a pilot program for now. Trucks are already rolling at Arizona State and James Madison. One will hit the road at Coastal Carolina on Sept. 2.

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Street Food Institute food truck

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — As the popularity of food trucks climbs, some colleges have begun offering classes for future vendors.

Future chefs at Central New Mexico Community College are mixing, sauteing and plating their created dishes as part of a pilot program.

Just like the hit television show “Top Chef,” the students get certain ingredients and can make whatever they want. In the end, someone has to win.

For the class, the students prepare the food and run the truck. CNM created the class because the food truck industry has exploded across the country. In Albuquerque alone, there are more than 200 mobile food vendors.

CNM partners with the Street Food Institute for the food truck.

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duke food trucksDUKE UNIVERSITY, NC – Food trucks had a slow first week as a lunch option.

In response to decreased dining options, the Duke University Student Dining Advisory Committee, Duke Student Government and Duke Dining worked together to bring food trucks to campus as a lunch option. The trucks are located behind Perkins and Bostock libraries where, as of yet, many students are unaware of their existence, explained senior Chris Taylor, co-chair of DUSDAC.

“We found that this location is not very visible,” said Jody Argote, the owner of the Parlez-Vous Crepe food truck. “On Tuesday, the first hour didn’t go well but then I put up signs by the stairs that students walk by and that seemed to help.”

Argote said that advertisement is particularly important since students will not see the trucks on their way to class. She plans on using Duke Dining’s promotional campaign as well as her own social media—specifically Twitter and Facebook—to publicize the location of her truck at lunchtime.

Carolina Escobar, founder of Captain Ponchos, noted that her truck had 15 customers during Monday’s lunch hours—fewer than she had expected, given the popularity of the truck during dinner hours.

“The location isn’t ideal. In a perfect world, the trucks would be in front of the Chapel or on the lawn,” Taylor said. “Duke doesn’t want anything in either of those places before 5 o’clock”

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RICHMOND, VA – Duke University allows between twelve and fifteen food trucks to do business on its campus, ranging from French Baguette to Unique Dumpling. Elizabethtown College’s late-night weekend bus serves cheesesteaks and mac and cheese burgers to its students. Could the University of Richmond be the next college campus to provide mobile cuisine?

university-of-richmond logo

WCGA President Taylor Michals spoke with University of Richmond Dining Services staff near the end of last semester to gauge if late-night food trucks could become a reality on campus, she said. The idea spurred from an online survey Michals sent out to Westhampton College students over the summer.

The results showed that late-night food was a strong desire, she said.

Westhampton College junior Julie Brau believes it would be beneficial to all parties to bring the trucks on campus, she said.

“Companies would make a solid profit on weekend nights,” Brau said. “Plus, I’m a huge fan of the food trucks, so I’d be excited to see it happen.”

Blake Widdowson, retail operations director for dining services, has been aware of the budding trend of food trucks on college campuses, he said, and has been in communication with WCGA members to find a solution.

The search has been unsuccessful so far, though, because no food trucks in Richmond work late night hours. Most close at dusk, he said.

Michals said she was still confident a solution would be found at some point, whether it were a late-night option or during the day.

“I’d rather have something during the day than nothing at all,” Michals said.

Westhampton College Dean Juliette Landphair has discussed the idea with Michals, she said, and hopes it will succeed.

There is potential for the idea, Landphair said, but it is still “just a skeleton” at this point. It would be interesting to see where the idea is a year from now, she said.

The idea for food trucks carries credibility, she said, because there has been similar implementation recently from other college campuses.

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ARLINGTON, TX – Oh Kwon loves eating. “I told myself if I learned to cook, I would never starve,” Kwon said.

Get Ssahm BBQKwon now has a food truck which specializes in gourmet Korean tacos. His truck, SsahmBBQ, was on the Central Library mall for the first time from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday.

SsahmBBQ is one of three food trucks that will be on campus this semester. SsahmBBQ, Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Easy Slider will set up their food trucks on a rotational basis from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Central Library mall Monday through Thursday, said David Albart, University Center operations director.

Aerospace engineering freshman Sara Walker said she liked the “asian flair” to her beef tacos. Normally tacos have ground beef, lettuce, cheese and tomato, but these tacos were different, she said. The sauces and spices are what drew her in, she said.

