Create Social Media Relevance For Your Food Truck

Many food truck owner forays into social media yield nothing more than wasted time and effort. Before you establish your food truck Twitter account or […]

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Social Media Sites Your Food Truck Should Be Using

With new social media sites popping up all over the internet, it can be overwhelming to food truck owners to figure out which to focus […]

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Facebook Marketing Tips For Food Trucks

Recent studies have found that mobile food vendors mistakenly think they don’t have enough time, money or other resources to invest in Facebook promotions. The […]

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What Are Facebook Likes Worth to Your Food Truck

If you’re managing your food truck’s business Facebook page, how are you gauging the success of your efforts? If it’s simply the number of Facebook […]

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Posting Your Food Truck Menu On Facebook

Some of you may have missed it but a few months back Facebook announced that food trucks can now upload menus through SinglePlatform from Constant Contact […]

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Claiming Your Vanity URL for Your Food Truck’s Facebook Page

When you create a Facebook account for your food truck business, you are assigned a random ID.  This used to be no big deal and […]

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Is It Time To Scrap Your Food Truck Website For Facebook?

Ok, so the title may get food truck owners thinking that this article is going to explain why your website needs to be replaced with […]

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Selecting The Social Media Platforms Your Food Truck Masters

When it comes to social media, food truck owners should become a master of one or two platforms rather than flounder in many.

When you look at […]

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Change Your Social Media Passwords Before Firing Employees

When the head chef of a local restaurant in Oxfordshire, England was fired a week before Christmas, he wasted little time before heading to Twitter to […]

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Don’t Get Stuck on Social Media Numbers

“How can I get 10,000 fans on my Food Trucks’s Facebook Page?”

“My competitor has 2,500 followers on Twitter – how can I get to that […]

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