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Over the years I have word with cities that have protective measures in place to maintain the “feel” of a historic area. But in this case it seems a little disturbing that the people of the city would include food trucks in what they consider to be “blight”.

MADISON, CT – Immediately following a public hearing on a proposed anti-blight ordinance, town officials led a contentious 45-minute discussion on draft regulations pertaining to food trucks in town.

Many in the crowd of more than 100 called for the food trucks to either leave town or leave the spot frequented by the vendors on School Street in front of Academy School.

“A lot of people spend a lot of money to keep their property up and the first thing people see is food vendors?” resident Chris Scranton asked angrily. “It’s ridiculous.”

The vendors have been a hot-button issue because of their proximity to the center of town along Boston Post Road, and the Board of Selectmen took up the issue last summer because the trucks have limited regulation under existing town regulations.

The proposed rules state that generators must be maintained and shielded to lower noise levels. In addition, no more than four trucks can operate on School Street at a time, and the trucks cannot be on the street on Memorial Day, high school graduation and Independence Day, as well as any other “blackout dates” the Board of Selectmen dictates. The trucks would be allowed to operate on School Street from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The trucks’ proximity to the Green in the center of town drew the ire of many in attendance at the hearing.

“We don’t want food trucks on our beautiful, historic green,” said resident Linda Ungerleider. “They are destroying our image.”

While those against the trucks contended that the vendors hurt the town’s image, supporters said the trucks added ethnic diversity and different food choices to the town.

“I applaud the food trucks,” resident Terry Kensler said. “Don’t resist them because you want Madison to look like it did 200 years ago.”

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MADISON, CT – After initially bringing up the subject last summer, town officials seem to be getting set to take action on proposed rules by which, if passed, food truck vendors must abide.

The vendors have been a talking point in Madison, and the town is holding a public discussion on a draft of the rules later this month.

The Board of Selectmen first took up the issue last summer because the trucks, which are concentrated on School Street in front of Academy School, have limited regulation under town ordinances.

“The selectmen at the time started looking into rules and regulations to eliminate any problems before they come up,” Town Planner David Anderson said.

While Anderson said a large contingent of residents have been positive about the food trucks, he added that some people are opposed to the area where the vendors operate.

“Some people have felt that they are inappropriate in what is a historical area,” Anderson said.

Though he said some have disagreed with where the vendors are situated, Anderson made clear that the town isn’t trying to run the trucks out of Madison.

“We’re not trying to get rid of the food trucks,” Anderson said. “I think what the selectmen are saying is, ‘We’re OK with what’s going on, provided that there’s some limitations to it.’”

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