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Restaurateur Partners with Wildly Popular Las Vegas Food Truck Fukuburger, Plans to Open Sit-Down Hollywood Eatery this September

LOS ANGELES, CA – In Japanese, “fuku” means “luck.”  And it was part luck, part explode-in-the-mouth hamburger joy, that bonded entrepreneur Harry Morton with one of Las Vegas’ best-loved food trucks, Fukuburger, inspiring the fourth-generation restaurateur to add another venture to his portfolio, which already includes the irreverent Pink Taco, the Viper Room, Beacher’s Madhouse and DeLeón Tequila.  Morton has partnered with the truck’s founders – Las Vegas devotees can rest easy: the truck will remain – and plans to open an eatery in Hollywood this September with the same casual sensibility, rock ‘n’ roll vibe, and gourmet Japanese/American fusion comfort food.

Fukuburger is the brainchild of co-owners Colin Fukunaga and Robert “Mags” Magsalin, who will serve as head chef at the L.A. Fukuburger.  They first introduced the truck in Las Vegas a year ago, in July 2010, quickly gaining a cult following, with fans tracking its every move via Twitter and www.fukuburger.com.

“I love everything about Fukuburger.  Colin and Mags are a totally unique duo, and I also love the street scene that Fukuburger attracts,” says Morton.   “I think it will translate very well to Hollywood, where it has the potential to become a great local hangout.”

The L.A. restaurant, to be located at 1634 Cahuenga Blvd. between Sunset and Hollywood Blvds., will be a 60-seat eatery designed by rock ‘n’ roll clothier Kelly Cole.  The color scheme will reflect that of the original Fukuburger truck — red, black and grey.  The eatery will offer communal seating and an unpretentious atmosphere, with rock music and flat-screen televisions with a live feed, which will allow patrons to engage in social media and capture images of the goings-on in the dining room and kitchen areas.

Morton plans to keep the same successful menu, focused on six burgers (full-sized, not sliders).   They include the signature Fuku-burger, Tamago, Buta-Burger, Kinoko and Karai, which the New York Times called “the best burger I’d had in years” (NYT, 2/4/11), as well as beer, sake and wine.  Follow Fukuburger on Twitter @fukuburger.

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LAS VEGAS, NV – If you missed the Iron Chef program last night, please be warned there are some spoilers coming up…but not too many.

The teaser from The Food Network: Challenging Chef Jet Tila holds the Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Stir Fry. Will he throw Iron Chef Morimoto into the blazing wok, or will he be tossed to the flames?

Although taped over a year ago, this food truck chef took on famed Iron Chef Morimoto on Food Networks, Iron Chef, in battle Seaweed.

Asked why he chose Chef Morimoto from the power packed line up of Iron Chefs, Tila responded, “I wanted the best, and he’s been an idol to me for many years. I wanted to kill a giant or be killed by one. No guts, no glory.”

If you missed last night’s episode, there is no need to worry; we will not be releasing the results, so you can track it down and watch for yourself.

The Food Network will be replaying this battle on Thursday, August 11 at 11:00 PM and Friday August 12 at 2:00 AM

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