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grand rapids food truck
(Lauren Petracca | MLive)

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — The food truck fleet is on its way downtown.

Grand Rapids Art Museum managers expect to feature of rotation of food trucks on the Wege Plaza next to Rosa Parks Circle this summer, starting with the first confirmed truck, A Moveable Feast, which soft-opened downtown this past week.

“Hopefully, food trucks will be a staple at the museum from now on,” said Wendy St. John, food and beverage manager at the GRAM, which received city approval to host food trucks downtown late last summer.

St. John said the museum this summer is hoping to maximize usage of its permit, which allows for two food trucks on the plaza every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the week and until 11 p.m. on the weekends.

The GRAM is currently the only private landowner downtown approved to host food trucks under zoning rules passed by the city in 2012. The museum’s permit allows for year-round truck hosting, but harsh weather has kept trucks away from downtown since the end of ArtPrize last year, she said.

St. John is reviewing about eight truck applications. “We’re definitely interested in taking more,” she said. “We feel like a rotation will be nice for the pedestrians and business crowd.”

Brennan Summers, owner of A Movable Feast, is eager to set up downtown.

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lakeland food truck event
image from dadonahog.com

LAKELAND, FL – Restaurant owners were skeptical a year ago when Lakeland decided to hold food truck rallies once a month in downtown.

All they could think about what stiff competition.

“I don’t think anybody liked it, as far as all the business owners and restaurant owners. We were kind of worried about it taking business away from us,” said Giovanni Moriello, Owner of Palace Pizza.

His logic seemed on target — thousands of people flocking to trendy food trucks could kill his pizza-loving crowds.

But it didn’t.

“We started seeing that every time there was a food truck rally we would get more busy,” he said.

Black and Brew noticed the same trend, also opposite what the owner originally feared.

“Actually from the very first food truck rally we experienced a big influx in business,” said Owner Chris McArthur.

He estimates they saw a 30-percent boost in business the night of the first rally a year ago, and it’s been keeping steady ever since.

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LAS VEGAS, NV – Through a city lottery conducted Monday, serving times and dedicated parking spaces were doled out to 16 participating food trucks. Their rotations begin today.

The lottery system was created after the Las Vegas City Council decided in October that all food trucks must operate at least 150 feet away from existing brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Las Vegas Food Truck Map

Jace Radke, a city spokesman, said the pilot program would run from August to January. After the six-month trial period, the city will review the program and make any necessary improvements.

A single food truck will be allowed daily at three reserved downtown locations: at 100 Bonneville Ave., near the Bonneville Transportation Center; 1 Lewis Ave., behind City Hall; and in the 400 block of South Third Street, in front of the Regional Justice Center.

A1 Mobile Catering will be among the first food trucks to operate under the new system. Owner John Mergaretis said it was too early to tell whether the lottery system would be beneficial or detrimental for business but said he was willing to participate.

“It’s worth a try, though. It might be well,” Mergaretis said.

A complete calendar of food truck operating hours can be found on the city’s website.

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las_vegas_city_hallLAS VEGAS, NV – Food truck vendors looking for a safe space to set up shop along the streets of downtown Las Vegas should motor over to City Hall by July 22 to apply for a new pilot program being launched by the city.

The program will set up three dedicated parking spaces for food trucks in downtown Las Vegas — one by the Regional Justice Center, another by City Hall and a third near the Bonneville Transit Center.

Food trucks offering their takes on everything from cheeseburgers to pizza to barbecue have proliferated downtown in recent years. But outside of planned, permitted events, finding space to operate the trucks legally downtown is a challenge.

In October, the city passed an ordinance prohibiting food trucks from selling food within 150 feet of a brick-and-mortar restaurant. In addition to the restaurant buffer, trucks are allowed to park at city parking meters for only half an hour at a time, even though it often takes them that much time to set up for the lunch rush.

The new parking spaces set aside under the city’s pilot program would only be available to food trucks and will be rented for $5 per hour.

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norfolk downtownNORFOLK, VA – Registration is underway for vendors interested in Norfolk’s recently approved mobile food-vending program.

The city has scheduled a public lottery for June 17 at 9 a.m. in its human resources training room at 520 Main Street. Officials will draw six numbers for trucks or trailers and five numbers for pushcarts.

Selected vendors will be assigned a starting location for lunch only. Officials will develop a weekly rotation for trucks and trailers.

The spaces will be open during other times of day on a first-come, first-served basis. Pushcarts will not rotate.

The deadline for registration is June 14 at 5 p.m. For information on the food vending program, including the lottery registration form and food vendor permit application, go to www.norfolk.gov and click on the box at the bottom of the home page.

norfolk downtownNORFOLK, VA – The push for food trucks downtown has yielded a compromise that will allow the vendors to serve while keeping them away from traditional restaurants.

Food trucks will compete for six metered parking spaces through a lottery that will be held in June, under a plan approved Tuesday by the City Council. Assistant City Manager Ron Williams said the food trucks could be serving in downtown by mid- to late June.

