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SAN ANTONIO,TX – A few months after making it big on Saturday Night Live, the San Antonio food truck named “CockAsian” is for sale on eBay.

Candie Yoder, owner of the Asian fusion restaurant on wheels, is selling the creatively named truck, including cooking appliances and even the original recipes to dishes such as the spicy Korean Fried Chicken, the inspiration for the truck’s name, just a few months after opening its doors. The asking price on the eBay listing is $80,000.

Yoder, 40, said the truck had more bookings than man power, and the business has been overwhelming for her family, which includes her husband and three children, ages 16, 14 and 11.

“It became too big of a time consumer and stress for the family,” said Yoder. “It was doing extremely well, we just could not keep up with it. One of my stessers was we had far more bookings than we could fill, I needed a staff twice the size.”

Yoder said the truck was an “experiment” and was meant to be a family-run busines, but there was just not enough time on top of school and her husband’s job. Although no bids have been placed on the eBay ad as of Tuesday morning, Yoder said many local chefs have offered to lease or staff the truck to keep the unique restaraunt in San Antonio.

Find the entire article at mysanantonio.com <here>

If they don’t get their asking price, they are more than welcome to add their add to our new Food Trucks For Sale section.

Love Cupcakes Portland
image from Facebook

PORTLAND, ME – Love Cupcakes, which describes itself as “Portland Maine’s First Food Truck,” is for sale with an asking price of $52K, according to a flyer posted on its Facebook page. Included in the asking price are a mobile kitchen in a renovated 1987 Chevy van (with generator), a renovated 1967 trailer with a freezer and small kitchen, the recipes, website and social media accounts.

The cupcake truck could most recently be found in Newry, slinging treats at Sunday River. The price is negotiable and owners Anna and Joey Turcotte are willing to consider selling off the pieces separately. From Facebook: “We’d love to sell the business as a whole, but we’ve already been approached by multiple people who are interested in specific assets. Please contact us as there has been a price reduction from when this ad was initially created.”

Find the entire article at eater.com <here>

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