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midtown mobile cuisine houston

HOUSTON, TX - Houston is getting yet another food truck park, the fourth one in less than a year.

CultureMap reports that co-owner Ren Garrett and her brother will open Midtown Mobile Cuisine at 4002 Almeda Road.

A major feature of this park will be electricity, meaning the trucks won’t have to use generators and there will be lights for nighttime service, CultureMap reports.

A status update on  Midtown Mobile Cuisine’s Facebook page midday March 27 shows the park had to cancel its sneak peek lunch Thursday due to the rain, but it still plans to open for dinner, weather permitting.

CultureMap reports the park will hold a grand opening April 4.

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boise food truckBOISE, ID - Food trucks may soon have a more permanent place to park in Boise.

One Boise couple is working to bring a food truck park to an empty lot off of 25th Street and Fairview Avenue. The space is currently owned by the City of Boise, and used to be a car lot. However, the couple hopes the eyesore could transform into ‘foodie’ heaven.

“I think we need something like this to support all of those entrepreneurs we have who are providing Boise with fantastic food for foodies,” Boise resident Matthew Sorensen said. “Boise is full of foodies.”

Sorensen and his wife want to give food trucks a more central location to set up shop in west Boise. They’re calling the proposed food truck park “West Boise Food Park”

“I just love the food trucks,” Sorensen said. “I want to be able to provide them a spot that they can call home.”

The location, he said, is only slightly selfish.

“I live in this area, so I wanted to bring them all to me,” he laughed.

But several people in Boise seemed on board with the idea, even if they don’t live in that area.

“It’s a great idea,” Boise resident Angie Gilman said. “If you want to just go and have a central place where you can say ‘Oh I want to sample this one, I want to try this one,’ it’s kind of a big open area so it seems like it’d be a good place to do that.”

“I like the idea of them being scattered, because you don’t know exactly where you’re going to end up and it’s more convenient,” Boise resident Rebecca Beard said. “But I do think it’d be a great idea to have that prime location.”

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Plano Texas MapPLANO, TX — The City Council on Monday voted to allow food truck parks in Plano.

The parks have grown popular across North Texas in recent years, but Plano’s zoning code restricted them. The unanimous council decision permits food trucks to have a permanent presence.

At least two groups interested in opening parks were turned away before the change, city officials have said.

They said at least one property owner still has interest in opening a park. It’s not immediately clear who that is or where the property is located.

To be approved, food truck parks must have parking available and be at least 150 feet from residential districts.

The rules restricting the parks were written before food trucks became a popular way for food vendors to get their start. In the past, the trucks were considered nuisances. Now, they offer vendors a cheaper alternative to brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Under the old rules, trucks were limited to operating in the city for only 45 days per year. They came in for special events and were occasionally invited to set up at Plano schools. Those activities will still be allowed under the new rules.

“We are not trying to regulate when a food truck pulls up on the street or when several trucks come to [school] campuses on certain days,” planning director Phyllis Jarrell said.

Some city officials had anticipated complaints from restaurants that might consider food trucks unwelcome competition. But that opposition never materialized. No one spoke against the change at a public hearing.

Monday’s decision is the third time in just over a year that the city has loosened food regulations that vendors had argued were too onerous.

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US Food TrucksDALLAS, TX -  U.S. Food Trucks is opening a new food truck park in Dallas called “Fly-By Food Park” located at 2500 W. Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX.The “Fly-By Food Park” grand opening event will occur Friday, June 28, 2013 and Saturday, June 29, 2013 from 5 to 9 p.m. Before the grand opening event, U.S. Food Trucks will host preview weekends Friday, June 14 and 21, 2013 and Saturday June 15 and 22, 2013 from 5 to 9 p.m.

Entrance to “Fly-By Food Park” is free for customers. The new food truck park will feature a rotating array of gourmet food trucks and will serve dinner on Fridays and Saturdays from 5 to 9 p.m. Beer and wine will be available for purchase during operating hours.

Food trucks that will regularly be in rotation at the “Fly-By Food Park” include, but are not limited to:

  • Eat Jo Dawgs
  • Little Greek
  • Tutta’s Pizza
  • Oink and Moo
  • Parrot Icce
  • Crazy Pig
  • Enticed
  • The Butcher’s Son
  • The Lab of The Streets
  • Entertainment provided by the Durty Laundry Truck

“We’re very excited to open our new food truck park in an up and coming area in Dallas,” said Jamie Lang, Director of U.S. Food Trucks. “The food truck scene is really ramping up here in Dallas, and we will continue to strive and help entrepreneurs get started with their food truck business by providing them with the necessary means to become successful.”

The participating food trucks will serve food with picnic tables in front of a newly renovated building owned by J. Small. Guests will have the option to dine in an air conditioned indoors, on the patio style outdoors, or just fly by for some take out for the family. The “Fly-By Food Park will also feature live entertainment.