It’s a cautious approach, but even so, it is a good starting point, said Evan Harrell, owner of the Hubcap Grill food truck.

Harrell said he would like to see the city one day add more spaces downtown and adopt a “wide-open” approach on the periphery of downtown, especially in the arts and design district on Granby Street, north of Brambleton.

For now, the permitted trucks will rotate among the six spaces on a weekly basis during lunchtime. Outside of lunch, the vendors can choose any of the six designated spots on any given day. Those spaces will be located on Freemason Street, Plume Street at MacArthur Square, Bank Street near MacArthur Square and north of Brambleton on Granby Street.

Each vendor will pay an annual fee to offset the lost parking revenue. For a food truck, that will mean $1,390 per year; for pushcarts, the fee will be $790.

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LEXINGTON, KY – Sometime this spring, people who work and live in downtown Lexington finally might be able to enjoy the food phenomenon that urban hipsters around the country have been tweeting about for years: food trucks.

A city task force is hammering out details for a pilot project to allow mobile food vendors to rotate among several locations downtown.

Bring on the wood-fired pizza, the artisanal ice cream, the Korean barbecue, the Hawaiian sliders, the curbside comfort food, the best local organic home-grown fusion food-on-a-stick quirky cuisine you can think of. Lexington can take it.

We’ve read about it, watched it on TV and heard about it on the radio until our tummies rumble. Now we want to eat.

Anthony Rios, who runs Dogs for Cats, a mobile gourmet hot dog stand, knows that the market is there.

“If you take a walk downtown for lunch, good luck trying to get food within a half-hour and get back to work,” Rios said. Regular restaurants downtown, “they’re packed.”

If the pilot program comes through, Rios is ready to roll in, like Venetian Blinds does, a larger truck and sell “Italian barbecue,” with handmade pasta, meats and sauces.

But there are several regulatory hurdles yet to be cleared. The city’s Itinerant Merchant Task Force, which has been looking at this and related issues since last year, must finalize exactly how the pilot program would work and get it approved by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council. The task force meets at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Government Center to consider eight potential locations, including four that would allow only sidewalk food carts.

Councilwoman Peggy Henson, who chairs the task force, said she is optimistic that if she and her colleagues can get their work done by March, the pilot program could go before the council this spring.

“There are some roadblocks as to who would administer it, but we’ll have that discussion on the 25th,” Henson said. “I really hope we can work out all the issues and allow these food vendors a good place. … I do think they can provide character to the city in an appropriate place, a place where there’s entertainment, nightlife.”

Details of the proposal

Currently, there are no regulations to permit or regulate food trucks. About the only food that current state regulations allow to be sold anywhere, anytime are hot dogs, nacho cheese and ice cream. The task force has been working on a way to get more on the street-food menu.

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Staying in the state of Ohio as we did earlier this week with a profile of a Columbus food truck, in today’s spotlight, we move southward to Cincinnati where the City Council just approved the cities fourth location for food trucks to congregate to provide their mobile offerings. Back in June, the City Council approved a pilot program giving food trucks three designated places to park.  Twenty vendors have permits from the city to use the locations.

Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan, who introduced the legislation, spoke with constituents, vendors and business owners in the areas around the locations and found all but a few pleased with the program so far. Trucks have been able to park on Court Street, at Fifth and Race streets, adjacent to Sawyer Point parking, with the new location added; they may also park south of the Purple People abutment. This new location is scheduled to have its first vendors show up on Monday.

In a means to appease some business owners near the Court Street location, the Council also voted to limit the hours of this truck spot to 6 am to 3 pm.

It should be apparent that this type of arrangement is more attuned to cities that do not have the same type of foot traffic that many urban centers in the United States have. Rather than just shrugging their shoulders and turning their back to bringing the people of their city more food options, we applaud Cincinnati for their continued support of their community and the food truck industry there.

Here are some of the top food trucks in Cincinnati, the fare they serve and their pricing:

Cafe de Wheels: Burgers, fries, Cuban sandwiches and made to order veggie burgers. It usually sets up at lunchtime on weekdays near the courthouse. It is cash only, and most items are less than $9.

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Habanero Burrito Wagon: Burritos (chicken, steak, pork, fish, veggie), $5; tacos (same offerings), $2-3; Mexican sodas/Mexican Coca-Cola; chips and salsa, cookies, desserts. Nothing on the truck costs more than $5.

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Señor Roy’s Taco Patrol: Tacos (flank steak, grilled chicken or Al Pastor slow-roasted pork shoulder) are two for $5 or three for $6. Burritos or quesadillas are $6 each, and everything else on the menu is $5 or less.

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Taco Azul: Tacos are $2 or three for $5; burritos are $7; and most menu items are $5 or less.

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The Chilimobile: Cheese coneys for $2. This truck can be found in the city parking lot at 5th and Race across from Macy’s.

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