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austin_scoot_innAUSTIN, TX – ATX Brands honcho Doug Guller is looking for just the right chef to operate a food trailer in the backyard of his newest property, the legendary Scoot Inn. He’s challenging aspiring food truck owners with the desire to be Austin’s next Bryce Gilmore or Paul Qui to create a successful food truck concept for him. Got what it takes?

Guller is the mastermind behind the Bikini’s Sports Bar franchise who has also acquired and restored some of Austin’s favorite bars and restaurants, such as Pelons Tex-Mex (formerly Jaime’s Spanish Village), 508: Tequila Bar, 609 Trinity, the Parish, Chicago House, and most recently, the Scoot Inn. He’s refurbished the venerable old East side honky-tonk and looking for someone to operate a food truck to serve the backyard area.

He’s even got the Zorro trailer, designed for the courtyard at the 508, but now on it’s way across town. All he needs is a motivated trailer food chef to take the wheel. “Austin has been home to some of the best food trailers in America, ” Guller says. “We want to contribute to that tradition and offer an aspiring chef an opportunity to put another great trailer in the mix.”

In order to enter, contestants must be 18 years old or older. Submit a short biography and a concept proposal which should include an original concept, a menu, and a business plan via email to TrailerTruckOff@GiantNoise.com by Tuesday, April 30th. Doug Guller will review all the proposals and then choose finalists. Those folks will be invited to present a menu and prepare a signature dish to Guller and a panel of celebrity judges in the Scoot’s backyard on Saturday, May 4th.

The winner gets a contract to run the Zorro trailer and will be responsible for the day-to-day operations; receiving an 80% financial stake in the trailer for the term of the contract and paying 20% of the gross revenue to ATX Brands monthly. All recipes, names, and branding used in the competition or during the terms of the contract will be property of ATX Brands.

Find the original article by Virginia B. Wood at the Austin Chronical <here>

Due to low inventories of food trucks, lower barrier to entry or just pure preference, food trailers are often a great option for people looking to get in the industry. However, you need to be aware of some pitfalls from an insurance perspective.

food trailer vs food truck

With a food truck, the kitchen and vehicle is combined to create a single vehicle exposure. However, a food trailer has the mobile kitchen exposure (trailer + kitchen) and a vehicle that is needed to tow the trailer to venues. Usually that tow vehicle is a truck they personally own or a vehicle they plan to  purchase. This is where most people think they can just get General Liability and Mobile Property coverage for the trailer and be done. Perhaps they are under the impression that the trailer is covered automatically under their personal auto insurance policy. Think again!

Many personal insurance policies have exclusions pertaining to business use and operation of the insured vehicle. They also have length limitations on trailers being towed by the insured vehicle. Most personal policies extend liability for the boat/motorcycle/etc trailers. However, carriers don’t intend to automatically cover business trailers for liability or property coverage. This means that you need to call your personal insurance carrier and tell them what you are doing.

Some personal insurance carriers have the ability to add a business use type endorsement to your personal policy. Despite this potential endorsement on the personal policy, you still need to purchase liability and mobile property coverage for your trailer. It is also possible that the insurance carrier may not be able to provide insurance based on it being a business vehicle or business trailer.

The safe way of protecting your business is purchasing a commercial auto policy for the tow vehicle and registered it under the business. This will help ensure that you will have coverage after a claim. If you are dead set on using your personal vehicle, you should add the business use endorsement and increase your liability limits. Don’t think that $50,000, $250,000 or $500,000 auto liability limits will cut it. All business vehicles should have at least a $1,000,000 liability limit.

One last advantage of having a commercial auto policy is that you can purchase an Excess Liability policy to provide additional limits. A commercial Excess Liability policy can provide extra coverage over your Auto Liability (and General Liability). Unfortunately, that will not be the case if you have the tow vehicle under a personal auto policy.

Hopefully this article prompted some questions in your mind. Perhaps it made you realize your planned or current insurance structure may not be the best way to protect your food trailer business. If so, make the changes sooner than later.


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