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tip of the dayConfidence isn’t something a food truck owners either have or don’t. It’s a dynamic emotion that, like a physical muscle, needs exercise to grow stronger. Here are two ways to build and maintain it:

  • Take inventory of your past. It’s easy to doubt yourself and your abilities. But if you look at your track record, chances are that your successes outweigh your failures. And, more importantly, you likely survived your missteps and gleaned lessons along the way.
  • Focus on strengths. Most food truck vendors are very strong in a few competencies, average in the majority, and weak in a few. Concentrate on leveraging what you’re best at. Then, manage your average and weak areas so they don’t detract from your effectiveness.

tip of the day

Confidence is a key ingredient in leading your food truck business effectively. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s easier for a food truck owner to know their weaknesses than their strengths. Want to build self-confidence in the leadership of your food truck? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you do well? Make a list of your strengths. These items are not the same as the accomplishments on a resume or a business plan — they are what made those accomplishments possible. How will your strengths lead you to your truck’s future success?
  • Why should people follow you? Look back at situations where you mobilized yourself and your food truck team to face a particularly tough challenge. Why did people believe in your ability to get things done and trust that you were the one to follow? (Outside of the fact that your staff are employed by you)


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