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food truck festivals of new england logoBOSTON, MA – Food Truck Festivals of New England has announced their 2014 festival schedule and fourth year of bringing the food trucks to the fans! Each festival will host 20+ food trucks this spring and fall, June through October, throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Stops include favorites back by popular demand and new locations guaranteed to please New England food-lovers from Portsmouth, NH to Somerville, MA, where the season kicks off Saturday, June 7th with the Somerville Food Truck Festival at Assembly Row.

Trucks from all over the New England region, including many newcomers, will be serving up a variety of fan favorites, including local seafood, BBQ, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, cupcakes, whoopee pies, , bacon treats, and so much more. In addition to the 20+ trucks, each festival will also feature some children’s activities, live performances, sampling tents, and foodie fun guaranteed for the whole family. Many of the festivals will also feature craft beer gardens and other added attractions which will be announced in the coming weeks as the dates get closer.

Admission tickets will be available for purchase online – expect announcements of ticket sales soon. For more information please visit: www.foodtruckfestivalsofne.com. Participating trucks will be announced closer to each festival. All festivals will take place on Saturday and run from 11 AM – 4 PM, with the exception of the New Hampshire Food Truck Festival, which is on a Sunday. 

The 2014 Planned Schedule Includes:

Saturday, June 7th – The Somerville Food Truck Festival
at Assembly Row, Somerville, MA

Saturday, June 21st – The 3rd Annual Worcester Food Truck Festival
at Elm Park, Worcester, MA

Saturday, September 6th – The 2nd Annual Cape Cod Food Truck Festival
at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds, Falmouth, MA

Saturday, September 20th – The Framingham Food Truck & Cultural Festival
at Bowditch Field, Framingham, MA

*a part of MetroFest

Sunday, October 5th – The New Hampshire Food Truck Festival
at Redhook Brewery, Portsmouth, NH

Saturday, October 25th – The 3rd Annual Newport Food Truck Festival
at the Newport Yachting Center, Newport, RI

For the very latest news please follow @foodtruckfestofne on twitter and “like” them on facebook.com/foodtruckfestivalsofne. 

For public information please call 617-782-7117

tip of the dayAre you consistently looking for new ways to make your food truck events more social? If you don’t have the resources to manage a social conversation during your food truck event, why not activate a few of your attendees to do it for you?

Invite people who have RSVP’ed or expressed interest in your event to come and share their experience via social media. This can be extremely useful if you are charging a cover charge or tickets need to be purchased for entrance.

Imagine the excitement you are providing to a food truck fan that is invited to go to a food truck event for free, and all you they have to do is tweet about their experience while there. These people will become your food truck event’s “social journalists” and can really help stimulate discussion that will make your event stand out from the many others that pop up around the country.

The key is to select people that will be are super excited about the event itself and the opportunity. People will be posting through social media anyways, however this tactic allows you to add a “super-fan” to the mix that is focused on communicating the offline experience to the online world.

Food truck events provide a great opportunity to introduce your community to the mobile food industry as well as bring in funds for charitable organizations.  However, organizing an food truck event also costs money to produce, as well as resources to manage all the details.   To help offset these costs, you may want to consider soliciting event sponsors. There are two major forms of sponsorship event organizers can use.

Food Truck Event Aerial-Pic
Image from twinpeaksfoodtrucks.com

Business Sponsorship

Local businesses often look for opportunities to give-back to their community.  The great thing about these event sponsorships is that not only do companies receive tax benefits (as their sponsorship fee is considered a donation), but they also receive exposure through presence at the event.

This allows them to reach out to new potential customers, and receive free publicity through media coverage.  Sponsoring an event also gives employers an opportunity to engage employees and business partners in a social setting outside of the workplace, while encouraging teamwork and goodwill.

Media Sponsorship

Another integral part of creating the right kind of exposure for your food truck event is through the use of media. This use of media as a medium for event dissemination is called media sponsorship. The challenge of setting up and publicizing your event are what organizers always face. With limited budgets, the reality of buying airtime can exhaust your resources.

It is through media sponsorship that your event gains the opportunity to get aired through media forms. This kind of support allows for stretching your marketing budget, print placement and more commercial airing coverage. Most often, media sponsorship is applied through the following – radio, print, television, outdoor advertising and now social media/Internet advertising.

