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WESTFIELD, MA – A homeless man has been charged after Westfield police say he broke into a food truck and lit it on fire. Police Capt. Hipolito Nunez stated that Michael England, 22, set the fire on the passenger side of the truck Sunday night.

According to Nunez, around 11:00 P.M., England had been walking down Union Street with some friends, when he decided to enter the truck, which was parked near Brothers Custom Car Care. For reasons that the police are still looking into, he then allegedly started the fire.

Officers who were called to the area were able to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher, Nunez said.

England was arraigned Tuesday in Westfield District Court on charges of breaking and entering in the nighttime, and attempt to burn a motor vehicle.

durham food trucks

 — For a little extra summer cash, Demosthenes “Demo” Megaloudis, 12, and his brother Alexandrous “Alex,” 11, often help their parents take orders and load supplies onto Gussy’s Greek Food truck.

But on Tuesday, they were donating their time. Following through on an idea inspired by their father and their parish, St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church of Durham – the boys helped serve a free lunch dedicated to the men trying to restart their lives at Durham Rescue Mission.

Although they had served with the food truck at St. Barbara, they wanted to do something more. They considered a homeless shelter as as an ideal, and landed on Durham since their family is heavily invested in the city.

Along with three other food trucks, Stuft, Chick-N-Que, and Not Just Icing, Gussy’s Greek Food gave away a total of 210 meals of barbecue, gourmet potatoes, gyros and cupcakes from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Spotty rain showers did not deter the men, who stood in steady lines in the East Main Street campus parking lot for the food before returning to class at the mission or to shifts at work.

During the past few years, food trucks have become a fixture of the Triangle, growing in rapid numbers and creating a family-like community, said Gus Megaloudis, owner of Gussy’s Greek Food.

Apparently, they are a family characterized by being eager to serve, donating a day’s wages and a truckload of $5 to $8 meals.

Not Just Icing served around 180 of their $3 cupcakes in less than two hours.

“I made four calls, and I got four trucks,” said Megaloudis, although one truck’s generator died at the last minute.

Megaloudis said that the day cost him about $500 to $600 in meals.

“There are some things money cannot make you feel,” Megaloudis said.

The giveaway saved the mission about $430 the center would have spent on the men’s lunch. Tony Gooch, director of developmental operations at the mission, said summers can be difficult as the food banks become lower on food and donations slow when people leave for vacation.

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churches on the streets

ST. LOUIS, MO – Churches on the Streets made news late last year when the Health Department shut them down for serving hot meals.

Now, the organization has a way to get around those rules—a food truck for the homeless.

“We had a gentleman who said, ‘Hey, I want to buy you a food truck,’” co-founder Angela Valdes says. “So, we’ve been working fervently to get that up to par. We got it painted with our lettering on so we’re now ready to roll on the streets and keep serving people.”

Volunteers will take the truck out every Monday night. The meet at 6:00 p.m. at 1600 North First Street, at Cotton Belt Rail Depot.

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sacramento food trucks feed homeless
Photo by Randy Pench/ rpench@sacbee.com

SACRAMENTO, CA – David Frederick has been coming to Loaves & Fishes off and on since 2000. When Frederick arrived early Monday to the site of the Sacramento homeless shelter and advocacy organization, he hoped to be served a hot meal.

Meatloaf or chicken. Maybe even beef stew.

Instead, volunteers slowly called those seeking a meal, such as Frederick, to a back parking lot in groups. Here, an all-star lineup of area food trucks were parked in a formation encircling the asphalt: Krush Burgers, Drewski’s, Swabbie’s, Gameday Grill, BaconMania, Chando’s Tacos and Simply Southern Food.

Each of the seven gourmet food trucks had donated 100 meals. Starting at 11:30 a.m., roughly 650 homeless men, women and children who sought meals from Loaves & Fishes were able to choose which vendor’s food to have for lunch. They ate on fold-up tables as music played.

“It’s almost like being at the State Fair,” Frederick said, between bites of Krush Burgers’ smoked pork shoulder, served with fries and topped with whole-grain mustard slaw. “That’s kind of what this reminds me of.”

A coalition of independent parties worked to coordinate Monday’s surprise.

First, there was Sacramento City Councilman Darrell Fong, who said he was delivering water to Loaves & Fishes one day when he dreamed up the idea of a food truck event for the homeless community.

Fong arranged a meeting with Ernie Hernandez and Paul Somerhausen, who runs Sacto MoFo, which coordinates mobile food events in the Sacramento region. Hernandez and Somerhausen jumped on board after the meeting in Fong’s office roughly 11/2 months ago.

“We loved the idea right away,” Somerhausen said.

The two businessmen then started to secure commitments from local food trucks to prepare and serve meals at the event.

Somerhausen said this part of the job wasn’t difficult.

“The food trucks have been very grateful for the support of the community,” Somerhausen said. “Keep in mind: Two years ago, there weren’t any gourmet food trucks in Sacramento. They have come a long way in those two years, so this was an opportunity to return the generosity.”

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