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HORRY COUNTY, SC - You won’t see mobile food trucks rolling around Horry County anytime soon, but a pilot program to test allowing them to operate in the county is making its way through Horry County government committees.

Thursday afternoon the Horry County Mobile Food Vending Ad Hoc Committee met and approved a “working ordinance.” That ordinance will go to the planning committee and at least one other committee before making its way to the full Horry County Council for its vote, according to Steve Neese, the chairman of the committee.

The ordinance, as it is currently written, would allow for a year-long trial program in the county. Fifty permits would be issued the first year. If it is successful the program could be expanded, he said.

The ordinance calls for the trucks to be inspected by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and fire officials, Neese said. The employees would also have to pass background checks, and the site of operation for the food truck would need to be approved, Neese said.

Neese said this ordinance will take two to three months to make its way to the full county council, but he said Thursday’s approval is “starting the process.”

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Arcadiana, Horry County, Spokane and Miami.

OTW Logo food truck newsJanuary 3

Food truck also dishes up controversy – ARCADIANA, LA – The newest Acadiana food truck isn’t just serving up Italian food. It’s stirring up controversy.

The WOP Wagon began serving scratch-made pizza, stromboli and meatball po’boys just a week ago and has quickly found a following at Cowboy’s Night Club in Scott.

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Horry County considering allowing food trucks – HORRY COUNTY, SC - A little bit of the big city could come to Horry County in the form of new places to eat. County officials are looking into expanding a food cart ordinance to include food trucks.

At the December council meeting someone brought up the idea of allowing food trucks in Horry County and that got the wheels turning.

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January 4

Food trucks with taste, personality becoming a staple in Spokane Valley – SPOKANE, WA - It’s a growing trend – food trucks have been pulling up to parking lots and curbs offering everything from doughnuts and ice cream to hot dogs and grilled cheese. Last month in downtown Spokane, a group of food truck owners even held a rally, offering six options.

In Spokane Valley, the trend is starting to pick up too. We visited two vendors recently to see how business was going.

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January 5

Food trucks of all flavors thriving in Miami-Dade suburbs – MIAMI, FL – John Jairo Peláez came to Miami in October of 2004 with only $1,000 in his pockets, after the bankruptcy of his shoe factory in the Colombian city of Medellín.

Nine years later, the businessman has become the owner of one of the most popular of the dozens of Hispanic fast-food trucks that turn up mornings in Kendall to serve clients looking for something tastier than traditional chain-store fare.

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