How to Land Food Truck Event Sponsors

Remember that each form of sponsorship has its own goals – the media and local businesses will use sponsorship for their own gain. They both realize that their participation in event earns them a good image/reputation in the community. This is a win/win situation. While the sponsor is helping you, they also recognize that the more successful your event is, the more publicity they will receive as your sponsor.

The advantages for you will be numerous. Media sponsorship helps save money for your business since advertising will be taken care of through radio, television and/or print. This will also give your event more credibility since it is sponsored with a public organization. People will come to associate one with the other…another reason to choose your sponsor carefully.

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Potentially bad weather combined with an outdoor food truck event can take any cool/confident event organizer and turn them into a nervous wreck. All it takes is one bad weather forecast to completely ruin your event.

rain food truck event

Months of planning and massive amounts of money can come down to a weather forecast (accurate or not). Below are a few simple suggestions that you can use into dealing with weather and your mobile food event.

Do Some Homework

There are numerous websites which you can use to help forecast the weather for your upcoming event. If you complete the research early enough, you may have time to reschedule the event before you start placing deposits, submitting for permits or selling tickets.




Those Pesky Forecasters

How a weather forecast is presented has a direct impact on people showing up to your outdoor event. In the food truck industry if the weather forecaster says something like “It might rain this weekend” BANG!  The event just lost thousands of dollars . . . It could end up being perfectly sunny and people will still remember the forecast and not show up to the event.

Here is an out of the box suggestion – Try and contact your local weather forecasters and let them know about your event. Ask them if they can stay away from depicting doom and gloom. I’m NOT suggesting you ask your local forecaster to be dishonest in their forecast.  But let’s be honest . . . How the forecast is presented could have a huge impact on your event turnout. Don’t let an editorial speculative forecast ruin all your planning and hard work.

Use a Damaging Admission

A damaging admission is a brutally honest conceit regarding your event. In the case of a food truck event, the weather could be your damaging admission. You’re far better off coming out and acknowledging the weather in relation to your event. “Yes, it might actually rain, so we’ve done this . . . ” The best place to address any weather concerns is right on your event web site.  Below is a sample excerpt of a “damaging admission” related to the bad weather conditions and a food truck event.  Feel free to borrow any concepts or ideas from below.


We cannot guarantee the weather . . .  Please don’t rely on the weather forecast to help you make up your mind. In our experience “the forecast is usually wrong” for both good weather and bad. Your safety and the public’s safety is the number one concern of any food truck event. It’s important for you to know each truck has a plan to accommodate for various weather conditions, including rain.

Important Weather Note

Unfortunately we aren’t in a position where we can offer refunds for weather. The food truck event will go on in rain or shine.

The above admission won’t have any negative impact on advance ticket sales for the event. People will still purchase tickets. And, they will be very appreciative that you acknowledged the weather right on the ticket page. If you have an outdoor food truck event, always acknowledge what happens IF the weather turns sour.

Have a Weather Back Up Plan

Create a backup plan if bad weather has the potential to disrupt your event. Obviously the first priority is patron safety when it comes to weather. Too many event organizers and planners have no plan for when then weather craps out. Is there something else you can do, in spite of the weather, to ensure patrons have a positive experience at your event?

If you have some experience in countering bad weather at your food truck event, please comment and leave a suggestion.

Food Truck Festival
image credit: twinpeaksfoodtrucks.com

Being part of a local food truck festival is a great way to maintain or attract the interest of existing and potential customers.

A food truck festival can be a venue for all kinds of occasions, including live concerts or shows, stand-up comedy, movie screenings, tastings, holiday parties, fundraisers, tournaments and contests such as bake-offs or eating contests.

However, you must market your event in order for it to be successful.

Top 10 Tips For Food Truck Festival Marketing

food truck festivalUse fliers and posters

Fliers and posters are probably the most popular medium for event marketing. They are very low-cost, and are especially effective when placed on local bulletin boards in college campuses, gas stations and other retail businesses.

You should also place your fliers in brochure stations at hotel lobbies, airports and convention centers.

Form partnerships

If you can partner with another local business or organization to put on a food truck event, you will increase your marketing power and reach a broader audience. Consider co-sponsoring an event with a local charity, company or even a local bar.