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EL PASO, TX - The food trucks are coming to Downtown El Paso.

el paso food truck park

Photo by Rudy Gutierrez/El Paso Times

Lane Gaddy, 29, an El Paso businessman who is part of an investors group that in recent months purchased three large Downtown buildings, is turning a small parking lot behind one of those new purchases into a court for mobile food vendors.

“We’re not making money on this, but it’s a good way to get foot traffic in the area” and help push further redevelopment Downtown, Gaddy said this week as he sat in his office at W Silver Recycling, an El Paso metal recycling company where he’s president.

“This is a good use of empty land, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and it will help the (food truck) entrepreneurs,” he said.

The food court, named Foodville, is scheduled to open Nov. 19 inside a recently fenced parking lot in the 200 block of Mills Avenue, near Stanton Street. It’s behind the Martin Building, which Gaddy and his partners bought in late 2011, and across from the Downtown post office. It initially will operate from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.

The food court will feature Crave Kitchen & Bar’s trailer, dubbed “Crave to Go,” which will serve salads, sandwiches and other fare for prices ranging from $4 to $10; and food trucks Create Gourmet Eats, which serves $8 gourmet burgers, and Tacoholics, which makes gourmet tacos selling from $2.50 to $7 per order.

Another one or two food vendors may be added later.

“I think El Paso is ready for this,” said Octavio Gomez, 32, Crave co-owner and an entrepreneur instrumental in helping to develop Downtown’s Union Plaza District into an entertainment area.

“This is one of the small things that make a big city. I think it will help keep people from leaving Downtown for lunch,” Gomez said.

Steven Hernandez, 27, who’s operated Create Gourmet Eats for about two years, said he’s ready to get back Downtown after a policeman kicked him out of a parking space along San Jacinto Plaza in late 2011.

Other cities have places for food trucks to operate Downtown, Hernandez said.

Hernandez has been operating his truck mostly on the East Side.

Gaddy said he’s heard some Downtown restaurant operators are concerned about the food trucks taking away sales. But, he said, there’s enough business Downtown at lunchtime for everyone.

Joseph Odeh, who owns the 50 year-old Big Bun Hamburgers, which in August relocated to 209 E. Mills, across from the food court, said he isn’t happy about the incoming competition.

“I think it stinks. There are only a limited number of people (who eat) Downtown,” Odeh said. “I hope it brings in new people Downtown, but I don’t see it.”

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U.S. Food Trucks will officially open its commissary on October 24th to house the local gourmet food trucks that have been spotted all throughout DFW. They started a soft opening back in the beginning of September to launch their new gourmet food truck park right out front of their commissary door. Complete with shade, ample trash receptacles, and picnic tables it’s the perfect place to enjoy the cooler weather as the fall season rolls into our city.

us food trucks


Dallas, TX - Ambassador Row, on the northwest side of Dallas, welcomes a brand-new food truck park and commissary in beginning of November 2012. The park, owned and operated by U.S. Food Trucks, is the first venue of its type to open in Texas’ largest and most famous city. According to company officials the commissary doors will open November 2, 2012.

U.S. Food Trucks says the park and commissary will feature security gates, electronic surveillance cameras, lots of vendor amenities and venue management services. Interested vendors will have access to gourmet food truck rentals on both a short and long-term basis. The truck rentals are a great opportunity for those who want to get started in the business, but don’t have the money to purchase their own truck.

Company founder and president Michael D. Rangel is looking forward to the new opportunity from the standpoint of both vendor and patron. “I’m excited to be able to offer Dallas’ first gourmet food truck park and commissary combination in the heart of the city,” he said.

Rangel notes the food truck industry is exploding across the United States with plenty of growth room still available. He says the market is far from saturated, so those who want to get in on the ground flood could do very well both now and into the future.

Diners are encouraged to mark their calendars for the grand opening on Friday, November 2, 2012 from 4-8 pm at 7508 Ambassador Row in Dallas, Texas. U.S. Food Trucks helps entrepreneurs get started with their food truck business by providing them with some of the necessary means to become successful, you can get more information from U.S. Food Trucks by visiting their website at http://www.usfoodtrucksdfw.com.


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NYC Food Truck Park

Image from Google Street View

Who needs brick and mortar location?

Sage Realty is in the process of developing a plan to lease their prime real estate at 777 Third Ave. and 48th Street to a rotating cast of 10 food trucks for $150 per day.

The growing trend of renting docking space is a sign of relief for an expanding mobile food business that’s been rife with bickering over available spots and ticketing for parking in illegal spaces.

“To tell people on this day we will 100 percent be in this spot and not get moved, that’s fantastic,” said Luke’s Lobster truck boss Ben Conniff.

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