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While Akron food trucks will now be able to legally operate in downtown Akron, the ordinance giving them this ability also gives food trucks the ability to pay $1,750 a year to park on city streets.

AKRON, OH – Food trucks are now permitted on public property in Akron.

Akron City Council approved legislation Monday that allows food trucks, but makes operators pay a hefty fee to operate on public property downtown. Food truck operators must pay a $225 annual application fee and another $1,750 annually to set up on two streets in the city’s biomedical corridor. Some council members and community leaders thought the higher fee was warranted to protect the brick and mortar restaurants, especially in downtown.

“I am proud of the investment we have made in downtown,” said Councilman Jeff Fusco, who chaired a special committee that spent nearly a year studying the food truck issue. “It’s our responsibility to protect and not give away our downtown.”

The amount of the fee for operating in the biomedical corridor, which includes the three hospitals, downtown and the University of Akron, has been criticized by food truck operators and the Institute for Justice, an Arlington, Va., law firm that helped food truck owners form the Greater Akron Food Truck Coalition.

Steve Sabo, who owns Orange Truk and heads the coalition, said the coalition may challenge the ordinance because of not only the high downtown fee, but also other restrictions. The ordinance forbids trucks from being within 50 feet from a residence, 200 feet from a brick and mortar restaurant, 750 feet from a park and 1,000 feet from a school.

“I don’t see any recourse but to bring in legal counsel,” said Sabo, who lives in Norton and was among the local food truck owners who were pushing for Akron to allow the trucks greater access.

Akron has barred food trucks from operating on public property unless part of a city-sanctioned event. They are permitted on private property with proper zoning.

The higher fee applies to food truck owners who want an assigned parking spot on Locust Street, which is near Akron General Medical Center and Akron Children’s Hospital, or Park Street, which is north of UA near Grace Park. Food trucks will still be permitted at city-sponsored events.

The legislation will become effective after it is signed by Mayor Don Plusquellic, who supports it. That means food trucks could begin operating on public property in Akron this summer.

Sabo, however, doesn’t predict many food truck owners will be interested because of all of the restrictions. He said the $225 fee is reasonable, but the distance requirements are overly restrictive.

“When you put that all in the equation, show me where I can park,” he said. “I expect no one to even do it.”

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high fees ahead

Here we have another politician who thinks that food trucks need to pay their “fair share”. Of course food trucks will stop doing business in Akron if the proposed fee is instituted…but then again, Jeff Fusco knows this.

AKRON, OH – Food truck operators here do not like much of what will be on Akron City Council’s menu Monday night.

Council is considering new proposed regulations and fees on food trucks.

Steve Sabo is head of the Akron Food Truck Coalition. He predicts no truck operators will pay a proposed $1,975 fee to do business in or near downtown.

He calls that “an exorbitant”: amount of money.

Councilman Jeff Fusco is co-sponsoring the legislation. He says the supersized fee is fair and Akron is trying to develop rules that best fit it.

Akron has barred food trucks’ parking on public property unless it’s part of a city-approved event.

The proposal suggests a $225 fee to do business outside of downtown.

Parts of the supersized fee would be split with Summit County, Akron schools, Summit Metro Parks and the city/county library system.

Fusco claims a cross-section of community leaders, truck owners and regular restaurant owners had input developing the package.

Rules also limit truck parking near homes, restaurants, schools and parks.

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blackjack double down

Apparently this London council committee feels that too many food trucks are paying too little in fees and are parking too close to restaurants. The matter will go to the full council this evening.

LONDON, ONTARIO – A council committee doubled the proposed license fee for a food truck operator and considered whether to put the whole concept off for another year.

On Monday night, the Community and Protective Services Committee again looked at the implications of allowing eateries-on-wheels to operate in the city this summer.  They heard from several restaurant owners who expressed concern about the low-cost, mobile competition from food trucks.  Councillors Judy Bryant and Bill Armstrong pushed to delay the decision until 2015 but the idea was voted down.

Mayor Joe Fontana suggested modifications to the proposed bylaw that were accepted on a vote.  They include:

  • more than doubling the license fee from $1225 to $2620
  • tripling the distance trucks must stay from homes, schools and restaurants to 75m
  • a total of eight trucks, down from twelve

The latest version of the food truck proposal will undergo scrutiny again by full council at their meeting on Tuesday night.

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regina canadaREGINA, CANADA – Rob Reinhardt hasn’t decided if he is going to operate his food truck this season in downtown Regina if the city’s proposed fee increase for a permit is approved.

Reinhardt, owner of Prairie Smoke and Spice, thinks the overall cost of $1,775 for operating downtown is too high and could reduce the number of vendors at the City Square Plaza this summer.

“I’m not thrilled about it,” he said.

Today, the city’s public works committee will discuss the proposed changes. Last year, food vendors could pay $500 for a mobile licence to operate across the city at parking meters and an additional $600 for access to the plaza.

The proposed $1,775 overall cost includes $1,400 for a city permit, $250 for membership with the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District and $125 for an annual SaskPower gas system inspection.

The $1,400 city permit includes a $700 annual permit fee, $600 for parking, electrical service and maintenance at the plaza and $100 for 100 hours at parking meters, according to a city report. The report explains that the $1,400 flat fee will “incentivize vendor attendance, especially in the downtown to maximize their investment.”

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carlisle pa signCARLISLE, PA — Mobile food vendors could be asked to pay an annual fee of $250 if the first draft of a proposed ordinance gains approval by the borough council.

Sean Shultz, chairman of the borough council’s sustainability and community planning committee, said there is “no hurry” to bring the ordinance to a council vote. The ordinance was presented at a meeting of that committee Wednesday morning.

“It’s a starting point,” said Borough Manager Matt Candland.

The ordinance would allow the vendors to operate in the general industrial zoning district, which is primarily comprised of the warehouse district to the western edge of the borough. Some members of the borough council, however, see the move as a foot in the door for the eventual appearance of the vendors downtown — a move they say raises concerns about the town’s image.

“My concern is that it will creep into downtown eventually and we will be looking at another ordinance,” said councilwoman Linda Cecconello.

Cecconello also said the $250 annual fee wouldn’t be enough to cover the inequity between the responsibilities of the mobile food vendor and the traditional restaurant owner, who pays taxes in the borough.

The draft ordinance defines a mobile food vendor as a “vehicle-mounted food service establishment.” It would require vendors to have a current permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, and to gain the written permission of the owners of the private property on which they would operate.

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