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PALO ALTO, CA – The ASSU Executive will bring food trucks onto campus starting this Friday as part of a winter quarter pilot program that aims to diversify late-night dining options. The food trucks, a pillar of the Executive’s platform, will be serving food every Friday and Saturday night during winter quarter.

stanford-logoThe program will be run through Off the Grid, a food truck management company that works with over 100 vendors to organize and bring food trucks to locations across the Bay Area. Food trucks will be open from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. in two locations: Wilbur parking lot and the parking lot between Florence Moore Hall and Theta Delta Chi.

To navigate the legal and health obstacles to having outside groups serve food on campus, ASSU President Robbie Zimbroff ’12 and Vice President William Wagstaff ’12 worked with the University throughout the summer and fall. Administrators had been working on a mobile food vendor policy at the same time.

As of Jan. 1, 2013, the University enacted a mobile food vendor policy that sets guidelines for any food trucks on the Stanford campus. The food truck policy sets guidelines that cover everything from parking to sustainability.

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PALO ALTO, CA – With an increase in the popularity of mobile food services, the university has engaged Off the Grid, one of the largest food truck festival operators in the Bay Area, to run a pilot program. Off the Grid will schedule and manage food trucks at three new campus locations. Stanford also has adopted a new policy designed to ensure that campus food trucks meet its safety, sustainability, parking, insurance and other requirements. The new rules will take effect at the beginning of winter quarter.

off-the-grid food truck

This week, the university notified the food truck vendors currently operating on campus about the new program. These food trucks were invited to contact Off the Grid about continuing to serve the campus community and informed that they would have to meet Stanford’s food truck policy requirements.

Only food trucks that have been invited will be allowed to operate on campus, and they will only be allowed to sell in approved locations.

The pilot program includes one food truck location for lunchtime service on Lomita Drive between Panama and Santa Teresa streets from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. The area, which is close to the Terman Fountain, has plenty of outdoor seating.

The other two new food truck locations will serve students near the residence halls in the evening, when food options on campus are more limited. Schedules and locations will be developed in collaboration with the ASSU student government and will be announced when finalized.

“Off the Grid’s rotating schedule will bring a variety of cuisines that wasn’t possible when the same trucks came on campus every day,” said Susan Weinstein, assistant vice president for business development. “We hope there will be something for everyone at some point during the week. Off the Grid will also help us ensure that food trucks follow our important safety and sustainability policies.”

Food trucks engaged for special events will be required to comply with the new Mobile Food Vendor policy. Off the Grid is ready to help all campus event planners find just the right food truck for their events.

Construction sites will be served by food trucks invited on to the site directly by the construction contractors.

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WORCHESTER, MA – Oxedos Street Grub is the new food truck that rolled into the Assumption College campus last week.

Sodexo, the food service provider to Assumption College, owns the truck, which will be parked on campus several times a month, according to Linda Davey, Sodexo’s Marketing Manager.

Oxedos, (Sodexo spelled backward), offered Assumption students and faculty an interesting lunch menu during its first run. Items included an “All-American Grilled Cheese,” “Beantown Grilled Cheese,” “South End Fenway Frank” and a “Korean BBQ,” an Asian-style wrap sandwich that featured pulled pork. Interesting combinations. The wrap was yummy! Potato chips, cookies, etc. also were available.

Davey described the food truck craze as “the grownup version of the ice cream truck.” Food trucks are fast and convenient, offering food that students can eat on the go, she said.

Sodexo’s future plans at Assumption include making the food truck available for dinner and even late night dining, according to Davey. “Right now, we only serve lunch, but we will expand hours,” Davey said. “We were happy with the students’ response last week.”

Michael Ward, general manager of campus dining services for Sodexo at Assumption, said the food truck adds to the dining experience on campus. The food truck will conveniently be situated at different locations on campus, he said. “We might even have the food truck at future sporting events,” Ward added.

Oxedos travels to college campuses in Greater Boston and northern New England. The food truck picks up its supplies at Sodexo at Bentley University in Waltham.

Davey said Sodexo is considering other local college campuses for food truck service.

Everyone’s hopping on the food truck trend.

The Food Network is already casting for season 3 of the “Great Food Truck Race” with Tyler Florence.

And, a reminder that Worcester’s Elm Park will be the site for the Food Truck Festivals of New England July 14. More than 30 food trucks will participate. Ticket information at www.foodtruckfestivalsofne.com.

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