Direct market through various technologies

Email, social media, text message and print marketing can all be used to market your event. In your marketing automation messages, consider including a link to an event calendar on your website. You can also use a social networking site like Evite to send customers an invitation to any upcoming events.

Get in the “Events” section

Send a press release to the city newspaper and news station. If you get lucky, they might decide to write an article or broadcast a story about your upcoming food truck event. You should also request to be listed in the “Events” section of the city journal, if possible.

Contact Mobile Cuisine

Mobile Cuisine Magazine offers an event section within our website to advertise food truck events for free. We often serve as a resource for locals looking for upcoming events as well as traveling foodies who may be in your area at the time the event is scheduled. You can submit your event information to admin@mobile-cuisine to have our staff add your event.

Advertise at your food truck

Make sure to promote your upcoming event at your food truck. You can use graphics or posters in addition to handing out fliers to each of your customers when they make it up to your service window. This will keep customers informed of any special happenings.

Target potential customers

Your food truck festival should target the same demographic group that your truck’s concept hopes to attract. Putting on an event can be profitable on its own, but in the end it will be even more profitable if you can get potential future customers to attend.

Once they are exposed to your brand through the event, they will be more likely to return to your food truck for another meal.

Send multiple reminders

Some of your potential event attendees will want to plan ahead, and others will wait until the last minute to plan their night out. About six weeks before the event, you should begin advertising.

A month before the event, you should send direct “mark your calendar” messages to the customers in your database or Twitter list. A day or two before the event, customers in your database should receive another reminder.

Get everyone involved

Use viral marketing tactics. The more employees, customers and friends that you can get directly involved with the planning and implementation of the food truck festival, the more enthusiasm you will build.

Employees and customers who help directly will be more likely to bring their family and friends to the event.

Find an event host

If you can get a local celebrity or someone with good social networking potential to host your event, you can greatly increase the final turnout.

We hope this list of tips helps you in preparing for your next successful food truck festival. If you have any other tips, please share them in the comment section below, Tweet us or share them on our Facebook page.

Like it or Unlike it, Facebook impacts the decisions of millions of event goers. In this article, we’ll cover some marketing techniques to sell more tickets to your upcoming food truck event on Facebook.

facebook ticket sales

There is no escaping it your your mobile food event can’t do without Facebook. It’s time to ditch that direct mail campaign in favor of a wave of social media.

Here are some ways you can sell more food truck event tickets using Facebook.

Run a Competition

This is one of the most popular pieces of advice you’ll find on the web. The primary reasonis because it is actually effective.

Bear in mind the competition needs to be relevant but should only be done when your community has a strong and engaged user base. If you haven’t updated your page in weeks, running a competition could just freak fans out.

Sell Tickets on Your Page

This tactic has become the standard. Any ticketing service coming out with a press release saying that they now allow to sell tickets on Facebook are about a couple of years late.

If your preferred event registration system does not have Facebook integration to sell tickets, it’s time to ditch it. A Facebook page is often a powerful way to get potential attendees to know you.

Fans-Only Offers

OK, so they aren’t called fans anymore. But getting liked is increasingly tougher. Everybody has a page.

Yet few really understand what’s behind a like and how to get it. One of the most recurring tips we give  is that you need to give a reason to users to like you. A special price to your event is usually a valid reason. Just remember to keep it exclusive to your Facebook audience.

Use Facebook Ads

One piece of advice we try to explain to event planners is not to even start a campaign on social media without an advertising budget. If you want fast return, it’s usually very difficult to create it organically. Facebook Ads are a valuable ally to give depth to your efforts. This is specially true if your event is small or new.

Group Buying

Group buying offers should be used with caution and only in few scenarios. Truth is that you need to be really good at math to implement a group buying campaign. If you did do your calculations and concluded that group buying is a valuable option, Facebook is a great place to roll that out.

Gifting Tickets

Buying a food truck event ticket for your significant other can make them happy, especially if they are foodies. Having the ability to buy virtual goods such as tickets as presents is a nice option, and if it all happens on Facebook – purchase, virtual gift wrapping and deliver – even better.

Just remember, if you are a food truck event organizer, Facebook is your friend when it comes to boosting your event ticket sales.

We hope these tips have been valuable, if they have, don’t forget to click the “Like” button.

