Truer Words Have Never Been Written

If the mobile food industry were to have a nationwide slogan contest, I might have to submit this one.

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Be Careful Wrapping Your Truck

You may think you've looked at  all of the angles before the wrap was installed, here is one you may have missed.

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Hire These Awesome Ice Cream Servers NOW!!!

Why wouldn't someone in the middle east enjoy ice cream? Well, the owners of this Cold Stone Creamery in Dubai has found a great way [...]

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Is This Food Truck TOO Green?

While some of you might think that this food truck owner went a bit too far to make sure the truck is green, this customer [...]

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Food Trucks Rally for Ferndale Event as City Mulls Vendor Rules

FERNDALE, MI - Food truck vendors will rally for the second monthly Metro Detroit Street Eats event here Thursday, but city officials are still working [...]

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Mobile Food with Character(s)

With literally thousands of mobile food vendors throughout the country, only a select few have taken their branding and food theme to the next level [...]

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It’s Not Nice to Hack Highway Signs

But what if there are zombies ahead? *shudders* […]

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I love bacon!

I love it as much as the next guy (or gal) but this may be the line I don’t cross. […]

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Caption This! 5.16.11 Winner

We would first like to thank all of you who submitted comments for our inaugural Caption This Contest, but we would also like to congratulate our reader Jennifer Vazquez for her submittal as being selected as our winner. […]

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Caption This!

With today being Friday the 13th, we felt today would be a fun day today to start a new mini contest at Mobile Cuisine Magazine. We will provide you with an image from the world of mobile cuisine, your job is to submit a caption for the image. You may submit your caption in the comments section below or send them to with “Caption This” in the subject line. Once a winner is selected by our staff, we will repost the image with the winner caption inserted into the image which will stay online for the rest of time (or at least until the internet exists). So have fun, and share this image with friends and family so we have a difficult time selecting our winner. […]

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