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CHICAGO, IL – In an effort to raise awareness of the emerging food truck industry in Chicago, local resident Andrew Wolohan conducted an independent study to explore the unique characteristics of Chicago’s food truck environment. The below infographic illustrates a snapshot of the research findings, which detail Chicago food truck operational information, consumer demographics, and sales transaction data.

These findings are based on a survey of 21 Chicago food truck operators conducted during summer/fall 2013. All demographics and sales figures shown are calculated in aggregate, based on reported estimates by the food truck owners and representatives interviewed as part of this study. A special thank you goes out to each of the operators who have participated in this research—it is your risk-taking and entrepreneurial drive that allow Chicago consumers to enjoy such a diverse, high-quality offering of mobile cuisine.

Chicago FoodTruck_Infographic

You can contact Andrew Wolohan at ajwolohan@gmail.com

How does a band become not just a band but also… a restaurant on wheels?! Zac Brown Band has done just that. The band is a group of legendary musicians who wanted to share its love of good Southern cooking, all while being on the road.

Thanks to Zac Brown Band’s “Eat and Greet” sensation, guests get more than just a quick autograph with a band member; dine with the band courtesy of the mobile kitchen, a tractor-trailer with a full kitchen, and a chef who serves Southern gourmet cuisine. Check it out here:

Zac Brown Band Infographic

We’d like to thank vividseats.com for sharing this infographic with us. You can find the original location <here>


With the recent growth in the popularity of food trucks around the Bay Area, we ( the folks at Hengehold Trucks) thought it would be a fun exercise to look at some of the statistics related to the proliferation of food trucks around the United States, the costs of converting a standard step van into a fully functioning food truck, as well as some of the hot spots for food trucks in San Francisco and what the top rated food trucks in the city are. In the past couple of years, we have had two clients purchase food trucks from us, including the Sam’s Chowderhouse “Chowdermobile” and the Curry Up Now Indian street food truck.

what the truck is that infographic

Find the original infographic by htrucks.com <here>

Food trucks and carts have in recent years gone from being considered “roach coaches” to being a trendy new way to try unfamiliar and novel cuisines, such as Korean-TexMex fusion. Social media have helped fuel their popularity, letting hungry city-dwellers know where they can find their favorite truck on a given day. Data backup provider Mozy has put together an infographic take on the link between food trucks and social media.

Food Truck Infographic_MOZYFind the original source of this infographic by Cameron Scott at socialtimes.com <here>


AUSTIN, TX – Space Chimp Media, a leader in creative digital marketing and design, examines the most popular food trucks in Austin with their new infographic titled “What the Truck?”. This vibrant infographic details many of the local food trucks on a street by street basis with information on what they serve, the costs of operating a food truck vs. a standard brick and mortar restaurant, and the overall classification of area food trucks.

This infographic follows the 6th street infographic release and is a part of our ongoing series of Austin themed infographics by Space Chimp Media. The goal of this marketing program and those that follow is to share many of the great and interesting things to do in Austin with those who are unfamiliar with the city or want to get to know it better, through viral images called infographics.

What The Truck?

by spacechimpmedia.


October is national vegetarian month and RetailMeNot.com created this great infographic below that highlights some interesting facts about vegetarians and provides some of the key reasons to go vegetarian or vegan and how to do it.

Here are some interesting facts in the infographic below:

  • Vegans have the lowest average cholesterol levels
  • Vegans and vegetarians are about 40% less likely to get cancer than people who eat meat, regardless of other health risks like smoking or body mass
  • 31% of vegetarians avoid meat because of food safety concerns

And here’s the infographic:

vegetarian month

Our friends over at Instawares have put together a great infographic to show the importance of Pinterest to restaraurant (and food truck owners), so we thought we’d share it with our readers.

A social media phenomenon, Pinterest has quickly become one of the top sources of referral traffic on the web. Marketers in nearly every industry are harnessing the social media network’s power, creating their own virtual photo and video pinboards to showcase their brands. As a restaurateur or food truck operator, Pinterest could be one of your most effective marketing tools.

Learn how to promote your restaurant or food truck using Pinterest below.

Pintrest Infographic

Find the original infographic at Instawares.com <here>


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