TAMPA, FL  – Two food truck owners from Georgia made the trip South to join Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s Food Truck Fiesta yesterday at Lykes Gaslight Park.

Tampa Food Truck FiestaOne of the new trucks is Champion Cheesesteaks from Kennesaw, Georgia, and was founded in 2010 by Roy Brostrand. The truck serves classic American food, including steak and chicken cheesesteaks and a veggie Philly.

The Happy Belly Truck, started five years ago by Terry and Dawn Hall from Smyrna, Georgia, also joined the fiesta. They serve fresh natural and wholesome foods, and use organic and local ingredients when possible. Their menu includes a short rib-brisket hamburger, grilled sweet potato and organic black bean burger, and for the young ones a gouda and granny smith apple grilled cheese.

The park is located on Franklin Street between Madison Street and Kennedy Boulevard.

Local food trucks that participated in the event were: Fat Tortillas Southwest Grill, The Hogfather BBQ, Nate Paul’s Q4U, Maggie on the Move, Michelle Faedo’s On The Go, Unforgettable Cupcakes Co., Americanwiener and The Dude and His Food.

The food truck rally was originally launched in November 2011 and is held on the first Wednesday of each month.


Rural Hill Event

Huntersville, NC – Rural Hill Farm will be hosting the first Food Truck Rally from 5 to 9 p.m. July 27. The event is free and will include food, live music, children’s activities, hayrides, games, living history, corn hole and more.

Outside food and beverages aren’t allowed. Folding camp chairs, blankets, pop-up tents and umbrellas are permitted. Admission to the event is free, but food is available for purchase from the participating food trucks. Craft beer will be sold by the Highland Brewing Co. Shelton Vineyards will provide wine and spring water.

This family friendly event will have a Kid’s Zone. Guests can learn how to cook over an open flame at the Rural Retreat Cabin. A scenic hayride will take visitors on a hayride around the Rural Hill property. The 2.5-mile hiking trail will also be open.

So far the following trucks will be in attendance:

Smoke and Go
Outdoor Feasts
Roaming Fork
Harvest Moon Grille
The Homegrown Crepe
Sahlen’s Grillin Wagon
Maki Taco
I Scream 4 Ice Cream

No pets allowed for this event.

Rural Hill is located at 4431 Neck Road in Huntersville. For more information about this event visit www.ruralhill.net or call 704-875-3113.

Find the entire article at charlotteobserver.com <here>


Red Hook

OCEANPORT, NJ – Susan Povich’s road to the Jersey Shore Food Truck Wars championship began with 20 pounds of lobster she brought back from a trip to Maine.

When Povich’s husband, Ralph Gorham, suggested they turn a storefront in the building they owned in Red Hook into a lobster pound, her reaction was a comment you can’t print in a family newspaper.

The two opened the Brooklyn storefront in April 2009, the truck came along last May, and today Red Hook Lobster Pound garnered Top Truck honors in the Jersey Shore Food Truck Wars competition at Monmouth Park in Oceanport.

Wafels & Dinges won the people’s choice award for best truck and the Cutting Edge Cuisine award from the judges. Dellano’s Food Service of Long Valley won the Absolute Classic award for its sausage, onions and peppers sandwich, while Gozen Yogurt won Most Seductive Sweet honors for its chocolate and cake batter swirl, and mango sorbet, flavors. And Lil Dan’s won for Dazzling Presentation.

Red Hook’s winning sandwich was a Maine-style lobster roll with homemade lemon mayo. “So simple, so fresh,” said judge Michele McBride, from Brookdale Public Radio 90.5 FM The Night.

“We use the claws and knuckles,” a jubilant Povich said afterwards. “They’re the most tender part of the lobster. I don’t use tails because they get too tough.”

Dellano’s sausage sandwich had a big admirer in judge Grace Hanlon, executive director of the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism, who described it as “excellent.” She also loved Gozen Yogurt’s cool, colorful creations, calling them “so full of flavor.” The Philadelphia-based truck can be found at the city’s Love Park and on the Drexel University campus.
Lil Dan’s, another Phllly-based food truck, was the runaway winner in the Most Dazzling presentation category; its charbroiled chicken and egg-topped roast pork sandwiches pork were wonders to behold – and eat, too!
Find the entire article by Peter Genovese at nj.com <here>
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