Florida Food Truck Chefs to Face Off

Whole Foods Market, 6701 Red Rd., Coral Gables, hosts the first round of a food-truck chefs’ cook-off at 6 p.m. Thursday with Jim Heinz (Latin Burger & […]

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Stocked ‘N’ Loaded Food Trucks Ink Deal with Aramark

Summer means big concerts, and this summer is no exception. Listening to Dave Matthews and Kiss at Cruzan Amphiteatre might make your tummy rumbly. While […]

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Florida Food Trucks May No Longer Need to Have a Commissary

The state of Florida may no longer require mobile food trucks to have a “commissary,” or home-base restaurant, if they’re fully self-sufficient.

Currently, the Florida Department […]

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Ice cream trucks evolving into interactive mobile businesses

The traditional, music playing ice cream trucks from the past are being revamped into bigger, cleaner and more interactive mobile businesses in South Florida following […]

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Food Truck Will Rebuild After Devastating Florida Turnpike Accident

Robb Muise doesn’t want to be known as the guy whose “food truck was destroyed on day one,” but that’s the unfortunate reality for the […]

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What’s Next for South Florida’s Food Trucks?

Two years ago, fewer than six food trucks existed in South Florida. Now, there are more than 120.

In November 2009, Jim Heins sent out his […]

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Hot Dog Vendors: County Taking Bite Out of Business

SEBRING, FL – Entrepreneurs could seek a lawsuit against the county, and the municipalities, claiming local ordinances restrict and are hindering their rights to conduct […]

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Food Truck Craze Registers in Florida

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Spurred by the food truck craze in Northeast and West Coast cities, and shows like the Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck […]

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Gourmet Food Trucks Making Inroads Around Tampa Bay

TAMPA BAY, FL – One restaurant succeeds and another fails. The critical difference? Often it’s location. But what if location weren’t an issue, if like […]

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Jump On The Food Truck Revolution

SEASIDE, FL – Yvonne Rolufs didn’t know what to order as she approached the six classic airstream food trucks. She wandered from one menu to […]

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