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Chicago Hot Dog Cart | Food Truck Throw Back Thursday

For today’s Food Truck Throw Back Thursday we found this photo of this street vendor selling Hot Dogs on Maxwell Street in Chicago. Do you have any old [...]

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Portland Food Cart Pod To Be Sued Over Broken Foot

PORTLAND, OR - A woman who claims she broke her foot while standing in line in front of a food cart on a crowded downtown [...]

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Vancouver Food Cart Links Urban Farms With Local Restaurants

VANCOUVER, CANADA - Vancouver may be replete with food trucks offering every delicacy conceivable on our bustling city streets, but one new venture hopes to [...]

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Chicago Pushcart Ordinance Introduced: Vote Could Be Delayed

It's wonderful to see an ordinance formally introduced. But with election not taking place for 9 months, you can bet pushcart vendors won't see any [...]

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Food Cart Profile: Willy Dog’s Dogology 101

We always like to learn more about our winners.  The man behind our 2014 Hot Dog Vendor of the Year, Jim Bontaine has a story [...]

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Chicago’s Next Mobile Food Discussion: Food Carts

Rahm Emanuel continues to push the idea that food trucks in Chicago are thriving under his leadership, too bad the Mayor's "Yes Men" have him [...]

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Willy Dog Hot Dog Cart: 2014 Hot Dog Vendor of the Year

Do you like hot dogs?  With more than 45 percent of the 5,000 votes cast in our recent poll, it’s apparent that Hamilton, Ontario loves [...]

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Combining Portland Food Carts And Alcohol Has Helped Industry Grow

Portland food cart pods are showing that adding alcohol to their menus hasn't been negative to the city at all. PORTLAND, OR - A couple [...]

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Thief Almost Crushes Oregon Teen’s Food Cart Dream

PORTLAND, OR - He owns a business and he doesn't even have his driver's license yet. A Keizer boy was thrilled to get his business [...]

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Vancouver “Loophole” Creates Food Cart Permit Black Market

VANCOUVER, CANADA - Vancouver City Hall has halted new food cart applications for 2014 after realizing some venders were flipping their permits by using a [...]

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